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12 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Teenager, 19, Killed by Dogs on Fort Hall Reservation; Few Details Released

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  1. Carlon Galloway, 19 years old. What a tragic waste of a life. At least authorities dealt with the dogs properly after the fact.

  2. I think people be abandoning their vicious pitbull either from owing it .or breeding to much and dump them in a reservation because they think it not too populated.

    • Exactly, Madeleine.

      When I was younger, the rez’s were inundated with failed hunting dogs, GSDs and of course, energetic huskies dumped by owners who didn’t think through what they were getting or in the case of hunting dogs, didn’t want dogs that were no use to them.

      The odd bite occurred, sometimes livestock was attacked but they weren’t EATING PEOPLE.

      Maybe we should see if we can start a trend by calling pitbulls CANNIBAL DOGS.

      Perhaps that will stick their gruesomeness into the minds of the public.

      • LOL there you go Canibulls! I was looking at another story about what pit bull advocates do to try to convince the public that their Canibulls are safe and it said that no one was saying that all pit bulls were bad. TheodoreRoosevelt’s racist comments about native Americans was wrong but it aptly applies to the pit bull; the only good pit bull is a dead pit bull!

        • Love it.

          Cannibulls. The Nightmare dogs of your dreams.

          No wonder so many of these fool owners name them, “Cujo”

          At least Cujo had the excuse of being infected with rabies.

  3. Quote: The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Fish and Game Department euthanized several dogs that were there. He added that numerous other dogs were seemingly watching the scene from the outskirts of the property.

    “That was a little disturbing,” Roberts said.

    Ya think?

  4. I have a 19 yr old daughter. I can’t imagine the amount of suffering and pain the parents and family are going through. I can’t imagine losing a family member of any age in this manner. It’s unreal that this is a growing trend (dog attacks) and there’s not a huge outcry against it. It seems so preventable.

  5. I find that human beings should never be killed by dogs.
    Yet it is happening more and more often. I think many Americans have learned that pitbulls are dangerous. That fact is causing an increase in stray dogs. In addition, shelters are having big problems placing these dogs. I hope that some day backyard breeders will quit breeding them.

    I also hope people will quit calling “shot by cop” euthanasia. Killing an animal for food is called slaughtering, not euthanasia. I truly understand that the dogs involved in this killing should have been destroyed or killed.
    Euthanasia is supposed to be a kind act. Shooting is not euthanasia.

    I keep hoping that someone will keep dogs from killing or maiming people. I think the wait will be a long one.

  6. I am not picky about the method.
    Just glad they are dead.
    The dogs went much more peacefully than any of their victims have.

    If firing squad is good enough for the condemned in Utah it is plenty good enough for at large pits.

  7. “This is an isolated incident and there is currently no danger to the public.”

    Wasn’t the deceased a member of the public?
    Wasn’t he mauled to death by at large dogs?

    Sounds like a clear and present danger to the public to me.

  8. A very sad story. Thank you for the update, Colleen. I can’t understand why the owner of the dogs is not being discussed… do they not want him or her to feel bad, because they think of a dog attack as a “tragic accident” and identify with the owner? It seems like people think they have a right to own dangerous dogs; I think doing so ought to be treated more like drunk driving.

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