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12 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: 4-Year Old Boy Savagely Killed by Four Pit Bulls in Detroit

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  1. Such despair! I don't think I could live anymore if I was the mother. Could Pitbull owners just imagine for a second what this would feel like to be this child's mother and what that baby went through? It makes me so angry and sad and confused! I hope God is with his family.

  2. What a travesty. It's horrible enough to hear of incidents where one of these beasts attack a person. I can't even comprehend a brutal 4 pit mauling on a little boy. This poor baby. What a tragic death.

    How horrible it must have been for this mother to be enjoying a walk with her precious child only to have him latched onto, dragged under a fence, and mauled by 4 mutant canines. It's unthinkable. No mother should have to endure this. And pit nutters say these grippers are harmless and love children. They say Cocker Spaniels and Labradors are more dangerous. They're ridiculous.

    I'll definitely keep this mother and the rest of Xaiver's family in my prayers. If this isn't a sign that these land sharks need to go extinct, I honestly don't know if anything will.

  3. Beyond heartbreaking and absolutely horrendous! I've felt sick all day. I can't imagine enduring such pain as this mother and her family will now have to live with.

  4. And, once again, it's time for some BSL. As in, Breed-Specific LITIGATION.

    After a few big lawsuit wins, this whole pit bull thing will be over.

    Why? Because the insurance industry will get tired of another kind of BSL, Breed-Specific LOSSES in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

  5. Sad states protect pitbull type dogs. The one bite law is outdated. Owning a pitbull type dog is no different than owning a gun. Owners must be held criminally liable for each and every bite.

  6. Michigan is, in principle, a home rule state. It's pretty appalling that Senator David Robertson, a Republican, is trying to undermine this by imposing BIG GOVERNMENT on localities. I thought Republicans were all for less big government and for letting people and localities decide for themselves how to do things.

    Senator Robertson, shame on you. Even more shame on you for calling the ability of local authorities to decide for themselves "over-regulation"! You are siding with so-called 'progressives' who think some dog type should have the same rights and protections as human beings. Worse, you want this particular type of dog to have more protection than our human children.

    I hope the Republicans in Michigan are as disgusted as I am at your betrayal of party principles and your open kowtowing to a perverted, though rich, lobby. How dare you. We want less BIG GOVERNMENT, not more — and most certainly when it's about forcing killer dogs on our communities.

    SHAME ON YOU, Robertson!

  7. You nailed it Sputnik! He's an embarrassment to the Republican party. It's already too much for another family to endure the loss of thier child because Pitbulls are out of control. It's a slap in the face to these families that the law and elected officials won't address this as a serious health and safety issue.

  8. The $106,254 that was seized from his jeep should be given to the parents in compensation for their loss (not that it's enough, or that any amount would be enough to replace their child's life).

  9. I fear walking around my own neighborhood now. My husband was chased by a Pit just this morning. Running into oncoming highway traffic actually saved him from attack.

  10. What if my 3 year old daughter had been walking with him? Now I feel as if I have to carry a gun!

  11. Animal Control should be held criminally liable as well. These dogs got out repeatedly and nothing was done. The first time they got out they should have been kept impounded until the fence was repaired and made impenetrable.

  12. And yet people still defend these dogs "just because their baby isn't aggressive" Oh PLEASEEE….

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