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78 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Woman Found Dead After Dog Attack in a Central Valley Apartment in Las Vegas

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  1. Oh yay….that’s my city right there.
    This place is inundated with this vile breed.
    Best friends and animal foundation is pushing them left and right, they are literally giving them away.
    Fees are waved for PITBULLS at all their shelters there in Clark county.
    I wonder why 🙄

  2. Or course it the pitbull that everyone .someone should make a law that all pitbull owners should pay for funeral if someone dies by their pitbull or pay for all the high cost medical bill if someone get hurt by their pitbull.I think is unfair that the family have to pay for everything where the pitbull owner get off scott free.

    • Few pitbull owners have any money. Therefore, pitbull owners cannot pay for medical care or funerals. They might understand what prison means.

      Shelters largely have to give pitbulls away. The pro pitbull organizations will have any managers of shelters fired if many pitbulls are euthanized.

      Indianapolis Care and Control went through director after director until pitbulls got new homes. Many were given away.

      • OTOH, the owners of the properties do have money. Or, put another way, their property insurers have money — bigtime.

        One of my local friends is a personal injury attorney who used the property insurance angle to win a $500k judgment in a pit bull facial mauling case. In this case, the victim was a toddler.

        • Landlords with any brains do not allow their tenants to possess pitbulls. Landlords cannot be held liable if the landlords have not given permission for the pitbulls to be there. Of course, pitbull owners may call their dogs “mixed breeds”. For that reason, the landlords need to personally decide if they will permit the dogs to be there.

          A prospective tenant stated he had two mixed breed dogs. The male was a vicious purebred pitbull. The female was likely a pit mix, and she was bred to the male. If I had not seen these dogs in advance, I would have had this dangerous male on my property. Then how could I have safely gotten rid of him? He routinely snarled at his owners.

          • I’ll raise you one and say that landlords and landladies with any brains do not allow pets. Period. End of discussion.

            I used to rent from a lady who had this policy, and one fine day, she noticed that one of her tenants had a cat. My landlady saw said cat sitting on the windowsill at one of her rental houses.

            My landlady gave that tenant two choices:

            1. Get rid of the cat
            2. If you don’t want to get rid of the cat, move

            The tenant got rid of the cat.

            In addition to the attacking and biting risk that pets pose — remember, they’re always carrying their weaponry — they also can cause a great deal of damage to a rental property. And guess who gets to fix that. If you said the landlord or the landlady, go to the head of the class.

            This is why so many landlords and landladies say, “No pets! No exceptions!”

          • Pit bulls are not a breed. They are a mix type of fighting lineage. Shelters should be required to get breed DNA information on every dog and be required to disclose it to prospective adopters. Agencies that harass shelters that euthanize pit bulls should be required to take them in themselves.

        • 500 K is nothing for any kind of Pit Bull injury. It should have been 10 million amd the owner go to prison for attempted murder

          • I agree, Joan. But this is Tucson, the seat of Pima County, and if you know anything about our animal “care” agency, it’s a hotbed of pit nutters.

            I doubt that the owner faced any sort of criminal charges or that the dog was put down.

  3. There’s no such thing as “no pets” with ESA being so popular. Most rentals don’t want to be sued over refusing an ESA and just accept false paperwork. The ESA dogs are rarely a companion breed like a poodle or a little spaniel or a small mix, it’s almost always a problematic pit bull or a husky or some gripping breed. Renters here carry renters insurance so the leasing office relies on that as a way to avoid dealing with restricted breeds.

    • Quoting from the iPropertyManagement blog:

      “In rare cases, it may be possible to restrict a tenant from having a service dog. A landlord is permitted to refuse accommodation for a service animal based on breed if allowing the animal would be unreasonable. For example, if your insurance carrier drops your coverage because of a restricted breed on the premises, you may be able to refuse the service dog.”

      So, bringing that pibble into your property’s studio apartment isn’t a slam dunk.

