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20 thoughts on “Victim of Domestic Pit Bull Attack Reemerges After TikTok Suspends Account Over Graphic Content

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  1. What a truly horrific attack. And a good reminder that fatalities are just the tip of an enormous iceberg when it comes to the injuries caused by pit bulls.

  2. This attack is truly horrific. It
    wasn’t the dog’s fault. It was the fault of the idiots who created dogs like Hercules.
    Why have people created dangerous dogs which have no place in today’s world?

  3. I remember this story from 6 weeks ago. C and I both posted the link in comments and were disappointed when it vanished. We trust in Dogsbite’s judgment when it was removed. Here it has returned after being banned by social media.

    Now Dogsbite has expertly woven together Tya’s riveting story. And Tya has moved forward to try again to podcast, this time w hopefully upcoming better front lighting and looking more refreshed after her terrible ordeal. She knows she has an important story to tell. Shock, courage, disappointment and courage yet again. Plus a resolve to help others understand the true nature of pitbulls. How pitbulls have a hair-trigger response to the complexity of human relationships.

  4. tya is lying because I read in the news where she said it was her pitbull that she and her daughter found him abandoned In the street she recused him two years ago. She used to sleep with him and she claimed he “show no sign of aggression”. And her friend Peter came over and he launched Peter in his neck.and she took him of him and her daughter and her boyfriend came home saved her life because they beat the dog off her.

    • And the news is always 100% correct? Reporters are always carefully factual and never have their own agenda? Calling someone a liar is a pretty big insult. Perhaps it should be based on more than a news story.

    • Madeleine, if Tya were lying, Dogsbite would have determined that in short order. I wondered too about the ownership from what I remembered earlier but sometimes it is easier to summarize some points to focus on the more urgent details. I am guessing the ownership was passed back and forth. Rather than get bogged down sharing those details, Dogsbite focused on the critical points of Tya’s riveting story.

      The amount of time, effort, and investigative and analytical skills Dogsbite uses to prepare expert blog articles provides invaluable guidance. I trust what Dogsbite determines. And I am really grateful when I realize how much effort readers would have to expend to get even part of the story on our own.

      • Sometimes I call one of our dogs, my dog, other times I refer to her as my daughter’s dog. The dog was brought home by my daughter but after a few days, I asked, so do we let the girl come over, take her, then bring her back because she just might take her, or do we say, let’s just admit we are keeping her. My daughter pays her vet bills but she is also gone a lot and the dog is with me. If I take her out or posting a picture,I am likely to say, my dogs enjoying the park. I am not lying, it is just the dog is sort of everyone’s because she lives here.

    • Actually I haven’t lied about anything. I just find it disgusting that you could even say something like that about me. Do you believe everything you read in the news? Have you ever heard of Clickbait? The things you hear aren’t always 100% correct. Maybe go read an actual book and get off the Internet because I can see that you clearly can’t handle the Internet.

    • All pit bulls should be ban!! Are you saying the victim is lying?? That is insane as puts kill many people every day or cause permanent injury!!

  5. Lying is commonplace. When people have an agenda, they may intentionally print lies. Once the lies are printed, people think they are the truth. The truth is lost forever.

    Just look at the garbage the pitbull lovers put out. The owner must have brutalized the dog to cause it to attack him/her.

  6. That is very true about lies – some people will hear them, believe them, and never give up their belief in them. It’s not their fault, it’s just human nature: it’s easier to learn something than to unlearn it. Plus they may never even learn of the correction.

    I don’t believe the claim that the dog was covered in cigarette burns – I don’t take that claim at face value, at any rate. It seems to me it could just as easily have been fleas or some other skin condition – that is much more likely. If they were cigarette burns they probably wouldn’t have been evenly spaced all over the body. And if they were cigarette burns, wouldn’t they have left scars? And how would a person hold an XL pitbull down to be able to burn it all over its body? Maybe it’s true, I don’t know, but it sounds fishy. And like it’s part of the “pitbulls are more abused than other dogs” narrative.

  7. People including police officers do lie. Or maybe they don’t care about the truth. I do believe that pitbulls are the most abused breed because of the type of people attracted to them.

  8. Because so many pitbull owners do lie when their dogs do violent acts, I can see why some might be suspicious of Tya’s story. But the results are the same, regardless of who actually owned the dog, and the results show that pitbulls are an unpredictable and dangerous breed. Regardless of who the actual owner was, the dog was living in the household with all 4 adults–normal dogs do not attack anyone, but especially don’t attack humans living in their household that they are accustomed to. This story is yet another of the hundreds of examples that pitbulls can never be trusted not to turn on people, even members of their own household.

  9. Terrible story. The dog had been abused and escaped/abandoned by previous owners. People try to do the right thing by taking the dog in. The violence in the home can’t have helped as I imagine it reminded the dog of violence he experienced in his previous home. But that’s no excuse for mauling your owner. The boyfriend sounds awful. I guess he feared for his live when she was banging on the bathroom door to get shelter from the dog attack, but I still can’t imagine refusing to help someone you supposedly love even if you are badly injured yourself. Just goes to show that you are playing with fire when taking on a dog like this, especially with an unknown/suspected bad history. The best thing for everyone would have been if they had called animal control when they found the dog and for the dog to be euthanised, however sad that is for the dog. A couple of days ago my sibling called me to say that in their neighbourhood in western Europe, they encountered a male child (+- 12 years old) walking a Staffie. The kid gave too much leash and it was mere inches between the lunging dog and my sibling’s very young child. I told my sibling to avoid these dogs at all cost, especially when they are with their kids, and if possible, start filming (but that is not easy when trying to control two small kids). It’s otherwise a very nice neighborhood but someone let a preteen walk a strong, gamey dog. No way that this boy could have controlled the dog once it would lock its sight on a target, and it’s clear he’s negligent by not having the leash as short as possible to prevent the dog from lunging at little children.

  10. So happy she survived! And that she’s decided to educate others. And that she’s ditched both murderous dog & cowardly boyfriend. And that her daughter sided with her – that’s what real family does.

    Those crime scene photos should accompany each pit bull adoption.

    I think Dogsbite is right: but for the no kill movement, this would not keep happening.

    As for anyone questioning facts or speculating about lying, I have two comments:

    1. Don’t kick someone when they’re already down. That’s what pit bulls do.

    2. This family almost certainly has PTSD now, especially the victim. This can make people less coherent, because trauma changes the brain. More amygdala action, less prefrontal cortex reflection. Traumatized people are frequently disbelieved when they’re telling the truth or just confused.

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