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8 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Boy Killed by Dog Pack in Eagle Butte on the Cheyenne River Reservation 

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  1. Poor boy riding his bike carefree and died by dogs. I think people are dumping their dangerous dogs breed in reservation because they think is empty and not a lot of people lived there they probably think they won’t get in trouble because they can’t traced it back to them.I confused about reservations is a place for only Native American lived or what.

  2. I have an idiot boss who’s picked up a few of these pit mix reservation rejects. One already bit a man and she’s in legal trouble but can’t stop talking about her man-biting pitties. These junkyard dogs should be shot on sight. There is no use for them and no value to them and all of them combined are not worth the life of one person.

      • The ONLY way dog owners get responsible is when there are CONSEQUENCES. They should get told, ONCE, if your dog is running loose on the res is it subject to being shot. Then DO IT. People will start keeping their dogs up very quickly.

        • There used to be culling days on some reservations because people dumped their unmanageable and unwanted dogs there by the pantload. Regular residents knew what days they happened and locked their own dogs, inside.

          At that time, there weren’t pitbulls around, either.

          Animal “rights” “activists” screamed their teats off for years over it and now, it’s illegal.

          Thus there are wild packs roaming about with no administrative oversight to stop it.

          On top of that, now selling aka “rescuing” rez dogs for hundreds of dollars each is a profitable business. Rez puppies used to be free to whoever would take them before they were culled.

          Follow The Money.

  3. I would like to believe that all Native Americans take great care of their dogs. However, too many people in general don’t care much for their pets. There are always some cute free puppies available.
    If the current dog is a nuisance, get a new one. Has everyone heard of euthanasia by car? That service is free.

    This child should be happy and healthy today. Allowing any dogs to form packs is very dangerous. Breed often does not matter. Hungry packs of dogs kill people. Control of roaming dogs is essential.

  4. The surrounding area dumps dogs on the rez and now the rez rounds up the dogs and sends them to shelters in the surrounding area.

    It’s the circle of life and sadly sometimes death.

    I wonder how many trips some dogs have made?

    Shoving your problem off on someone else rarely solves the problem.

    If the rez has the manpower to enforce their pit regulations they will help a lot.

    $100 a head plus insurance should discourage people from running back yard feed lot operations.

    I would be shocked if the rules are enforced.

    I suspect even on the rez that animal control officers want to be doggie social workers.

    There are other reasons outside the scope of this blog that make me doubt the laws are being enforced.

    Let’s just say public sympathies tend to be with the law breaker now rather than the members of the community that suffer because of the lawbreaker’s actions.

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