      BTW, in the past, I have been unable to post links on the DBO site. So, put a dot-com after the site name I mentioned above. Do a search for this blog post:

      Documentation a Landlord Can Ask for Providing a Service Dog

      • Emotional Support dogs are pets. They are, in no way genuine Service Dogs. Any protection an ES has is given at the state or municipal level. They are not covered under the ADA.

  4. Where I am, a landlord cannot stop someone moving in with pets and tenants are under no obligation to inform them prior to tenancy. (Condos have different rules)

    However, it doesn’t matter what kind of pet it is (as long as it’s legal), if it causes a problem for the neighbours or causes property damage, it’s grounds for eviction and remuneration. That means excessive barking, walking a pitbull on property without a muzzle, letting your cat pee on the neighbours’ balcony, letting your pet rats move into the hallway, etc. etc.

    We don’t really have ESAs per se, because there’s no need for good dogs/owners to dodge the law. Service dogs are under the same rules as pets.

    Works for the most part provided the neighbours bother to complain (and many will) and the landlord is willing to evict. Since housing is such a premium right now, most folks, with the exception of pitbull owners (of course)–tend to comply.

    Pets are part of the social contract. When that contract breaks down–that’s how the mess, happens.

  5. I heard on the news that this lady have a pitbull her home insurance or something like that drop her out her contract because she have a pitbull and a YouTube video where this girl she have a pitbull and the landlord didn’t accepted her so it probably depend of some landlord rules.

  6. I am continually amazed by pitbull owners who claim their dogs never exhibited any aggression before they killed people. Is this really true or do people not recognize signs that their dogs are fearful or uncomfortable? For example, glaring at people and/or animals should be considered a warning. A dog licking its chops when no food is around is displaying nervousness.

    Barking and/or lunging on a lead may be evidence of aggression, but people must be able to recognize happy barking for attention.

    Dexter, the pitbull mix, clearly
    displayed aggression at his owner’s birthday party; but Hornish said he was never aggressive. Had his owner recognized the aggression and safely isolated him from people outside of the family
    Dexter would have killed family members or no one.
    He couldn’t have killed an elderly woman.

    Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to pull on leash while on walks.
    Allowing dogs to pull puts them in control.

    Are there exceptions? Of course. If I wanted a dog to bite, I would restrain it on a tight lead.

    It is my suspicion that most of the owners of these dogs have some kind of excuse for aggression.

    • Many pitbulls constantly “eyefugg” other dogs. They stare and stare. Regular dogs look, or maybe even, softly stare with excited interest at other dogs and most will turn back with a quick tug on the lead, turning the head back towards the owner. That’s not pitbulls.

      Any dog that exhibits prolonged glaring at another dog is looking for trouble. Yet pitbull owners, knowing their breed has a strong percentage of dog aggression–never seem to understand this is *not* acceptable dog behavior and should be immediately corrected before it escalates.

      It gets worse from there.

      They tend to think they can muscle dogs with harnesses which is of course, ludicrous. Dogs on harnesses have their signals crossed and communication is broken because dogs don’t pressure each other by hauling or pressuring against the chest–they do it either by neck grabbing or by moving their body into the other dog, causing it to back away. What do you do with an animal that will not back away?

      It’s a lack of communication with even a normal dog–never mind one as pushy, excitable and stubborn as a pitbull.

  7. A child was just attacked by a pitbull in Fresno, Texas. Fresno is the same town where Freddy Garcia was slaughtered by s.e.v.e.n pitbulls two weeks ago.

    Four-yr-old Carson is in the ICU due to spinal fluid leakage, which could result in deadly infection, e.g., meningitis.
    His fearless15-yr-old babysitter grabbed the pitbull’s collar and stayed w Carson.

    We hope Carson will be able to smile again despite the severe nerve damage to his face.

