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7 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Dogs Savagely Kill Elderly Woman in Miami-Dade

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  1. Another animal control agency that can neither handle nor tell the truth. What a surprise.

  2. I wanted to live in Miami-Dade in the future when I heard of the pitbull ban. It was the only place near me (in the south) with a ban. Now I hear stories like this with shelters lying about pit breeds even though they know there's a ban and it just seems pointless and impossible to escape these hellhounds. Why have a ban if you're not going to enforce it?! So many lives could have been saved; like this poor woman's.
    The heads of animal control need to step up their game.

  3. This was a crime. That man murdered this woman with his fighting breeds and mixes. He should be in prison now.

    Since when did we give criminals the power to tell us what they want to do?

    People need to be outraged, and let the politicians that cater to this idea know.

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