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39 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: 7-Month Old Killed, Great-Grandmother Injured by Large, Muscular Family Dog in Martinez

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  1. A 17-month-old girl just died in the UK after being attacked by the family’s new dog. They had the pit bull “type” dog just one week. In that part of the world, they’re actually investigating if this dog was even legal to own. Something that will probably never happen here. As you said, this scenario plays out over and over again. The Great Pyrenees is a powerful breed. Crossing it with a pit bull produces a dangerous dog. This little girl has the face of an angel. God rest her soul.

    • I don’t think this dog looks like it has an ounce of Great Pyrenees in it. The Pyr is a livestock guardian breed. I have never seen an aggressive one toward people. Of course, I’m sure there is an aggressive one somewhere. A Pyr babysits its flock. It doesn’t prepare them for lunch. I believe this dog is a pit bull or an American bulldog. Did the dog come from a shelter? It doesn’t act like a Pyr.. DNA it as to breed.of dog. Someone probably called it a Pyr cross due to the degree of white markings. Is he neutered.

  2. I doubt there was a significant amount of great Pyrenees in that dog. Pyrs/mixes are common here and not that problematic. Of course, adding a blood sport breed seems to override any other breed’s reasonable instincts with violence.

    • Good point. I had a Great Pyrenees/golden mix and she was a good dog. They’re used as guardian dogs on farms and usually “escort” instead of attacking predators away from their flock. Unfortunately, my dog became protective when on a leash and dog aggressive in her later years. I think any breed that’s contaminated with pit blood is dangerous. Mainly because it’s deceptive. At least a full blooded fighting breed is recognizable and comes with a warning. A veterinarian told me almost all dogs in these shelters are contaminated with the pit genetics. We’re seeing a lot of attacks now by “mixed” breeds as in the horrific dog sitter story.

      • Here in Tucson, there’s a multi-use trail called The Loop. It goes around the edge of our city.

        At one point along The Loop, there’s a stretch of chain link fence. Behind it? At least one highly aggressive dog that looks like a Great Pyrenees.

        It’s a truly frightening experience to go bicycling by, knowing that there’s at least one nearby canine with murder on the mind.

    • I just saw these pictures, I don’t see ANY Pyrenees in this killer. This is the typical pit bull cover-up story. As someone mentioned, too, the GoFundMe page just says attacked by an “animal.”

      • Yep, this is pitbull on pitbull. I saw another cover-up on a Seattle, WA, News website this week. As Pet of the Week, a Louisiana “Catahoula Leopard Dog,” another example of the disguised-name ruse for covering up pitbull breeds. You would think a reputable news station wouldn’t allow a PR report from a dog shelter without verifying its breed first.

      • Cuz that’s the scam.

        If they call it by a different breed then the pitbull cult can keep bemoaning, “All dogs bite” and point to that Great Pyrenees, Boxer, Lab, GSD, hound etc. as equally guilty parties and keep muddying the discussions when the facts don’t support their delusions.

        All the while fundraising for the exact same dogs as “misunderstood pibbles in need of therapy”.

        • The pet humane societies are doing a tragic PR job thru TV stations across the country. I checked on the Pet of the Week features for this past week of March 21, 2022, and most feature pitbulls.
          Washington, D.C. – nearly all 9 are pitbulls. Tuscaloosa, AL. Gadsden, AL. Colorado Springs. Chicago. Black Hills, SD. Seattle. Masachusetts. Texas. Florida.

          Sickening. Very seldom is the word pitbull among the “fun” phrases of description

  3. It’s one thing when you have people think “my doggie would never” do something like this and let others around the dog. But I get really angry when the owners KNEW full and well that their dog is uncontrollable and aggressive and they STILL allow children around it. These people had a beware of dog sign for this mutant and they thought it was a good idea to give this thing access to a baby? A dog should NEVER have any access to a baby.

  4. I look at that pathetic 3.5-foot chainlink that would never keep a determined mauler in and I think, at least they kept it in the family. Awful of me to say.