  8. The stupidity and asinine excuses never cease to amaze me. Can you imagine a “guard” dog or, in this case, a dog that LOVED Granny killing her to protect her? It sounds like a firefighter who sets fires to protect the trees. Honestly! This poor old soul deserved to die in her sleep, not ripped to shreds by her addle-minded grandson’s maniacal mutt. And, of course, since this was a “freak accident” Gomer will want his freak of nature back.

    • Teresa, your long-term news experience is invaluable here.

      Difficult for me to shake the feeling that Joan Caffiel’s
      grandson’s apartment was provided for by Joan’s Social Security and her other funds. Her grandson owned a Dangerous Dog and a loudly chirping bird, both of which would have been troubling for an older frail woman. Also, a dog’s hearing level is 2-3 times more sensitive than a human’s. A woman who had memories of sleeping w her husband years ago and then was forced to accommodate a pitbull in her bed because it belongs to grandson Peyton.

      Notice the emphasis on the word “family” in the news reports. Why didn’t this family make plans to transfer Joan to a safe nursing home under Medicare? The timeline given by DBO sounds to me like Joan may have been cared for by her daughter until her daughter passed. Peyton may have been living there too w his pitbull. Last year Peyton and his grandmother Joan moved to this apartment. So while Peyton owned the dog for 6 years, the pitbull had somewhat recently transferred to this newer apartment where Joan was mauled to death.

      I wish there were someone to encourage the City of Las Vegas or Clark County and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to investigate this death. This sounds uncomfortably like Elder Abuse.

      • You are 100% spot on I am the granddaughter of her and two years ago I had to cut that side of the family off because Peyton and my grandmother moved in with my biological mother Coleen. Collen and I have never seen Eye 2 Eye, I always believe she needs mental help . Growing up she was verbally mentally and physically abusive towards me , Abandoned num humor times where my grandmother the one that has just passed would come and rescue me and raise me till I was almost 6 years old and then I went to move with my other grandmother my dad’s mother from then on in my eyes she’s evil she treated my grandmother terrible all her life. After the pandemic started to let up Peyton was asked to go back to work he traveled Reno back-and-forth for work , but Colleen told him no she refused to take care of my grandmother and she was adamant about it . So about 6 months ago she kicked Peyton and my grandmother out so Peyton was forced to go get an apartment On the other side of town. That dog bug was my cousin Peyton and my aunt Laura’s dog my aunt Laura went to Georgia and rescued the dog, he was aggressive to everyone but my aunt Laura Peyton and my grandmother and at times my grandmother was afraid of him. When my and Laura my grandmother‘s daughter passed away she had nine pugs and buck, I went over there to help Peyton pack my aunt Laura’s things and he asked me to get rid of the dogs I got rid of every one of the pugs with no problem, buck on the other hand I could not get rid of because every time somebody would come to see him he were aggressive too aggressive that pitbull rescues would not take him either. My biological mother Colleen started to come around when she heard that I was there helping, at that time I had just had a stroke 3 months before and couldn’t chance Colleen coming around and me having the stress and possibly having another stroke I have four grandchildren that I adore and I would love to see you grow up so I decided to cut that family off in my eyes I had no choice because I knew something would happen to me. Two days later they moved in with Colleen which they lived there for a year they used to keep Buck in a kennel and when my grandchildren went over there one time to swim with my son because he’s the only one that had spoken to her at the time, She told them to stay away from Buck’s kennel because the dog was dangerous so now my son wouldn’t take them over there anymore afraid that the dog would bite one of the kids because Colleen would stress the fact that the dog was dangerous. So you’re right he is lying about who’s dog that is it’s his dog because his mom is gone now the bird is my grandma‘s she’s had it for Many years, and yes you’re correct they’ve always lived off my grandma Social Security even before his mom died they all three have always lived together and then my aunt Laura died and it was just them too but I never agreed with the way Peyton would live off of grandma Social Security and then when they moved in with my biological mother Colleen I didn’t agree with that either because I wanted nothing to do with her so that it’s self prevented me from being or seeing my grandmother . And now I have immense guilt because she just adored me her whole life I tried calling the investigator for two days to let them know that they’re lying about the dog but I have yet to get a call back.

