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14 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Attacks, Kills Man During a Loud Argument in Joliet, Illinois

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  1. Other news story:

    The victim was not involved in the argument. I try not to be around potentially unpredictably dangerous canines when other people may possibly suddenly have an argument. Or when someone may possibly leave a gate open. Or when a fence is not tall enough. Or…..

    Or when absolutely nothing else is happening. Safe canine breeds do exist. Some canine breeds are not safe. Everyone knows which are which, but too many people do not want to admit it.

    • Didn’t you notice the upswing in murderous King Cavalier Spaniels slaughtering people who watch sports matches and scream? The rampaging Dobermans that ate entire Thanksgiving parties due to being triggered by dysfunctional family dynamics? The Bugling Beagles that turned full face then ate the yodelling fox hunters last year? The pack of killer chihuahuas that ate Brooklyn?


      Are you saying the Nanny Pitbull News subreddit is less than accurate? The horror.


  2. A dog getting agitated due to an argument isn’t too farfetched. Mauling and killing a man though????? That is insane. Never heard of any other breed killing a person due to being around loud yelling!

  3. Have the pit pushers organized a “Save this hero” campaign yet?

    Anytime a pit kills someone other than the owner it is “doing its job” according to them. Have they said we need to find the “real story” yet? The one where the dead guy was attacking the 2 women and hero pit saved the day?

    Sadly they believe that their canine weapons of mass destruction possess a supernatural ability to judge character. As I have said before they are modern day snake handlers. Their dog doesn’t attack them (at least not all that seriously all that often) so obviously the problem is with whoever it attacked.

    At least snake handlers keep to themselves. You don’t see them out walking their snakes, they rarely “somehow get out”. I have never heard of them poisoning the town water supply to test the faith of the community.

    Please understand I think snake handlers are insane, I am just saying they aren’t as bad a pit pushers. Their cult insist on “testing the faith” of the community at large, not just willing followers. When the Wrath of Dog comes down upon an unbeliever they insist the problem is with the victim not their furry god.

  4. This is not the first story involving a pit bull getting agitated and attacking during an argument. And, yes, the pit pushers will use that as a “reason” the dog was triggered, therefore the mauling or killing is somehow excused. Every dang news story, it seems, begs the question, “We don’t know why it happened?” They would find the answer right here on this site. It’s appalling how even a story where a pit bull attacked and killed an infant was “explained” by the fact that the mother coughed, and startled the pit, therefore the pit was triggered…and so sad it killed the baby. Oh well, and please don’t put that dog down. Maddening.

  5. Some dogs, and I’ve seen this, will bite, grab, growl, snarl, physically move between the arguing parties or nip. Some will hide, some will become visibly nervous, some will run.

    A normal dog won’t maul someone to death.

    Note this poor dead fool tried to “calm” the dog. Not grab it by the collar and chuck it in another room, according to reports.

    Put the dog down. No excuses.

    Nobody can predict when that dog will run into a loud noise that triggers its murderous instincts again.

    And Illinois? When is enough, enough already? Legislate BSL. You’ve got at least six dead pitbull victims on your hands already this year.

  6. Any dog can become agitated during an argument. But only CERTAIN dog breeds turn that agitation into a fatality. Is it happenstance that these were breeds created for explosive, unstoppable aggression? Only a fool would think so.

    People will use this argument as an excuse for the attack, as if it’s justifiable because the dog was triggered. But since we live in a world in which there are…
    ✔️loud arguments
    ✔️crying babies
    ✔️medical emergencies
    ✔️other dogs
    ✔️ every other conceivable excuse
    ✔️no reason at all

    … then why is it okay to own a dog breed that is known to turn lethal when triggered?

  7. To me, the most alarming thing about this killing is that there were other people present….more than one person….and they could not restrain this one dog until after the dog had fatally injured the victim. This speaks to the danger of believing that a pit bull is “just like other dogs” and that a person can stop an attack. Also, anything…and nothing at all….can “trigger” a pit bull. That is the reason they are so dangerous……

  8. THREE ADULTS present, and they couldn’t prevent the rampage🤔 So much for “my pibbles wouldn’t hurt a fly”, or my favorite “my pittie would only kill you with kisses”.😂 Apparently pitnutters call TRAUMATIC bites and deep gouge wounds “kisses”. Delusional people. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it yet again…. Pits are overbred, inbred, and unwanted. Murderbeasts!!!

  9. Looks like we have gone 13 days with out a pit fatality. That is a rarity considering Christmas was one of those days. Factoring in the COVID lockdown I feared December would be a bloodbath.

    Thank God for small favors I guess.

    Sadly I bet they make up for lost time in 2021.

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