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34 thoughts on “Man Charged After Vicious Dog Attack Left Woman with Life-Altering, Catastrophic Injuries in Abbeville County

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  1. Its always those dang lovable pitbull that seriously hurt or kill someone. I feel sorry for her and I don’t even know think she was just walking like normal everyday thing .then these vicious pitbull just attacks kyleen out of nowhere.also feel sorry for her kids because they can never hug her or play games with her.

    • Wasn’t too long ago that I witnessed a dog attack. Girl on Rollerblades attacked by (you guessed it) a pit bull.

      Dog jumped on her and I screamed bloody murder. That was enough to get the dog owner to realize that maybe, just maybe, he should get it leashed up again.

      Well, the girl insisted that the dog was just trying to play. Believe me, after years of reading this website, I wasn’t having that.

      I very loudly insisted that it was an attack, and that I was more than willing to dial 911. She didn’t want that. She wasn’t injured, so I didn’t make the call.

      If she’d had even just a scratch, I’d be on the phone, dialing that number. I also said, in very strong words, that I have a lawyer and if the dog had done anything to me, that dog owner would be dealing with my lawyer. He didn’t like that very much, but too bad.

      It’s time for the rest of us to show dog owners that we mean business.

  2. This woman went from healthy to mutilated. These dogs were so vicious they damaged internal organs! She was likely eviscerated both in the neck and abdomen. I have to wonder the state of her trachea. Maybe this is what she may lose. (I know of one person who lost his trachea (and face) from a severe multi dog mauling.) Minimal accountability and no justice is to be expected.

  3. The dogs partially disemboweled her. I hope she has another adult at home to assist her when she finally gets to come home from the hospital someday.

    In the last day or so, the NY Post has run 3 pieces on pitbull and bully dog attacks. Included is the article and video on the Colombian woman mauled in the elevator. Turns out the pitbull is hers, which wasn’t clear in the first article by the NY Post.

    • The only other way of acquiring such extensive injury is by throwing oneself on a grenade.

      Which is exactly what pitbull owners are doing…and if they don’t get severely injured they just heave it onto some other poor soul or hope it doesn’t do what grenades do best–explode.

  4. I’ve watched several local news updates on u tube about this story 2 of the most recent accounts today said: both arms amputated to the shoulder and lost her colon…I had to pause the video for several minutes to let that really sink in… no arms and no colon
    and then resumed the video for the rest of the story-she might also lose her esophagus and 1 leg

    • I can’t stop thinking about this 1 -yes it’s unimaginable to me-like what kind of quality of life can a person have with no arms and no colon ? Might sound extreme but I am a firm believer in eye for an eye type of justice in a more just world I think Justin l minor should have both his arms and colon removed and his esophagus would be pending
      In an even better world this would not happen and no 1 in this country would own or even want to own uncontrollable violent and aggressive dogs
      This story disturbs me so much because I always try to put myself in others shoes
      And then there’s the victims kids and family too

    • As well, pitbull advocates are too financially incentivized to be entitled to any opinion on vicious dog legislation.

      It’s like asking tobacco manufacturers and smokers to regulate the tobacco industry.

  5. Losing her esophagus? I just realized that Kyleen will need a feeding tube for the rest of her life.

    No word on whether the owner will face charges? Should be jail time plus half of assets and future income should be disbursed to Kyleen. You own a pitbull? You take responsibility for its berserk behavior. Pitbulls should be put down asap.

  6. And today the NY Post has an article promoting a pitbull mix. A child wrote a letter after his mom fostered the dog for a few weeks. There is a mention of a School Dog Program and a photo of the pitbull.

    Why would the NY Post feel it has to devote equal time to pitbulls?! After these horrific attacks by pitbulls have just happened?! Why does the NYP feel it has to “Make nice?”

  7. @nunzia – NY Post gives equal time to Pit Bulls because they are afraid of alienating the craziest of their readers.

    Also, not only will she need a feeding tube for the rest of her life, she also needs a colonostomy bag for the rest of her life, and with arms amputated at teh shoulder, even the most advanced prosthetic devices won’t allow her to care for herself. She is going to need a caretaker for the rest of her life. She’s likely going to have to be institutionalized.

    This woman has been dismembered and worse, there’s nothing that can give her a normal life back, and there’s no punishment enough for allowing this to happen, but the owner of the literal mauler won’t likely spend a year in jail.

