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9 thoughts on “Defendant Diane Cockrell Pleads No Contest in Double Fatal Dog Mauling in Livingston County

  1. The sign kept people off the property, but it did not keep the deadly dogs on the property. Let’s not forget that TWO people were KILLED in this attack. 3.5 years for TWO deaths? That debris that was in the road that ended up being Cheryl Harper? She was still alive when they found her. I pray for both of the families involved.

  2. Court Docket: Settlement reached in fatal dog mauling cases
    A former Iosco Township woman serving a prison sentence for the fatal dog maulings of two neighbors has reached a settlement in civil cases filed by the victims’ families.

    Attorneys for the families of Edward Gierlach, 91, and Cheryl Harper, 56, declined to comment on the settlement, which was sealed by Livingston County Circuit Judge Stanley J. Latreille on Monday after the attorneys noted both sides agreed the settlement would be confidential.

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