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7 thoughts on “Photographs of the Year: Stadium Employee Refuses 'Emotional Support' Dog at Minor League Baseball Game

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  1. This is a great way to highlight and encourage role modes that tell the truth about pit bulls and enforce their laws.

  2. Proofreading: what you meant was “Delta tightened the reins”, not “reigns”. Thank you for your postings. Well chosen.

  3. Thank you for this positive story on the Tulsa Drillers employee. Kudos to him for patiently standing his ground with the scammer. There are health and safety reasons why most public places do not allow people to bring in their pets. An exception is made for medical need for a true service dog, which this woman clearly did not have (fake credentials do not make a service dog!) Personally, I think it should be a misdemeanor to lie about having a service dog, and people doing so should be appropriately fined. I see the video sit has disabled comments–another sign that uploader know very well this woman was in the wrong and was hoping to further scam sympathy from people.

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