        • Danielle, please accept my condolences.

          As for that investigator, keep trying to get in touch with him or her. Your information needs to be in the hands of the authorities and not just on this website.

          • Thank you, ill keep trying ive left about four messages already. And now I find 2 go fund me accounts One from my cousin Peyton and one for Colleen my biological mother stating that they need funds for her burial or services when her body was donated yesterday for free. These people really discust me. And to make it worse their fighting to get the dog back! I have been crying for 3 days And these people are doing news interview after news interview without a tear in their eye…

        • Dear Deanielle,

          I am so, so sorry this happened to you and your family. This isn’t your fault, it’s not your dog. It’s always harsh when we can see something going awry but no one is listening, or the situation is such that we can’t really help as much as we’d like.

          Thank you for being brave enough to come here and clarify what happened and I think I can say for all of us, you’re welcome aboard the Good Ship Dogsbite for some friendly ears.

        • I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandma. Please don’t give up trying to contact someone about the dog previously being dangerous. They should of been caring for her not subjecting her to that. My father in law had dementia and there was no way he could of been considered the owner of a dog. We had to make hard decisions to no longer let him drive or even have access to hand tools. And if you asked him anything, he agreed because he really didn’t understand questions.

        • So sorry, Danielle Jonee. Please try to contact the agency the detective works for and speak to his/her supervisor or someone else. Don’t just “leave messages” for the detective.

  9. Oh here we go again with the Pitbull it show no aggression the dog didn’t have any mean bone in his body my pitbull loves babies my pitbull would let a baby sleep on him and the list goes on. If you tell a pitbull supporter the statistics that pitbull are the number one killer of people they use every excuse in the book the media give the pitbull a bad rap the pitbull tries to help the owner it the owner not the pitbull.

  10. So the family dog kills Ms. Caffiel, but the family says, “oh, no problem, she was old anyhow.” Must have been a beloved family member, right? Guess they are waiting for a second killing before thinking about putting the dog down.

  11. Typical pit owner, complete with utter ignorance about the breeds tendency to ‘go pit’ and revert to the blood sport heritage it was designed for.
    Shows exactly why pits should not be pets.

  12. The link to the story about the family not wanting to euthanize Buck is infuriating. The family pretty much lays the blame for this on the victim, but in a subtle way.

    From the article:

    Cafflel and Buck were described as being close. Buck would often cuddle up next to her.

    “They would be nose to nose every day on the bed right there,” said Daymon Faircloth, Cafflel’s great-grandson.

    Faircloth said Cafflel had dementia. It recently got worse and she couldn’t pay much attention to Buck, he said. Eventually, caretaker Jelena Kelly stepped in to help full time.

    So… because old Nana had dementia, she couldn’t pay much attention to Buck. I guess because he loved her sooooooo much, he couldn’t take this lack of attention. There’s his motive. He was just lonely. He loved her too much. (It’s because pits are the most loving and loyal dogs in existence, clearly.)

    This grandma didn’t need a dog for protection. She didn’t need a pit for companionship. There are only a scant handful of breeds that kill off old grannies in this fashion and it’s really easy to avoid them… just choose any other dog breed. You will never have to make an excuse as to why the mini Schnauzer or the Beagle or the (insert any of hundreds of breeds or mixes here) killed your granny, because it WON’T HAPPEN.

    Whoever chose to bring this dog into the home of an elderly woman (or chose to bring the woman into the home that already included the dog) is to blame for this woman’s death.

    Funny how pit apologists yell, “Punish the deed, not the breed!” But then when the deed is done, oh well, it was just a freak accident, not only should the owners have no charges but the dog should live too.

