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61 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Hulking Pit Bull-Type Dog Kills Woman, Injures Another at Rescue Dog Facility in Florida

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  1. This is sadly becoming more prevalent, with this insane save them all mentality. 90% live release is killing employees, volunteers, citizens and other animals. My heart goes out to her family. I hope the dog is not “rehabbed” and shuffled around…

  2. Not only are these dogs a dangerous, non pet suitable, unpredictable breed BUT now people want to take the worst of the worst and somehow rehabilitate them!? Some stupid people out there.

  3. If you search the rescue’s FB for Gladys, a video is shown of her walking around a yard while an unseen volunteer who is filming chirps and coaxes her. The dog pays almost no attention to her, and appears at times to look at her with dislike and contempt.

    Apart from that, which is somewhat subjective, there’s the dog’s physical appearance. It does not look like a dog. The muscling, the walk, the eyes – it looks like a cross between a primate and a big cat. It looks and acts like a wild animal that has lost its wariness of humans; it moves through the yard with deliberate calm, alert to sounds beyond the fence but not excited, responding eventually to the woman’s babytalk but not with affection. There is nothing friendly or social or warm or doglike about it. The woman cooing at it appears to not notice that at all. We’ve moved into an era where some people are willfully blind to the reality of what some canines are. It’s beyond thinking that love can fix a broken dog, it’s an inability to even see that a dog isn’t broken, that it’s deformed.

    • I totally agree with your assessment. Something is wrong with that dog. Look at its eyes. I see no love, affection, or fondness there. I see an agitated wild animal just waiting for its chance to pounce. I would be scared to death to be left alone around this dog; or even in the presence of other people, I still would not trust this dog.

      And the video of her behind a glass door was absolutely ridiculous! Why would you place an unknown dog behind a glass door that it could easily break through and attack the people it “wasn’t fond of”???

  4. If you keep playing with fire you eventually get burned. Even professional pyrotechnicians have accidents in spite of the mountain of safety laws. Power breeds don’t have similar guidance.
    A 70 year old has absolutely no business being around these types of dogs. NONE.
    People just never learn.

  5. The comments and dialogue on the FB videos shows such a lack of understanding dog behavior/body language from this rescue group of older white women who want to furbaby everything. This big fat ugly reptilian dog was some byb’s escaped breeding stock, I can only imagine the donations it brought in. I hope the victims families sue this rescue into the ground.

    • Not likely anyone will be sued. The victim’s wife talked on camera about how devoted Pam was to these mutant mutts. I’m sure that old, trite comment about how she died doing what she loved will come up. I’m sure as Pam was having her flesh torn and her bones crushed that she was grateful to go that way. The insanity of this is beyond comprehension. The continued support of this place and the condolences are absurd. Watching the video of these lunatics rescue this monster on the shores of an alligator-infested lake is sickening. Anyone of those people could have been killed on the spot. They only thing between them and death was a few fistfuls of chicken. Gladys needed her strength to kill yet another well-intentioned senior citizen.

      • Pam may not have been grateful to be eaten by a monster but I’m certainly thankful that these nuts never got the chance to place this mauler in the home of an innocent child! I’d so much rather read the story of a delusional old woman being horrifically killed by the dog she chose to be around than a child who was just out riding their bike or going to school! Or even for that matter some young woman who was trying to help. At 70 you’d like to think that people are a little less gullible and knew the risk to her life!

        • Don’t be so sure.
          Has it been put down?
          I could see the rescue being allowed to keep and rehome it.

          It might “escape” that has happened before to condemned maulers.

          It wasn’t that long ago a man got back his dogs that killed his mother. I could see the grieving widow getting Gladys back. “It’s what Pam would have wanted.”

  6. When I am 70, I think I’ll continue being just as I am now. I go out of my way to avoid dogs, and personal safety is the reason why.

  7. I’m not from Florida but my understanding is that anything or anyone “dumped” in the Everglades is put there as the goal is not being found. The dog’s owner knew this one was a bad seed and chose to dispose of it this way. The whole prayer group and bringing in divine intervention makes me laugh.

