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17 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: High School Teacher Dies After Violent Animal Attack in Pantego, North Carolina

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  1. The DNA has been identified as “canine”, but that could be wolves……don’t think that wolves are native to North Carolina. Someone in the area has a pit bull or pit bulls and/or pit bull mixes.

    • Red wolves are native to North Carolina. Where I am from in NC we have bears, wolves, coyotes, and there are even large cats in the mountains. But she was much more likely to have been stalked and killed by a pitbull or the likes.

    • They found the woman’s DNA in the 2 both pit bulls mouths
      What MORE do they need. Most blood would have gotten washed away after they dragged her into the ditch.

  2. Fatal wolf attacks on humans in North America are extremely rare.

    Good pit bulls/bulldogs are intentionally bred to mature to become Ted Bundy dogs: smart, handsome, charismatic, cunning, sadistic, deadly, escape artist psychopaths. They are supposed to attack unprovoked, even far from home and any resource. They’re supposed to “kill or die trying”.

    No one who has the welfare of all dogs as a priority would want more dogs to be born with the trait to mature to kill dogs.

    Those who support dog fighters’ continuing mission to breed ever more deadly mutant maulers fo not have dog welfare as a priority.

  3. I would never call pit bulls handsome. I will give you intimidating but they are some of if not the ugliest dogs around.

    I think their appearance has helped their advocacy sadly. “Uneducated people think a giant blocky head with tiny beady eyes and a huge gaping mouth are all features bread for fighting. Only the truly intelligent know those are the best features for being a nanny. Educate yourself.” (This was supposed to be a “Breed ambassador” that is why I misspelled bred.

    Pits are the only animals I know of that have had self preservation bread out of them. It isn’t just enough to inflict fatal wounds on a the other dog, they have to make it to the final “scratch” to win.

    I have heard dog fighters brag about dogs missing limbs that would keep fighting. Removing flight form the fight or fight response has to cause other mental changes. Intermittent explosive aggression seems to be one of them.

  4. Find out who owns pit bulls in the area, chances are over 90% you’ll find the culprit. Even better, look up AC records to find out whose pits have a history of running loose.

    • AC keeping records of such a thing? Really?

      Come on, KaD. In order to keep records, they would have to actually do some work. And you and I both know that AC agencies have a work allergy.

      It’s so much easier for them to pontificate about rescuing unwanted pets while bragging about their save rate.

  5. On the heels of the anti-BSL messaging feature film, “A Dog’s Way Home,” comes the short cartoon “Kitbull,” released by Disney/Pixar, the most recognizable and trusted names in children’s entertainment.

    It’s been on Youtube 2 days and already has 1.9 M views. I’ll just let the cartoon’s description speak for itself:

    “Kitbull…reveals an unlikely connection that sparks between two creatures: a fiercely independent stray kitten and a pit bull. Together, they experience friendship for the first time. ”

    The short film can be viewed here…


    • Thoughts? Here’s my $.02 worth:

      It’s time for our side to start producing and distributing our own media. For example, a documentary that features actual cases reported on DBO. It could focus on the attacks and the aftermath.

      Or how about a book? Anyone up to writing one? Colleen? How about a book describing your attack and what you did about it — founded DBO, created this website, etc.

      It’s one thing to come here and talk about how the other side has captured the hearts of the animal rights movement and the media. It’s another thing to create our own narrative and get it out there.

    • It’s disgusting propaganda.

      Pit bulls do not make such a variety of facial expressions. The cartoon character is shown with a cute little smile. Personally, I’ve never seen one without barren eyes and a strange grimace that people mistake for a smile.

  6. Ugh. I didn’t watch the short film, but learned everything I needed to know from the comments. Every pro-pit talking point is there, from “it’s how they’re raised” to “nanny dogs.” It’s interesting to note that in one voice the pro-pit folks say “it’s all in how they’re raised” but then advocate adopting out adult pit bulls with unknown histories… or even known histories of abuse. Then they claim “bred to be nanny dogs to care for children” but when a child is mauled they blame parents for leaving a dog with a child or blame a child for doing childish things like crawling on the floor or playing with a toy near the dog. Which is it? It’s sad to think how many families will be misled by this short film. Shame on Disney/Pixar for using emotion to promote a popular lie to families.

    And regarding the main blog article… what a tragedy and a sad end to this lady’s life. My mother is about that age and she wouldn’t stand a chance against a dog intent on killing her. To picture her in such a circumstance is grievous beyond description. I hope that the media has the guts to actually report on the dog breed when it’s found. For those claiming wolves, there are no words for such stupidity.

  7. Something is strange about this. Dna test says k9 but that it doesn’t recognize what kind of k-9 it was tells me that there is something very anomalous about this dna. I truly believe there is a coverup. Dna also eliminates animals indigenous to the area meaning that whatever this thing is literally came from somewhere else unknown, stalked her then attacked her. Police brought in dogs to track the scent without success is another red flag as well.

    • Nuclear DNA was unable to be acquired due to the water at the scene. Nuclear DNA can discriminate at an individual level. Mitochondrial DNA is often more resilient due to there being multiple mitochondria per cell and was found on multiple evidence items. However, mito does not discriminate between individuals and, in this case, be used to determine the species of canine.

  8. Typical scenario for a Pit/Pit Mix killing. Authorities have hidden the description/breed of dogs taken and found to have victims blood etc in their mouths etc. Zero leash laws and or animal control enforcement are mostly to blame and this could have been avoided. Fighting breed dogs have genetic traits that allow them to maul/kill and immediately after victim is dead they’ll return to a “normal” dog as if nothing happened. How many more innocent victims have to pay the price for this to continue? Why hide/cover up the bred/pictures of dogs? Victims DESERVE far more!!

  9. It is so infuriating that a pedestrian-vicious dog (or dogs) is/are documented on local police reports as appearing to be friendly when the owner is present. Or appear to be friendly when in a controlled environment. Why not take the two dogs to a rural road that has been cleared of unarmed pedestrians, and then have local law person walk in proximity to the two suspect dogs, without the owner present. In split tenth of a second, he will find out the truth. And the truth will hurt in more ways than one, if he is unarmed. Pedestrians know that owner friendly dogs are sometimes known to be vicious if the owner is not present. But, police, owners, and local prosecutors are in total denial of this basic point of fact. It is always the pedestrians fault when at large dogs ambush attack the pedestrian that is able to defend him/herself. Local law can’t understand why some multi-thousand mile active pedestrians are Not happy with their manipulative police reports!

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