  13. They shouldn’t get a choice. They made a choice to buy a pitbull. It committed murder. Families don’t get to choose whether or not their relative is imprisoned or executed for murdering another family member.

    We have courts (sometimes not great ones) to make the decisions that we, as victims/supporters of a criminal, cannot emotionally detach ourselves, from.

    • Agreed. In the photo with the sunglasses the dog looks tense. It’s also possible that this family was misinterpreting the dog’s “love” for the victim (lying nose to nose on the bed, pressing up against her when sleeping). About half or more of the photos I see in which pit owners are trying to show how much their dog loves a family member actually demonstrate tension and aggression such as:

      hard stares (“see how he looks lovingly into my eyes”)

      lip licking (“getting ready for sweet pibble kisses”)

      panting when it’s not hot (“look how much he’s smiling”)

      resource guarding (“look he loves the baby so much he hovers right over her”)

      stiff tail wags (“see how fast he’s wagging”)

      tense posture (“he’s posing for the picture”)

      They bring these dogs into their homes, dogs that were purposefully bred over countless generations to wait until they sense weakness and then attack without provocation. Then they not only ignore dangerous signals, they applaud them as friendliness! But in really game pits, even the signals aren’t all there, because they are bred to attack without warning.

      • The dog on the bed looks relaxed to me.
        His ears are laid back. They aren’t pulled forward as when a dog alerts. His legs and body are relaxed. He doesn’t look poised for an attack.

        In the other picture, the dog is clearly upset. He is on a catchpole. He is tense which I would expect. Aggressive dogs typically show aggression when snared. His ears are more forward than in the other picture. His eyes are cold. He’d love to attack but knows he is being restrained by the pole.

        Many pitbulls show explosive aggression, and he’d love to explode.

  14. I can’t believe the excuse that the victim was the owner, so the police are not pursuing possible charges. Ever met someone with advanced dementia? They are not capable of assuming or maintaining legal responsibility for a pet animal. They may have fondness for the animal, but someone else is feeding it, taking it to the vet, buying the license, etc. That person, legally, is the owner. Also, terrifying that the current holders of the killer pit bull are Animal Foundation.

    • Exactly! Investigators need to do better with cases like this. This was my grandma‘s life that was taken and their just gonna let it go like no biggie? How about investigate why My aunt Laura rescued this dog do a little research. The dog was about to be euthanized because it was aggressive. My aunt Laura felt bad for it and that’s why she drove all the way over there to go get it with Peyton.

      • Danielle:

        This is one of the reasons I strongly stress that nobody should bring a dog home (and particularly, not a large bully-type dog) just because they feel sorry for it.

        A dog is a long term commitment to a relationship and I’m sure there are serial killers whose wives felt sorry for them, too. Most of them had crappy childhoods, as well.

        It’s not possible to have a strong relationship when pity the basis of that relationship. Pity is destructive.

        Even the best rehabilitative trainers of dangerous dogs will admit there are some dogs that will never safely live in human society.

    • So true that someone with dementia isn’t capable of being a dog owner. My father in law had it and as the caretakers we had to assume responsibility for everything including removing his car from the property and hiding every single hand tool because he was cutting down the neighbor’s vines. He did enjoy when I sometimes brought our small dog when I was caring for him but no way would he have had the ability actually take care of her.

  15. This “we need to save the dog that ate ‘grandma’ from being put down” is some kind of psychopathy. It’s definitely anti-social behavior. Some smart psychologists need to work it into the DSM do it can be diagnosed and treated.

  16. Three guesses who accompanied and/or encouraged the 50’s-something mom to drive from Vegas to Georgia to pick up the rescue dog.

    • Peyton Faircloth did. I’m a witness I’m the. Very first granddaughter of the victim. The granddaughter she raised till she was six years old. If you read up in the comments further up youll read my story. Yes Peyton Faircloth and Colleen Moore are lying through their teeth and they’re fighting to have that dog back and it makes me sick to my stomach.

