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10 thoughts on “Massachusetts Introduces House Bill 5092

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  1. So many people have no idea that the AKC supports cruelty to dogs.

    And I can absolutely say that AKC breeders and people have been lobbying with people who have been involved in game dog/breeding. The game dog people make up names for their lobby groups that hide the “game” dog aspect, but the AKC breeders are right there with them, sharing their forums, helping to prevent BSL so the game dog people can keep making money.

    Someone told me this was so, and I didn’t believe it until I saw one of their private breeder forums and lo and behold! some of the people posting with the AKC breeders were known game dog individuals who had been busted.

    Of course the AKC is in the puppy mill biz too, so It should not have been a surprise.

    Also saw that Best Friends is right in there with the AKC and game dog breeders opposing BSL. I guess Best Friends likes the fact that these people are hurting pit bulls? That is the only conclusion I can come to because Best Friends goes right along with the breeders.

  2. I did a little research on that Massachusetts bill. It started out as a supposed dangerous dog bill sponsored by Rep Brad Hill on behalf of breeders, including two pit bull breeders that he has in his jurisdiction (one runs a game dog website)

    Hill’s bill was just ridiculous. It gave dogs that mauled multiple chances, and wiped their records clean within some months if there were no more maulings within a short period of time.

    It was a fake dangerous dog bill.

    It was basically a protection bill for breeders and owners of aggressive dogs so they wouldn’t be held accountable and could go on as they are.

    Rep Brad Hill of Massachusetts is working for the pit bull breeder industry, and really should be identified as such.

    Looks like the breeders aren’t happy because some other legislators have added things to Hill’s bill like anti tethering (the pit bull breeders mostly chain dogs as a way to raise them.)

  3. I LOVE the comments made by the junk yard dog owner, Nathan Ellis. He has two “normally friendly” pit bulls protecting cars but they can be dangerous if people climbed over that chain link fence at night. According to Ellis, “They do have a bad rep about them but that’s cuz people make them thataway.”

    Pit bull owners are always blaming the “irresponsible” pit bull owners. Well, here is an example of a bad owner who is too stupid to even realize that he is a bad owner. Which is probably describes the overwhelming majority of pit bull owners.


  4. I can’t find the original MA bill but what it has now become has the AKC and all the pit nutters pants in a wad.
    The AKC summarizes the bill:

    * Imposing mandatory spay/neuter of all dogs over 12 months of age; or in the alternative, owners will have to qualify for and annually purchase an intact animal permit at a cost of up to $500 per dog.
    * Limiting the number of reproductive events per female dog to one litter per year, with few exceptions.
    * Requiring the reporting of all sales of puppies to local jurisdictions.
    * Eliminating the practice of humane tethering, without allowances for hunting or sled dogs.
    * Allowing towns and cities to impose breed-specific ordinances.
    * Instituting state-mandated vaccination schedules, instead of allowing vaccination schedules to be provided by, and in consultation with, a veterinarian.
    * Establishing unreasonable nuisance laws that can result in the forced sterilization, banishment, or euthanization of dogs.

    You can find the actual bill here:

    THERE IS NO SPECIFIC BREED LANGUAGE IN THE NEW BILL however the AKC does have a problem with the citizens of MA not being able to tie out their sled dogs or putting restrictions on puppy mills or allowing towns to determine BSL!!!!

    Nice organization, huh?
    They should change their name to Americans Killing Canines.

  5. The guy’s a constant whiner that couldn’t think of a solution to save his life. He stands fully in the realm of having a completely uncompelling story. This seems to everybody else’s fault except his own. Not too long ago, he lambasted Wendy Blevins even though she has consistently shown a high level of appreciation and understanding toward pit bull owners. He flat out lies about her as well. Wendy has never called herself an “expert on dog ordinances.”

    Meanwhile, apparently, Wendy Blevins now fancies herself as an ‘expert on dog ordinances’ — and the media is willing to give her that title. Let’s get one thing straight, you don’t become an expert in dog ordinances in 3 months.

  6. Hey I recognize that dog blog person. He recently hooked up with the no kill pusher Nathan Winograd who says that aggressive dogs should not be euthanized and should get put in homes, and says that we shouldn’t pass laws that the dog breeders don’t like.

    They were sort of supporting each other and pushing the usual stuff.

  7. Check out when the dog blog person writes about breeders or laws breeders don’t want.

    It’s basically the propaganda that the breeding industry puts out.

  8. I'm so glad others are realizing that the AKC is one very scummy organization. They are not the dog's advocate–only the dog breeder/fighter/miller's advocate.

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