2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman, 67, Killed by Pack of American Bulldog-Mixes in Suwannee County, Florida

A woman was killed by four American bulldog-mixes in Suwannee County in July. Paywall Article Live Oak, FL - In July, the Lake City Reporter published a paywall article about a 67-year old woman, who was killed by four dogs while looking for her grandson. The attack occurred in the 12000 block of 233rd Road in Live Oak, according to the Suwannee County Sheriff's Office. The victim, whose identity was not released, was unfamiliar with the dogs. "She got out looking for him and the… [Read full blog post]

2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Rural Postal Carrier Dies After Vicious Attack by Pack of Dogs in Putnam County, Florida

Pam Rock, 61, a rural postal carrier, was killed by a pack of dogs in Interlachen, Florida. No Charges After Mauling UPDATE 03/03/23: The State Attorney’s Office is not filing charges against the owner of a dog pack that killed a rural postal carrier last year in Putnam County. U.S. Postal Service employee Pam Rock, 61, was on her mail route in Interlachen on August 21 when her vehicle broke down. Upon exiting the truck, she was attacked by five large dogs belonging to Edgar Jower… [Read full blog post]

UK Should Define a Status Dog Phenotype; Too Many Pit Bull-Type Dogs Evade 'Banned Breeds' in Dangerous Dogs Act

How UK Officials Currently Identify Pit Bull Terrier Types Brandon Hayden seen with "Beast" in the days leading up to the fatal dog attack. Watch CCTV Video Caerphilly, South Wales - On November 8, 2021, a recently acquired hulking "designer" pit bull breed -- known interchangeably as an XL pit bull or XL bully -- horrifically attacked and killed 10-year old Jack Li, who had been playing at the dog owner's home. The dog was destroyed by firearm officers -- it's unknown how many b… [Read full blog post]

2022 Dog Bite Fatality: 7-Month Old Killed, Great-Grandmother Injured by Large, Muscular Family Dog in Martinez

Great-Grandmother Charged with Second-Degree Murder Serenity Garnett was killed by a dog while under the care of her great-grandmother. Sentenced for Baby's Death UPDATE 04/27/23: The great-grandmother of a baby girl killed by a large, muscular family dog in March of 2022 was sentenced to serve six years in jail and four years of probation. In total, Migdelia Guadalupe received 10 years on the charge of contributing to the dependency of a minor and three years on one count o… [Read full blog post]