  5. That’s a bunch of bologna to label the dog a “pitbull mix dog”.I truly believed its a full blood pitbull that kill that poor baby. This is like the fifth story I heard that a pitbull kill a baby under a loved one care.I think the media just label the pitbull mix because they don’t want to anger the pitbull advocate because those people are relentless to say pitbull aren’t dangerous dogs.

  6. Just about any breed is capable of taking the life of a 7 month old. Yet time and time again, which is the breed involved in these tragedies?

    In addition to reading heart breaking episode after episode here, followers of this blog also know that there’s a group of sick individuals who will make excuses and blame everything but the dog/breed.

    Poor child didn’t stand a chance against a breed that occasionally kills experienced handlers.Even then it’s not the breed.

    What killed her? Poor decisions of course. But NOT the decision to own a pit bull. Oh no! Not that. NEVER that.

  7. There’s so much wrong here it’s hard to know where to start:

    *An elderly person responsible for a dog they can’t handle left alone with it. Never mind biting, a big untrained dog can shatter a hip just by leaping with joy.

    *A baby, left with a large prey-driven untrained dog loose in the place.

    *Signs that prove the dog is not safe around humans and has a history of aggression

    *Pitbull genetics

    That is the quadfecta of playing Russian roulette with the lives of grandma and baby. Feeling lucky, Punk?

  8. The go fund me states the baby died due to an animal attack I wish just 1 person or donator would ask “what kind of animal?”

  9. A great Pyrenees is a huge fluffy breed! If this pictured, killer dog of a 7 month old baby has even 1% Pyrenees in it.. then I’m a chimpanzee!

    • This pit bull looks like a Pyr about as much as a horse looks like a sheep. There is no way anyone with even a passing knowledge of dog breeds would be able to make this mistake.
      As is so frequent, there’s a deliberate attempt to disguise breed here if “Blade” is indeed the killer.

      • And here’s the rub, the media goes along with this bull-feces. It’s like reporting on a murder and describing the perp, for example, as a talk Asian man when he’s actually short and Caucasian. They go along with the pit bull gaslighting. Any one of us who know what breeds look like can tell this is not a Pyrenees mix but a pit bull. What’s happened to the truth?

  10. The typical pit looking dog has double dewclaws, that’s why it’s being called a Pyrenees mix. Good grief, double dewclaws just happen on some dogs and not every Pyrenees has them either. It’s like thinking every dumb ass pit bull with a thin white coat and skin speckles must be a pit bull Dalmatian mix.

  11. Such a precious baby! When we first read about this death at the NY Post, it sounds like a frail lady “babysitting” baby Serenity. But we find out that nobody else is present so the great-grandmother is feeding the dog and possibly caring for the baby much of the time. And we see by the videos she is very aware of what’s going on w this pure-bred pitbull, no mix.

    • We had a Great Pyrenees for a family dog while growing up. Beautiful dog with an excellent temperament.

      I don’t see a hint of physical resemblance at all. And as for temperament? The only time I can remember her even snarling was when bees were around her.

      The dog in the photos here can be used as a guide as the type of dog NOT to have as a family dog- no matter what is claimed as the breed.

      If it looks anything like the dog in these pictures, ask to see something else.

  12. Zoom in on the background in the photos of the Pitt. 3 out 4 have gnawed up items: seat cushions, arm chair, little wooden rockers, furniture filling everywhere.

  13. I just watched the 3 videos of ‘Blade’ in the backyard, some woman is actually ‘hissing’ under her breath “get it” (incouraging the dog to be extra alert at someone/something – neighbours or the birds we can hear?) This was in the 1st video.. as if that dog needed to be stirred up any more than it already was SMH.. a totally frightening brute, that dog..

  14. Anyone know what happened to the beast after the 10 day hold?

    I would not be the least little bit surprised if they returned the dog to the property.

  15. This post has been updated with the full sentencing hearing. The great-grandmother will serve at least 6 years in jail.

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