    When I saw the video, the whole “middle of the Everglades” description fell apart. This is pitbull rescue dramatization to get more donation money. I like again 17 mins. she talks about how “we know what we are doing.” Another special touch is around 42 minutes when she baby talks to the dog quickly followed by, “God’s work, man. You can make a donation. I don’t have a donation button on her.” Real nice touch.

    • My thought the dog looks a bit well fed to have been out there long. Might of just ran off when someone was out there with it. Or some shack close by with a bunch of dogs and if one doesn’t come home for a few days, or ever oh well. But the excuses that the dog was abused and scared @@. Please my dog was abused and still scared and I absolutely think she would fear bite but even at the shelter she had made connections with some of the volunteers and might nipped but never torn them apart. Fearful dogs want to escape, not keep attacking.

      • You may have a point the more I look Gladys during the rescue.

        I think in addition to be well fed, she also appears to be well drugged.

        But…that’s just jumping to conclusions. For all we know, she may have just feasted on an alligator just before the video was shot and she was feeling full and all tuckered out, ready for a nap.

        • Specifically I was referring to the Jan 18 Rescue video, which would imply that the entire rescue video is a sham- a staged production.

          Doesn’t look like the dog has gained any weight between the Jan 18 video and the Feb 14 one. But it is definitely lethargic in January and much more active in the February.

          Or as I said, Gladys might have just caught an alligator in the Everglades and devoured it.

          Though I think the sympathy/scam angle much more plausible.

        • Gabapentin ? Really? Wow just wow! I know several humans that take that for chronic pain and none of them can get enough of it per month to really keep them that pain free 2 of them r elderly and on Medicare….interesting g hmm I bet if they were problematic aggressive or just a large breed CANINE the vets would be handing them pain mens like PEZ
          Just a thought

        • Now that would be a video I would like to see…dearest Gladys going up against a crocodile…and be sure, I would be rooting for the Croc.

    • I got bit by a dog in the Everglades. I was about 11 years old and it was at least 50 years ago. It was an old blind standard poodle. We tried to rescue it. I didn’t have to undergo rabies injections because my older brother told me in detail what the pound was going to do with the dog to test it for rabies. He rubbed that into my face and tortured me with the facts and what they look for. Karma is a bitch however. He got bit by a rabid cat in a barn a few years ago in an Eastern State. There is a reason people abandon animals in the Everglades.

  8. They say The Lord works in mysterious ways. Just ask Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charlie., etc.

    Add to them now the Church of the Divine Animal Rescuers. On a mission of their interpretation of God to save them all.

    Yet another interpretation.

  9. Those darn pitbull are always attacking killing people of all age range.I already knew it was a pitbull when I heard the matter how those pitbull defender claiming they’re misunderstood dogs it how you treat them they’re lovable dog blah blah.pitbull are dangerous dog a baby a teen a adult a elderly shouldn’t be near those evil dogs.

  10. Off topic, but I haven’t heard from Richard for maybe 2 weeks, may he be well
    ON topic, this dog is nothing but a hell-hound, no training required, these mongrels just murder humans! One shouldn’t have to train a breed of domestic dog NOT to slaughter human beings! Why is this the case with bully breeds? This dog wasn’t trained to not murder humans, so she did what she wanted…

    • I’ve noticed Richard’s absence too. Usually he’s the first to comment here. Hope he’s just taking a break and returns soon.

      Just thinking that perhaps The Lords work in this latest dog mauling was to get these rescuers to remove that killer dog from potentially killing even more people.

      I’d say that those two boys that first spotted it while fishing were lucky that they each walked away unharmed. Who knows who else might have come along and happened upon that killer dog were it not for those rescuers performing their “Divine Intervention”.

  11. I find it near on impossible to read the comments on these ‘wah!, poor Gladys’ websites..they infuriate me with the ‘oh, she was/wasn’t trained properly’ blah blah..I can’t stand it!

