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24 thoughts on “Magnolia Woman Critically Injured After Dragged into Ditch and Mauled by Three Pit Bull-Mix Dogs

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  1. Thank God neighbor Tammy responded to Rebecca’s screams.

    Animal Control should prepare posters and PSAs on TV and websites warning about marauding packs of pitbulls thruout the USA. Why not put up posters in an area where these attacks occur to warn others?

    Notice these packs are killing those walking home. With gas prices so high and many who no longer have a car, there must be greater proactive protection by Animal Control and the Police.

    An amputee biker uses a marina air horn to ward off attacking dogs. We should consider carrying air horns in our cars in case we are ever in a position to help someone ward off dog attack packs.

  2. The Great Outdoors has been attacked by pitbulls and other dangerous dogs. Informed citizens realize they cannot go for a simple walk or bike ride without fearing for their lives. We will fight back.

    No more free bites! Manslaughter charges in deaths caused by dogs. Bites and maulings to be handled as aggravated assault charges. Death of the dogs, and prison time and restitution by dog owners. You own a dog, you take full responsibility first time around.

  3. Oh my golly not those sweet lovable pitbull attacking an innocent old lady that unheard of. Not this is like the hundreds of stories of pitbull attacking someone unprovoked they seriously harm you or killed people doing everyday stuff like walking dog sitting in a couch in the living room.

    • The most dangerous dogs might be the friendly pit bulls. If they have idiopathic rage syndrome there will be no warning of an imminent attack.

      Thankfully the number of pitbulls in my area is not high. My dog was killed by a pitbull years ago. The pitbull was shot by.his owner. The injuries on my dog were incredibly severe. As a veterinarian I can tell you that no other breed causes those incredibly severe wounds. I’m scared to walk my GSD service dog due to pitbulls.

      • Rachel, I am praying for your safety.


        Rachel and Boni, I saw a film recently called “Megan Leavey.” Megan is a USMC w a GSD war dog in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Your local library may have it. Otherwise, you can request they purchase it. They might be more inclined knowing it’s a true story.

        • Thanks Nunzia, I will see if I can find it.

          The trainer of The Littlest Hobo, learned to parachute a (GSD) dog from the armed forces who used them in WWII to warn of hidden enemies.

          Bouviers were also used to patrol the beaches due to their fearlessness and woe betide any German forces who came across their packs. Yet, they were loyal to their trainer onto death.

          Therein lies the difference. A pitbull is just as likely to maul the owner/trainer as it is, the enemy troops.

          Security/War dogs cannot be unstable if they are to be useful. Pitbulls are genetically unstable.

    • You could be correct.
      The only penalty would likely be contempt of court.
      He would need help getting the dogs out of state.

    • And note how this piece of work broke down at the dangerous dog hearing. He’s obviously more concerned about the dogs than the woman those dogs nearly killed.

      • Yes. Noted. This man has zero empathy for anything beyond what’s his. This is the kind of guy who, in the olden days pre MADD, could mow down a whole family while under the influence and plead, “it was an accident” without any remorse.

      • The photo of the dog owner is so dark but aren’t his arms covered in tattoos? Turkey! Possibly a gangbanger whose pitbulls finally made him feel like a man.

        • Responsible pitbull owners properly control their dogs so that those who are killed or maimed by their dogs are family members and family friends. These folks are positive that their pitbulls are perfectly safe pets. The drug dealers, thieves and macho idiots are another class. They may use the dogs for alleged protection or to terrorize their neighbors. They have no money or concern of civil lawsuits. The stupid Hornishes belong in my first group. The Native Americans are killed by unowned dogs.
          Finally I should list those pitbulls left at home while the owners are out of town so their pitbulls maul and kill pet sitters or they simply are squatters. Those dogs have kille and maimed many unsuspecting people.
          The end result of all of this is unspeakable tragedy.

          • Responsible pit bull owners. An oxymoron if there ever was one.

  4. This is the only sane decision. Vicious dogs cannot be left in the hands of people too irresponsible to keep them contained nor can their behavior be trained out of them.

  5. Don’t forget that pitbull owners are often crazy. Hornish has fought for years to keep her killer dog Dexter alive. She only owned the dog not more than four . months before the killing.
    She really couldn’t have known the dog very well.t

  6. Three and a half weeks later, on July 15, 2022 the pit bulls’ owner was shot and killed at a gas station mini mart after a verbal altercation with another man.

  7. I live in this small town that is now overpopulating. I just wanted to point out that since 1983 we have had three separate Pit-Bull mauling fatality’s within 15 miles of my house. The other three were children. The first on record in 1983 happened in the very same neighborhood as this one, Hazy Hollow.
    You can find all of them listed on this site and confirm with the mapping app. here as well. I don’t know if another rural jurisdiction can compare.

  8. Thank you for this update about Rebecca Hatcher. I have been praying for her for some months and hoping to hear how she has been doing. I am not on social media generally so this is really helpful. I will keep rooting for her as her heartbreak and disappointment continues.

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