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21 thoughts on “Criminal Trial: Detroit Pit Bull Owner Convicted on Two Counts of Manslaughter After His Dogs Brutally Killed a Young Boy

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  1. I am sick of these dam dogs killing! For all you idiots who use the argument that small dogs bite more then maybe you should be attacked and mauled and know what it is like to die at the hands of this breed. Disgusting

  2. This brings tears to my eyes. That poor little kid. His poor mother. She will be haunted by that forever- thinking if only over and over. Makes me wonder why the scum bag next door thought he needed all those dogs and cameras too. Wonder what he kept in that house and who he thought was going to single him out to rob. It makes me think that if the truth be known he probably deserves to go to prison for more then just the dogs. I hope they lock him up for a real long time and never let him own any type of dog again.

  3. the owner wasn't notified that his dogs got out in the past? Not surprising as his front door was guarded by pit bulls and his yard was fenced. Would any sane person walk into that yard to knock on the front door?

    Of course he knew his dogs could get out, though, as if that even mattered. People shouldn't be allowed to keep dangerous animals, and if their animal injures or kills anyone, there shouldn't be first bite laws to hide behind.

  4. There need to be reports. People have to file reports of problems and lawbreaking so the paper trail can be built up

    Not verbal, not casual. Formal reports. If they feel afraid, they need to talk to the police chief or their legislator so the reports can be handled for them, or file them with the state if locals are resistant

    I wish that victim advocacy groups could build clearinghouses of information for people in different states about how to research animal codes in their areas, and the logistics of what kind of reports and how to file. I know people would be happy to volunteer from their states

    In another media story, this bull owner is facing involuntary manslaughter charges because he did not properly secure his bull, and someone got killed.

    This is what needs to happen to every dog owner that uses their dog to hurt or kill someone. These are NOT accidents.

    Notice that a previous complaint report was on record, so necessary.

    • I for one would be happy to help if anyone is interested in putting a team together.

  5. People also should NEVER knock on the door of a delinquent dog owner or contact them personally. You never know what you are dealing with, and you could get hurt. You could also get accusations of trespassing ot threat, and you could get killed by the dog(s)

    These law breakers also are very quick to blame you, the victim, and try to claim you are harassing them. That is the typical procedure for criminals these days.

    Always go to police and authorities. Have them handle it, and follow up with them. Ensure there is a written report on file. Be the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, bug them.

    Of course it does not matter if someone was notified or not. This dog owner had insecure containment and chose to have viicous dogs. They were able to kill a boy who was on public property. End of story. Guilty!

  6. This man had four video cameras guarding his property. One was positioned so that it showed the pit bulls leaving and re-entering the yard during the attack on Xavier Strickland. Surely at least one of them recorded the pit bulls routinely leaving and re-entering the property before the day of this killing. How can the defendant claim he didn't know the pit bulls roamed at will just because no one verbally told him?

    Did the prosecution think to subpoena older tapes that would have shown Lyons frequently saw that the pit bulls were at large? If not, I wonder why not. Why didn't the judge ask about older tapes? Jurors have been allowed to send questions to the judge. I hope one of them asks whether any older tapes show the pit bulls coming and going from the property.

    As it is, now we can only hope that Lyons doesn't also get away with denying he knew his pit bulls were dangerous. That would be an unbearably horrific miscarriage of justice.

  7. "Geneke Lyons was not remanded to jail; he is free on bond."

    That beautiful little boy was not allowed to be free. No he had his rights and his life completely stolen away from here.

    Animal control, local governments, and states have to do far more to prevent this from happening. The public must stand up and demand it. Criminals will go as far as they are allowed to.

  8. The sad reality is that minimal time and reduction of offenses from a felony to a misdemeanor show us that the price of life is nothing! It also proves that the courts, to often break the law themselves by slapping the owners hand and releasing the owners of viscious dogs!

  9. Now is the time for this boy's mother to pursue a civil case against the dog's owner AND the property owner.

    A percentage of his wages can be reserved as compensation for the mother for the loss of her child.

    The property owner allowed someone to have dangerous dogs on his property unsecured. The property owner holds the ultimate responsibility.

    • Actually, the ultimate target is the property insurers. They have the biggest pot of gold.

  10. Here is part of the problem

    Judge James Callahan has a history of problems in the court.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Needless to say, although Callahan has now come to the conclusion that the life of this child is of no value, and that a murderer is more important, there is not a chance that if Judge Callahan's relative or child was murdered in this way that the perp would be getting hugs and sympathy from the courts.

  11. This sentence is a travesty of justice! Does anyone think for one minute that if a repeated drunk driver plowed into a family and killed their child, even though he 'didn't mean to', he wouldn't have the book thrown at him? I don't see the level of GROSS negligence involved in this child's preventable death as any different. The sentence should have been MUCH greater. Only murder by dog is treated this lackadaisically.

    • YES! That is the perfect example. What is wrong with our legal system?? I feel that it comes down to our society's twisted perception that dogs are human and thus all dog breeds are created equal. They see put bull attacks as random and freak accidents. They are not. There is MORE than enough evidence proving put bull breeds are dangerous and predisposed to kill. It is so frustrating. Judges are supposed to be intelligent, educated and just, but they are harboring criminals. Reminds me of the pedafile epidemic exposed in the Catholic Church.

  12. This is a horrible travesty. My heart hurts for the parents. I just don't get why the rest of the world isn't up in arms over this and other viscioue dog attacks on innocent people and children the same as they would be if there was a random shooting! It is no different. The dogs are known killers and their owners SHOULD be held accountable OR not even allowed to own them!!! When will it end?? Not until the child of a judge himself is killed by these devil dogs.

  13. This makes me sad and sick! This judge and prosecutor have failed justice for these parents miserably. Mr Lyons gets a slap on the wrist and it's s slap in the face for Xavier's parents.
    I hope they ate successful going forward with their civil suit.

  14. I am absolutely astonished to find no pit bull supporters on this! They typically blame the victim and talk about how lovely THEIR dogs are. Glad to not see them here…

  15. Don’t we realize in America Dog Lives Matter i.e. Michael Vick so not shocked by Judge no jail time. In other news George Zimmerman walked. A year in jail to reflect on innocent child loss should have been warranted. I understand 2nd degree was an overcharge but it was dog owner’s responsibility to check property for escape routes. W

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