    • It does stray far from reality to state that the people who previously interacted with the dog killed Pam.

      Perhaps a video of the mauling along with graphic images of the fatal injuries might change a few minds.

      And I wouldn’t be dismayed by the sheer number of comments of support on Facebook against the handful of comments left here. Often you’ll find a few thousand comments on youtube music videos supporting some outrageously spun racial topic that has absolutely nothing to do with the song itself apart from perhaps the color of the musician.

      Worth noting that these videos will have something like 10 million views. Yet only .000001% of them feel it necessary to add their ludicrous race-baiting spin to it.

      I believe most people would see a video of the mauling and make their own determination over whether or not Gladys was a “good girl” for killing Pam without a need to leave a comment.

  12. The first picture of Gladys creeps me out. That dog does not look like a potential pet. It looks like a mutant. Sara’s description at Comment #3 is spot on. I think Facebook has EVERYTHING to do with the disconnect between the pro pitbull advocates and reality. Shelters capitalize on that disconnect. I am sorry for the life lost, but I am thankful this dog did not get photographed wearing a tiara and adopted out by a family with children.

  13. Good gosh, look at the size of that gigantic mutant. Just imagine that this thing would have probably been pushed as a ‘gentle giant’ and sold to a family with babies and toddlers to be placed on top of it for Instagram. Those kids would have been destroyed by this beast. Of course, it is still sad that a shelter worker that had to meet her demise. Rest in Peace to Pam.

    Shelter workers need to find a new line of business. It’s too dangerous with the monsters they are bringing into shelters.

  14. Another day another “rescue angel” gets her wings. I see these women all the time. I have been pulling non pit bull type dogs from pounds for about 25 years.

    I see the women, mostly older sitting in pound parking lots, blowing on their hot coffee waiting for the pound to open. Waiting for their fix/hit.

    It give them purpose, it gives them identity, it gives them something to post on facebook. Then the bountiful accolades rush in and saturate the rescue angels with feelings of acceptance and worthiness. For many of these women the risk is worth the reward. Their reward center in the brain becomes frantic and wants more and more. It’s kind of like a race car driver hitting the gas as they fly sideways around the bends. More, more, more as they type frantically about their accomplishments as they speed past reality. Typical addictive behavior.

    The pit bull type dog is not a pet. Let’s go back to the pound parking lot. All you need to do is sit and watch pit after pit being dropped off and returned after they reach sexual maturity or the drugs wear off that the angels are giving them. The owner is seen almost running back to their car and peeling out laying down rubber in an effort to get away from the beast. You have the rush of rescue vs the rush of perhaps saving your life. Risk vs reward.

    But the ultimate is the story of Gladys of the Glades. Now that is a facebook saga that generated money and euphoria for the “rescue angels” like you would not believe. This is a hit/fix that feeds the addiction to the ultimate level. A hit so hard that it will keep them high for potentially months. Until you die doing what you love.

    Someone who loved this woman dearly stated…

    “This was just a fluke accident. No one did anything out of the ordinary.”

    If this is your mentality there is no hope for the women sitting in their cars, blowing on their hot coffee, waiting for the pound to open.

    Only one part of this quote is true. The second sentence. The pit bull type dog did nothing out of the ordinary as it was attacking and muling her loved one to death by exsanguination. Not one thing about that second sentence is out of the ordinary. This is ordinary pit bull behaviour. The first sentence is not only not true but is showing total denial. (“This was just a fluke accident”). This is the mind and body’s way of saying I am absolved of not helping my loved one out of a risky situation. The sentence should read…

    I am not at fault for the death of my loved one, I take no blame. The pit bull did what pit bulls do ordinarily…they maul and kill. My wife knew the risk and was OK with dying in the jaws of a pit bull. I supported her decisions 100%.