      • Danielle, please let me offer my condolences on the loss of your beloved Grandma Joan. Throughout the years, your smiling face as a child would have been w her.

        In her dementia, your memory would have continued in her heart. Some dementia patients will sing along when they hear the music of an old familiar song even though they have forgotten their loved ones’ names. The memory of your need for her help and her ability to offer that help was a comfort to her until the end. It is a wonderful thing to know that we are deeply loved, as your Grandma Joan loved you.

  17. And by the way that picture with the dog on the bed is old. That picture was taken when my aunt Laura was still alive when she first rescued the dog. These people are so full of shit I’m embarrassed to say that I’m anyway related to them.

      • Of COURSE she mattered to you. Danielle, please know this: You’re in a tough situation, but we have your back.

      • Danielle, my condolences, too. Your grandmother nattered, this was a terrible end to her life. I hope you can hold her in your heart and know that she loved you. If this dog is given back or re-homed, I believe it will kill again. Next time it could be a child. I hope the real story will come out and this vicious animal is put down. Thank you for your courage in sharing your story with us.

        • Im still trying to get a hold of investigators. I put in a claim to cancel their got go fund me accounts. They deserve a penny and from what I know they don’t need her body so it was free so not only are they lying another even trying to make money off of this painful tragedy. Disgusting…

  18. A senior who is experiencing dementia doesn’t need a pitbull as a pet. Many dog sites will tell you, only own dogs that you can handle in your capacity. However, pits need to become extinct.

  19. He would “never intentionally hurt her”??? So he accidentally dragged her by the neck after killing her and then accidentally started eating her? I hope these idiots get their killer back, I hope he kills and eats all of them.

  20. I do not understand what is wrong with people whose dogs kill their family and then they want them back! Beyond the callousness of this, there’s no way of knowing that the dogs aren’t going to turn on them and kill them as well! I personally can’t help but think that they’re glad their dog killed their loved ones! I personally wouldn’t dream of not euthanizeing any dog that became aggressive! I just can’t understand this! I mean I’ve had dogs & animals my whole life since I was raised on a farm but they are truly baffling! I guess being a normal person it’s difficult to understand pit nutters mentality!

  21. I can’t imagine a worse scenario than returning a killer pit to an apartment where it will have daily close contact with multiple residents. For everyone’s safety, this dog MUST be put down.

  22. From MEAWW on 8.12.22:

    “A neighbor told KUVV-TV that she stayed ‘cautious’ around Buc. ‘I’ve just seen them with the dog unleashed. They let the dog loose. They would live upstairs and the dog would come downstairs unleashed,’ said the neighbor, who decided not to reveal her name.”

  23. Piecing together the analysis by DBO, news links and Danielle’s information, I believe this pitbull Buck mauled Joan Cafiell to death as the perceived lowest in the hierarchy. After the death of Laura, Peyton’s mother, then Peyton, the pitbull and his grandmother Joan moved in w Colleen, Danielle’s mother. Notice that Colleen realized the pitbull was dangerous. She asked Peyton to leave. So Peyton took his pitbull and his grandmother Joan to a new apartment. He hired a caretaker and was gone sometimes for a job involving Reno. The new hierarchy according to the pitbull was his owner Peyton, the caretaker and Grandmother Joan.

    The caretaker was able-bodied. Grandmother Joan was not. The pitbull had undergone several housing changes and people groups in the last few years. In its frustration, he mauled the weakest in its current hierarchy, Grandmother Joan. Smarter dogs like GSDs, labs or golden retrievers would probably have been able to adapt. Pitbulls not.

    • I’d look at this another way.

      Packs are designed by nature to ensure the survival of all members of the pack. If Grandma was the “lowest member”–well then there might be a bit of pushiness from the dog but he would not have *killed and eaten her*.