    How can we get better laws?

    I Hate to say this might be positive, but this story actually hit youtube and has a couple million views last I saw:

  8. @caz….Thanks for the link. I saw that great report by David Begnaud of CBS. I believe we will see periodic reports by him on dear Jacqueline. I hope it will open up more reports on pitbull devastation.

    To me, the loss of Kyleen’s esophagus is worse than the colon loss and colostomy bag. With the latter, Kyleen could still taste and eat food. So tube feeding may end up being the only available option to replenish her w nutrients.

    The pet humane societies are doing a tragic PR job thru TV stations across the country. I checked on the Pet of the Week features for this past week of March 21, 2022, and most feature pitbulls.
    Washington, D.C. – nearly all 9 are pitbulls. Tuscaloosa, AL. Gadsden, AL. Colorado Springs. Chicago. Black Hills, SD. Seattle. Masachusetts. Texas. Florida.

    Sickening. Very seldom is the word pitbull among the “fun” phrases of description.

  9. Often I’ve said that as long as I had the essentials to keep me alive and a view of an active bird feeder, I’d be content.

    These recent maulings of Kyleen, as well as Jacqueline Durand, have led me to rethink this.

    Nope. If I suffered through an equally gruesome attack, I’d prefer to have the plug pulled. These monsters are vandals and thieves of peace and contentment.

  10. This is too tragic for words-the horror is unspeakable. Pit bulls are unnatural. How can people continue to perceive them as pets? If they REALLY made good pets, there would not be so many in shelters. If they REALLY made good pets, there would not be so many chained or barricaded in backyards. If pit bulls REALLY made good pets, they would not. do. this.

  11. That is so sad I can’t imagine what this would be like mentally
    And I guess they will have to eventually tell her about her colon too
    Whenever I start feeling sorry for myself I will just remind myself of this Kyleen

  12. I see in the update from her sister that they had to do a traecheatomy yesterday -this is 1 of the top 5 saddest things I’ve ever read about

  13. Irresponsible dog owners make me sick. Makes no sense for someone to own these types of dogs. They hurt and kill people including their actual owners. They do no good in the world so they should be made illegal.

  14. An update from Kyleen’s sister to the Daily Mail on May 3, 2022:

    “She told ‘When she passed out they were eating her alive. The dogs dragged her. They scalped her. Her skull was showing. They tore her left eyelid off.

    ‘They tore her right cheek off left a hole. They ate the skin off her inner thigh and ate the flesh off her arms and ripped them off.’

    Doctors were forced to wait for a month for the infection from the deep bites to subside before they were able stitch up the gashes on her forehead and scalp.

    Wynne continued: ‘She said doctors had to put 109 staples in the front of her head and at least 90 staples in the back of her head.’

    A trachea tube was placed in her throat because the bacteria from the dogs mouth got into her esophagus which her sister said is now permanent.

    She also lost her vocal chords and now is now forced to speak using a voice-generated box.”

    The pack comprised of 2 pitbulls and a German Shepherd.
    EXCLUSIVE: ‘They were eating her alive’: Sister of mom-of-three whose arms were ripped off during pit bull attack says she was SCALPED and her eyelid torn off as she slams dogs’ owner who ‘needs to go to jail’

  15. We will always care for dear Kyleen. She went through so much recovering from a pitbull pack attack in March 2022. We are grateful to her sister Amy for helping people around the world understand the severity of Kyleen’s injuries. So many people love her and care for her healing and happiness.

    I am so happy to see Kyleen is ambulatory, as we hoped she would be able to fight the infection in her leg. And so she has! Kyleen is still very pretty. I am amazed to see how well she has already healed. We hope she will be able to get the special prosthetics for her shoulders.

    Kyleen, I pray for comfort and peace for you and your family. You have tremendous spirit and courage!

  16. Law enforcement should leave kyleen alone and why the hell did they search her purse for? Because of the dude she was in car with had method they should known what they would find in her purse. That’s why I wouldn’t have searched her stuff. I would have booked the male and offered kyleen a ride to wherever she wished.

  17. She does look great and a I admire her courage in not giving up! I hope and pray that she finds true Love and avoids the pitfall of addiction.

  18. Her mother or sister/caregivers posted an update on gofundme yesterday about possible approval for the fake prosthetics to prepare her for future actual prosthetic arms -there are 2 recent updates feb 2nd and yesterday
    Very sad but some hope

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