    Now we have one less woman sitting in the parking lot, blowing on her hot coffee, dreaming of her next facebook post and the hit/fix to come. The next angel, will be in the next parking lot, the next morning, blowing on her hot coffee. When will they ever learn about the ordinary behavior of a pit bull type dog? I think the hit/fix is winning.

    • Great description of the cult mind.

      I’ve been listening to a “radio” show lately that’s full of the same kind of flawed, gish-galloping shetoric that pitbull supporters are prone towards.

      It’s truly scary how people go down the rabbit hole of crazy and not one iota of common sense, or even a pointed question, is tolerated. In this day of social media, they instantly block or ban even the mildest suggestion that perhaps there is more than one way of looking at a given situation.

      If I might conjecture: With the advent of the internet, everyone pontificates and you can’ really tell (unlike real life) if another person is truly listening so cult-like thinking {in group vs out group} permeates that style of communication leading to some dangerous outcomes.

    • There is someone exactly like you have described making comments on the Facebook page. Don’t blame the dog, no such thing as pit bulls, but ROFL, she is defending them. So how can they not exist.Then BS that you have to train any dog to not attack? I have had about a dozen dogs in my life, been around so many more. Never did I train one to not attack. It never came up in puppy guides. This lady seems to have no life but to post rescue stories. Oh and course those evil little Chihuahuas bite more people. No comprehension that we are talking about a lady killed and also mentioned the recent toddler death and not about maybe a bandaid bite.

      • Don’t take Facebook 100+ Rescue comments for being insightful.

        The same person will post- ‘I HATE People but LOVE dogs”.

        Minutes later they will call you a sociopath for not being sympathetic to pit bulls.

  15. The typical female dog rescuer has become a menace to society. They don’t recognize the dangers of these dogs. Everything about this dog screams “not a pet”! The dog eye rolling Tiffany and attempting to ignore her incessant baby talk is completely lost on this woman. She thinks the dog is fearful and praises herself for saving her from a “ horrible, horrible death”. Seams like foreshadowing to me. The woman killed certainly experienced a horrible, horrible death.
    The dog is not fearful, it is menacing and predatory, ready to discharge at any time.
    Tiffany is the perfect example of the quasi religious, morally superior and arrogant persona of the typical female pit rescuer. The save them all mission of rescues is pushing through large numbers of maladjusted, poorly bred, aggressive dogs.

    I am a veterinarian. I saw my first pit bull in 1999 while volunteering at an animal shelter. It tried to kill a small dog when it escaped the control of an ACO. The ACO had to put a chain around the dog’s neck and strangle it to get it to drop the small dog it was attempting to kill.
    In small animal practice, every day we get calls from owners of pits, cane corsos, dogos, wanting ear cropping and other services. We have a spay/neuter policy for these breeds. They must sign a contract agreeing to have spay or neuter them by 6 months or we will not see them. Most will not spay or neuter because they are back yard breeders who see these dogs as little money makers. I detest these people. They call us racist and leave us 1 star reviews. We put it back on them that the shelters are FULL of these dogs and if they truly cared about them, they would not add to the suffering these dogs endure and the high euthanasia rates that persist for them in shelters. The self centeredness and arrogance of these owners is astounding. We have discussed discontinuing seeing these killing breeds all together. I do not know what the answer is and I will probably retire before the aggressive dog issue in this country improves. It is markedly worse in the past 10 years. The breeders producing bigger, more aggressive dogs are ubiquitous.

    • Another one-star victim here.

      The pit fanatics bullied me to the point where I had to delete my Facebook business page.

      One of these geniuses also gave me a one-star Google review. This was done to harm me and my reputation, and guess what? Google wouldn’t remove that review. (I asked.)

    • I am a trainer of pet dogs. I solved the problem of pits, cane Corsos, Dogos, Neos, etc by listing these breeds on my website under a limited liability list. I am not insured for these breeds and thus cannot train them or so I claim.

      This has solved many problems. Most people have an understanding that these breeds are difficult to insure, people here in Southern California, the most litigious state, understand insurance constraints and I have a buffer not only against these dogs but the vengeful pit lovers and rescuers.