      That’s an act of predation. That’s more akin to a cheetah picking out the weakest gazelle to hunt down and kill. That is how some pitbulls view humans. Prey.

      That is why children and the elderly as well as small dogs are so often their targets.

      • The pitbull would have viewed Grandmother Joan as the lowest in the hierarchy–the weakest in the pack–throughout these changes. Yet it did not attack until recently.

        I’m not giving the pitbull an excuse, just trying to determine why this happened when it did. I do agree w Teresa that this pitbull will kill again and should be put down asap.

    • Yes thats him when peyton and my aunt laura Rescued him from Georgia. notice that someone is taking the picture of my aunt Laura holding him on a leash and Payton claims to the news that my aunt Laura went by her self to go pick the dog up from Georgia because he was about to be put to sleep. So if she went all by herself who’s taking the picture in a dirt wooded area which actually is the side of the road so the dog could go to the bathroom before they got back into the car.

  24. comment regarding ”buck ‘My sister drove all the way to Michigan? To rescue this big babydoll ❤️ he’s absolutely precious unless you’re a 🐈 cat he hates cat’s

    • And Colleen Moore (my biological mother) treated her sister Laura and her mom Joan terrible all their lives she only loved her after she died just like she’s pretending to be daughter of the year now if you were dog of the year you would’ve kicked your mom out and put her in the situation. She says Michigan because she has no idea where she got the dog from because she rarely ever talked to them.

    • It’s quite common for dogs who inflict attacks on people to have a history of serious/deadly attacks upon other pets.

      I wouldn’t be shocked if Buck had killed one or more cats previously and this was just ignored or brushed aside.

  25. Remember that a person with dementia will not be able to read a dog’s body language. Was the dog staring at Grandma? Was he ever approaching her hackled up?
    Stiff body posture? Many “normal” people cannot read a dog’s body language. So what one person thinks is safe behavior could well be the opposite. In a veterinarian’s clinic, the owner is giving the wrong information on likelihood to bite 90% of the time. I personally think this is due to ignorance. I saw the unique coonhound named Chigger Boom decades ago. This dog was quite dangerous, but the owner lied to all three veterinarians in the clinic. Chigger was special because he would switch back and forth from being friendly and vicious several times per minute.

    • And that’s exactly what this dog would do with Peyton my grandmother and my aunt Laura sometimes he was nice and most times he was not. And he Hated strangers and other animals. Every time I was there they would have to lock him in the room. most times they would have to close the door because he would angrily bark and growl at me as I walked by the bedroom door and I was too afraid he would like to top that baby gate and I would be done for.

        • Hi Danielle. I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. She was the sweetest woman. I dated peyton and had taken him, his mom and your grandma in and they lived with me for a while. Peyton and his mother are crazy and the only reason why I had let them move in was because of your grandma but it got to be too much with peyton his mom and there many pugs. I had searched your grandma’s name because when I left I often thought about her and worried if she was okay. In extremely sad that this is how her life ended. She didn’t deserve this. Peyton and his mother 1000 percent took advantage of her and used her for her money. All while peyton was doing drugs and neither him nor Laura worked. This whole thing seemed odd to me and I was hoping that it would be investigated because it doesn’t add up. Did they ever look into this?

  26. Good news on dear Jacqueline Durand in an August update from a South Texas TV station. She has a YouTube channel now!

    What I found most exhilarating was a seconds-long TikTok of Jacqueline’s vivacity, increasing her beauty. Her fluffy hairstyle and her increasingly sculpted nose will surely thrill you if you have followed her 8-month journey from her dangerous dogs/pitbull attack.

  27. “No history of aggressive behavior” is often said by law enforcement which is why we must all help law enforcement by providing a paper trail.

    As an example I heard last night that someone’s dog was killed by a pack of 3 pitbulls and that 1 of said pack went on the deck of an elderly man’s home and as he come out of his home and growled at him.
    This must be reported as I will do which creates said paper trail.

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