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3 thoughts on “Same Dogs in North Dallas Involved in Four Separate Attacks; One Victim Shares Her Story

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  1. Hmmmm, let's look at this comment, not all of the dogs were pit bulls.

    Does it mean that one was a dangerous dachshund? A perilous poodle? A crazed collie?

    Come on, give us the truth. Was it a lab on the lam? A boxer mix looking for a fight?

  2. I hope these victims get together and do a class action against Dallas AC. A message needs to be sent, a loud clear message.

  3. Your Quiet Neighbor, I agree! The comments by pit advocates can certainly be entertaining. Based on some of the assertions they make, this woman could mean anything from "it wasn't a purebred APBT" to "it was a pit mix and therefore just a mutt."

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