      This might be a help to someone else.

    • I admire your honesty, wish more Veterinarians would acknowledge the danger these dogs are. Thank you for trying to do your part to keep clients safer and address the disconnect between loving a breed and distroying a breed.

  16. I have recently left the veterinary field as a vet tech . Part of the reason I left was that I grew tired of having to feign enthusiasm for the ” new pet parents” of these maulers that were just adopted from the local shelter and reading how the geniuses at the shelter labeled these dogs . The shelters do have a lot of ” Lab Mixes” and mixed breeds that look a lot like American Staffordshire and American Bulldogs… but hey, what do I know.. I only worked at a veterinary hospital for over 2 decades. I also became eye roll inducing to hear yet another new pet parent say that their new kiddo MUST have been abused by the previous owner(s) otherwise, why on earth would this dog have acted out in such a way to have been at the shelter so long because it is such a SWEET dog! ( sarcasm).
    Very rarely would a new adoptee come in that was a true lab, retriever, jack russell terrier, poodle, etc. I used to be on the mindset of adopting through the shelter but now support finding a reputable breeder to get the breed you really want and not take a chance with your life ( or your child’s) by adopting a franken mauler from the shelter . Any intelligent person would connect the dots about why the shelters are full to capacity with lab mixes( pitbulls), American staffordshire, Mastiff mixes, etc. and why other genuine breeds are hard to come by in the shelter system.

  17. These pitbull cultists are deranged.

    Somehow, I don’t think “I wanna be torn to pieces by a pitbull and bleed out” was on this senior’s bingo card of “how I want to die and be remembered by the world”.

    That pitbull was a screeching wreck of an animal. The most humane thing they could have done was euthanize it, right off. Because there is no “rehabbing” it and even if they could–it would take years and there’s no sure bets.

    But no, they’re going to risk other dogs and people’s lives to “rehab” a dog that would never, ever, fit into any kind of life a normal dog would want to live.

    If people need their dog-saving fix, why don’t they raid medical labs and rescue beagles? Better nervous, un-house trained and barky than murderous.

    Oh but then, John Wick and Captain Picard don’t have beagles.

    This isn’t about “saving dogs”. Never was. Never will be.

      • Absolutely, the entire time they were coercing the monster into the van, they were asking for donations. Meanwhile, in the never ending pit bull saga, a beautiful little boy in Oklahoma is fighting for his life today. This one-year-old was attacked by the neighbor’s loose pit bulls. The injuries are so horrific, the news anchors had to warn viewers. The father said his son will never be the same. Of course, that is IF he even survives. This is what society lives with as these mutant monsters move freely among us and our innocent children.

        • And on the Facebook page for the news article, blaming the parents, how dare they have their child outside. Nobody should be outside now because pits have the right to run around. I basically got that from animal control. Why am I outside gardening or getting my groceries. I should never be out and then no problems with the dogs. I am so hoping that little boy makes it and the parents get through it.

          • Victoria that argument they are using is beyond madness. Let’s take it a step further so we all have the argument against it.

            “So officer, are you saying that women shouldn’t walk down the street because a rapist might see them and attack? Are you saying that nobody should go to an ATM machine because a mugger might see them and rob them? Yet, here you are, telling me not to XYZ because that pitbull might see me and thus, has the right to attack me? IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING?”

            Because that, in a nutshell, is how stupid the argument they are presenting, is.

            If a dog can’t control itself, then it’s up to the owner to control it–not the general public to tiptoe around on eggshells hoping they don’t trigger some dog.

  18. The more time I think about this one, I have come to realize I do not exactly feel bad for the two victims of this attack. Both of these women would have loved nothing more than to put this beast into your home or your community. Then, when this happened to you or whoever, they would have jumped to immediate CYA. They “work with” dangerous dog breeds regularly and they put them into the community and private homes daily. They do not see the danger in this nor do they care. They could care less if you the neighbor to one of these households gets attacked. Your problem, not theirs.

