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19 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills Male Owner in Bronx Apartment Building; Cops Fatally Shoot Dog

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  1. As stated, any dog can turn on you. But some are experts at it, can mask their mauling intent, and can see the job thru to conclusion with ease.

    The news of the day today would not be released by the journalists without the “any” dog angle.

    Either all dogs are killers or they are not.

    “We’ll leave that up to you viewers to decide.”

    wink wink

    • What certainly seems to be the case is that the victim did not know how to manage the dog. He seemed to be afraid of the dog too. I hope the back story of how he acquired the dog comes out.

  2. Does anyone know if this dog was neutered? If it was neutered, it likely came from a shelter. If intact, it didn’t come from a shelter.

    These cases are always sad. The owner had to let the dog out of the cage in order to clean the cage.
    Why did he have this dog? Was it a vicious Emotional Assistance dog?
    From the article, I believe the owner knew this dog was dangerous.
    Maybe he didn’t think the dog would turn on him.

    • There’s a comment on this site {from a retired sheriff I think} that says something to effect of:

      “The pit bull is liar. It can act peaceful and happy as you walk up to it while laying down your guard. And then it will attack you in an instant.”

      Not only will they mask their intention to attack, but they will also be as happy as a child opening a birthday present as they maul the surprised victim. That’s when they are at their happiest.

      Kareem might have thought “He’s in a good mood today. Should be OK to let him out of the cage.”

      Don’t let the mistake he made happen to you.

      • I believe this is a very true statement.

        My husband approached a neighbors chained pit bull who was acting friendly; he rolled on his back as if he was going to welcome a belly rub, as soon as my husband reached down to pet him he growled and jumped up ready to attack. Thank goodness he was on a chain and my husband was able to get away.

  3. The building is new and looks nice; it sounds like the interior of that apartment was trashed. It sounds like this dog barked a lot and at least one of the neighbors was afraid of it. I don’t know if anyone complained but maybe management will take any future complaints seriously. My condolences to the victim’s family.

    • I’m sure the neighbors were delighted to hear the sacred utterances of the almighty doG. And, for the record, pit bulls are world-class barkers.

    • The brother called it ‘an unfortunate accident’. No dog attack is an “accident”. Bringing a dog into the home, esp. a bully breed is 100% risk-taking idiot behavior for the owners; and selfish inconsideration for the safety of others.

      • Exactly, Quiet.

        A dog is a dog is a dog. Rescued dogs don’t feel “gratitude”–it’s ludicrous on the face of it.

        A dog with good temperament is a dog with good temperament.

        My #1 rule I tell people looking for a dog is “do not get a dog you feel sorry for. Or you will spend the rest of the dog’s life feeling sorry you chose it”.

        The amount of bullshite sob stories I’ve heard from people about their dogs would fill Encyclopedia Britannica twice over. 90% of which is either in their, or the dog seller’s head to justify paying thousands of dollars for a local mutt.

        (I like mutts. Nothing wrong with them. Just let them be mutts–they don’t need a Victorian novel attached as a history)

  4. I don’t understand if he knew the pitbull was dangerous and he only own him for 8 months and people warn him about the dog killing him why didn’t he put it to down he be alive today if he put him down. I don’t believe his family didn’t know how he got ahold of the pitbull did he adopt him did his friend give him to him did he find it.I think they knew the answer but they don’t want be known a pitbull support.

    • I see no reason to accuse the family of lying. They aren’t legally or morally responsible for their brother’s choices.

  5. I believe the great Waylon Jennings said it best (the song was written by Mel Tillis):

    All in all if the curtain should fall I hope that it lands on you.

    I don’t wish for pit owners to get attacked.
    However if attacks are going to happen it only seems fair that the owners are the victims.

    Another case closed with a ruling of ” F around, find out”.

  6. I feel for this guy, I really do.

    All that struggle, he finally gets an affordable, safe place to live. He’s grieving the death of his daughter.

    Then he gets wrapped up in the Pitbull Cult likely due to his brother-in-law and in his vulnerability, is convinced to take home a serial killer as a “pet” to keep him company. That’s a very common thing to do. If he asked for help because the pitbull was unmanageable, the cultists would shame him and demand he feed and walk and maybe “train” his abuser until it killed him.

    After all, to them, he’s not important, only the pitbull has value.

    If there was a Beagle Cult, this guy might be alive today. If pitbulls were 100% illegal, he would also be alive today.

    Did he make poor choices? Yes. He risked his housing just to keep that dog–who supported *that* idea? Clearly not his family as he didn’t tell them he had the dog.

    None of that mean he deserved to die in such a wretched manner.

  7. His solution to a viscous dog, is locking it in a cage! Makes sense! 🤦‍♀️ I’m just glad he’s the only one that was hurt as a result of his stupidity. Why would he be allowed to have a dog, a pitbull at that, in government housing!

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