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22 thoughts on “Delta Bans Pit Bull-Type Dogs as Service, Support Animals in the Cabin and Limits Support Animals to One Per Person

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  1. Notice none of the aholes whining care at ALL about the guy whose face was ripped open by a fake servus pit bull. Trash, all.

  2. I would not fly on a plane with a pit bull
    type dog in the cabin. Delta will probably gain human passengers!

  3. This is wonderful news! I’m so glad to see common sense prevailing. If these dogs aren’t safe enough to keep on American military bases, they sure AF don’t belong on airplanes! Or anywhere else in public, for that matter.

    I hope other airlines will follow suit.

  4. Good! Real service animals are never pits, and these fake “ESD”s are totally out of control. I’d feel safer with a passenger with a firearm than one with a pitbull.

    • Actually I know a few people who have pits as real highly trained service animals. I even know of one with a Presa Canario! So I disagree with your statement. I disagree more, however with their choice of breed for their service dog. I don’t think that any of the bully breeds have the proper personality traits to make them good, safe, well adjusted service dogs. Their terrier characteristics make them low in the bidability that makes a superior companion. with respect, ToD

      • pit bulls and all vicious fighting breed dogs need to be removed not only from all flights, but from the entire USA. it needs to be criminal offense with no less then 3 years in jail for owning any bully breed

      • Presa Canario are basically the equivalent to a Pit Bull and share the same fighting breed traits/genetics/gameness/high prey drive.
        They’re NOT good family pets nor should EVER be Service Dogs! Yes, they may seem “good, able to pass tests well”. But that’s what these breeds are best known to do. They have no “brains” to think on their own so that’s why they’re so easy to train for tests etc but whenever something triggers their genetics all training etc is easily overlooked. If they’re such “fantastic” Service Dogs why hasn’t any been used as Leader Dogs for the Blind, Pawd for a Cause of numerous other reputable Organisations? There may be some lately since Pits and the similar have flooded the system especially with “owner training “ but facts remain..They’re still not fully trusted.

  5. Good for Delta. It is unfortunate that people had to be injured before anyone took this issue seriously.

  6. Well done Delta!

    Want to understand bully dogs?

    Look to the true experts of neutral ground, unprovoked, prolonged, “kill or die trying” dog aggression, the dog fighters of North America and the UK.

    They know pits/bulldogs are different and the best at suddenly maiming and killing family for no external reason, on man-made instinct alone.

    That’s why they all choose pits/”bulldogs” exclusively.

    That’s why Delta’s bully dog restriction is a great idea.

  7. I question the sanity of anyone who would endanger the safety of other passengers by allowing not just one, but TWO pit bulls on a plane! But bully for Delta for deciding that having their employees mauled is reason to ban these heinous landsharks from their future flights. Perhaps we should all send Delta enthusiastic Thank You notes, and DEMAND that the other airlines do likewise.

    • Questioning their sanity is EXACTLY what we should be doing.

      And, if they’re so disturbed that they can’t fly without a landshark or two, perhaps they should stay on the ground and work on getting better. Then, maybe-just-maybe, they’d be able to deal with life without needing a furry crutch.

  8. As you know Delta is being bombarded right now with pit fan protests, please take the time to drop them a note of appreciation. Please let them know there is a other side to this issue.

  9. Calling Shorty Rossi a “celebrity” is as much of a stretch as calling a pit bull a “support dog.”

  10. When you see a list of the groups that do not support BSL, remember the primary group is one they will never include, the dog fighters.

    Dog fighters hate BSL the most as they know it would take many many decades to create game insane suicidal psychopath fighting dogs from normal non bully dogs.

    It’s cruelty to support the dog fighters’ continued breeding of their most essential piece of fighting paraphernalia: the dogs.
    The bully dogs suffer too.

  11. I agree completely. There was one of those sad sack begging ASPCA commercials on the other day, and I grumbled something about not donating to them. My daughter asked why, and I explained to her that they oppose even the most basic BSL, namely mandatory spay and neuter. I went on to explain that the ASPCA, Humane Society, and Best Friends make millions in donations every year. If laws were passed that ACTUALLY made a dent in the abused and abandoned animals (pit bulls are one of the most abused and abandoned breeds) their donations might start to dry up. They want those millions, and the only way to keep them coming in is to keep the cycle of abuse going. Anyone who truly cares about the welfare of animals will support at least mandatory spay and neuter laws.
    I pray that Delta holds their ground and shows these “rescue” organization and pit zealots that their precious wiggle butt pibbles are not viewed positively by the majority of the public.

  12. So, the ASPCA, Humane Society, and Best Friends are raising big bucks. I’m here to tell you where a lot of that money is coming from: the elderly.

    I manage my 90-something mother’s affairs, and one of my biggest challenges has been getting her off the mailing lists of “humane” groups like Best Friends. According to Mom, she has only given money to her local SPCA (a pit bull-pushing outfit if there ever was one), but the bank records tell a different story. She has donated to dozens of organizations.

    What do you do if you find yourself in a similar situation? Well, you take those solicitations and send them right back with a form letter demanding that your loved one be removed from any mailing list that the group uses, sells, or shares with other organizations. If there’s a phone number on the solicitation, call it. That may also help you reduce the mail load.

    In our case, it took six months for the mail flow to be reduced. I didn’t tell my mother what I was doing, but I’ve heard her express relief over the fact that she isn’t getting so many “gimme-gimme” letters in the mail.

  13. It doesn’t make any sense that “emotional support” animals are allowed on planes at all. Dogs who provide guidance to blind people is one thing, but “emotional support”? How come one person’s emotions are more important than other people’s safety? Planes are so tight, seats are so small, there’s absolutely no way to keep people safe from a dog in such tight space. I’m very surprised that it’s even possible for someone to just board the plane and put a decent size dog on their lap, just like that? No crate, no muzzle, just a 50 lb dog sitting on your lap, as if it was a purse? You are not allowed to bring weapons with you when you board a plane, but a dangerous dog is ok? So it can attack helpless people?

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