    I am guessing continued pressure for donations for Gladys is what Pam would have wanted. Maybe they will bury the deceased with Gladys’ ashes. Seems fitting. God’s work and this beast was God’s creature.

    • My 1st thought when I read about these situations is “how dare these idiots (by choice) endanger innocent unsuspecting others in society while she was walking that p.o.s. it could have broken loose and killed an innocent member of society so feel its a win when the dangerous ppl pushing pit bulls perish doing what they love so much it is very fitting and appropriate
      Play dumb games win dumb prizes

    • You hit the nail on the head. It sucks that she lost her life, but these people would have otherwise sold that beast to another person who could have lost their lives from that mutant. And just as you said, they would have been more concerned for the mutt.

  19. Less than a month from “Poor widdle pitty alone in the woods” to a confirmed killer. That is the fattest abandoned dog I have ever seen in my life. I wonder if some “rescue” dumped their herd in the everglades and then called all their buddies?

    I bet “100+ Pits abandoned in the Everglades! Only your donations can save them!!” got a lot more donations than ” We have bitten off more than we can chew! Every room of our house is stacked floor to celling with dog carriers full of pits!
    The stench is sick making! Donate now!!”

    How did someone allegedly dump over 100 dogs with no one noticing?
    That is a lot of trips unless they had a cattle trailer hooked to a semi truck.

    Even after a confirmed kill the rescue demons will insist all the other dogs are perfectly safe. “That’s less than 1 percent, it could have happened with any type of dog. Muh Chihuahuas..” you know the rest..

  20. OK I get it know. They weren’t all dumped at once. This is a long con. They have been at it since at least 2016. The page is what you would expect. The “inspirational” before and after pics just make me mad. They find an emaciated and infested pit, spend years and stacks of money to heal it in to a crippled pit when the shelters are full of physically healthy ones. For this they want to be called heroes.

    They still have Glady’s videos up. They have turned of comments on all the videos, no surprise.

    I noticed they have one pit that has been “waiting for his forever home” for 6 years. However much time and money to get it to physically heal up and surprise, no one wants it. That’s why it was dumped. They could do some good by rounding up and euthanizing the unadoptable dogs that are dumped in the everglades. In stead they do what most rescues do and look for basket cases becase they drive traffic and donations.

  21. My teenager at one time wanted to volunteer to walk dogs at our local shelter. I had to explain to him why that was not a good idea considering how most shelters are run today. Stories like this reinforce that decision. This is the 2nd shelter worker I’ve read about being killed. I suspect there are many more seriously injured that I haven’t heard about. Taking in these killer dogs into a shelter, is the equivalent of putting murderers in a half-way house.

    • One idea is for your son to go walk nice dogs for seniors in the neighbourhood who had to go to hospital for a bit or need help for a period of time due to injuries/illness. This happens quite often.

      That way, he will be doing a huge service in the community and can pick and choose which dogs he wants to handle and get a history on the dog before he walks them. He’d be doing a lovely service for people who really need it.

  22. My theory is that Gladys’s previous owner kept her collared and chained outdoors. A life changing event came along, perhaps a move to a different residence, and realizing that the dog was too aggressive take along they turned her in to some rescue agency. Perhaps she was moved between several or maybe stayed with only one.

    Enter “100+ “, which then heavily sedated her followed by producing the rescue video you see on Jan 18.

    Thinking you could turn this dog around into a benevolent household pet is some serious featherheadity.

  23. This post has been updated with information from the ongoing civil lawsuit filed against the rescue by Robb’s surviving spouse.

  24. I watched some of the video of this dog and there is no softness or kindness in its eyes. It also shows a reluctance to obey and even ignores and refuses commands.

    Reassuring sounds and petting when a dog is displaying anxiety reinforces and rewards the anxiety.

  25. “Amid her grief, Anobile said she is also finding comfort in knowing Robb died while trying to help a dog in need.”

    The insane perversity of this statement is jaw dropping.

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