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3 thoughts on “Central Texas Pediatric Study: Pit Bulls Inflicted the Highest Prevalence and Severity of Dog Bite Injuries (2011-2016)

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  1. “Medium- to large-sized dog breeds, particularly pit bulls, can cause significant injury to the head and neck region, necessitating medical care at a specialized center, and should not be under the responsibility of amateur or irresponsible owners.”

    But this is the familiar Catch-22. Irresponsible people, almost by definition, are precisely who are likely to own pit bulls.

  2. I did not read the study but I think there are some limits to this study.
    – I suspect the percentage of pits responsible is much higher since I suspect the breed was reported by the adults in the child’s life. We all know that there is a campaign to deny the dog is a pit when it attacks. Seeing that labs are #2 only makes me more suspicious.
    -I suspect that in a higher percentage of scenarios, the adult was not in the room but stated they were to not get in trouble by CYS. Doesn’t matter because this makes the stats clear how dangerous these dogs are.
    -Pit bulls as 6.25% of the licensed dog population. Keyword is “licensed” because at least as many if not more are not licensed and then there are plenty that are licensed and the owner claims the breed is lab or beagle or hound or mutt to not have problems with getting home owner’s insurance.

    Anyway, this study confirms what we all know.

  3. Gladiator dogs, by definition, are man-made mutants.

    In order to create dogs that will attack and fight to the death over nothing external, on instinct only, even far from home at a distant battle pit, normal dog social behaviors are reduced or eliminated.

    Normal dogs need a reason to attack. “Good” gladiator dogs carry their pathological reason to attack: instinct, inside with them, every where they go.

    Good gladiator dogs are like hand grenades: perfectly safe until suddenly they aren’t.

    With hand grenades, it’s the little pin thing that makes them explode. With gladiator dogs, it’s instinct: inside, invisible and impossible to predict, that controls the gladiator dog’s pin.

    Good fighting dogs need to be willing to attack unprovoked, simply because of awareness of the opponent/victim.

    Good fighting dogs do not waste time or energy giving warning signs, they just do it. Good Beagles don’t give warning before doing their barky chasey thing, tormenting rabbits. They just do it.

    The point of warning display from normal dogs is to avoid conflict. “Good” fighting dogs want to attack.

    There’s no reason to give warning when the goal is the attack. They aren’t born with the ability and drive to fight to the death, as they aren’t born with teeth. But all good game insane dogs do develop teeth and all good gladiator dogs do “start”, “turn on” and exhibit the horrible man-made behavior.

    Some start as puppies. Some not till seniors. These are called “late starters”. Many first display this horrific trait at 18-36 months of age.

    Good gladiator dogs will attack and kill other dogs, including opposite sex submitting puppies.

    Since killing your own family for no reason is a horrible insane mutation, no other species is safe when instinct to attack and not stop meets opportunity to reach a victim.

    No training or abuse are necessary just as no training or abuse is necessary to cause beagles to bark and chase rabbits.

    No person, group or business that has the welfare of all dogs as a priority would want more game insane dog killer dogs to be born.

    It’s cruel to other dogs and humans to support dog fighters and their selective breeding for unprovoked prolonged deadly aggression.

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