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19 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Visiting Child Killed by Two Pit Bulls in Orange County, Texas

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  1. As I closed up shop and went to bed last night these thoughts took over my mind…"It's been over 2 weeks since the last mauling death.. it's time for another one…. but maybe the next one will never come. maybe it's over."

    This child was born with heart problems. He had many heart surgeries and had overcome so much. It makes no sense!

  2. What in the Sam Hill is there to investigate? The facts are that pit bulls have been bred to attack without warning, and once they attack, you can say farewell to your life as you know it. And, unfortunately for this child's family, the farewell is forever.

  3. Another proud pit bull owner is confronted with cold, hard, unforgiving facts. How sad that an innocent had to pay the price for it.

  4. This is SO sad…..WHEN are they going to outlaw this breed of dogs? I can't imagine why anyone would want one of them!

  5. I have no words of comment other than words of sympathy for this young boy. Just stunned at the misery this worthless dog produces.

  6. Another heart breaking, completely preventable death. This poor baby.
    I do not see any stop to it, I am seeing more and more pit bulls in my already pit bull infested state.

    Last week I had the unpleasant experience of running into a "service pit" at my local Costco.

    The dog was labeled mobility assistance dog.
    Of course it was near right where I needed to go. It fixed its reptilian stare on me.
    The dog was pretty arthritic. Its owner picked up something to look at and then put it down. She said something to me about not wanting to cook the item. I said to her "you seem a lot more mobile then your alleged service dog". She laughed and seemed to agree with me. I went on my way. A full minute later this woman is hunting me down and wanted me to repeat what I said, which I did. I also added that no legitimate service dog trainer would use a pit bull. I forgot what she said next but I was trying to walk away from her this entire time. I did say to her as I walked away that pit bulls have a propensity to kill their owners. The next thing I know she is following me more and spouting off how the last dog she was bitten by was…a Chihuahua. I had to laugh at her and say oh yes a Chi bite was the same as a pit bull. Then she told me I needed to look at the Animal Farm Foundation, then started sputtering that she had her "civil rights" and I should leave her alone. I reminded her that she was the one that had sought me out and was still following her. That shut her up and she left.

    The nutters are as bad as their dogs. This dog had no business being in the store and there were a lot of children in this store and the lady had it on a loose lead of course.

    I wish for the day that did not need to exist and that I would never see another new victim blog, but it seems to be getting worse-not better.

    • Good for you!!! I would have done the same. People with these dogs need to know most normal people do not want to have to be exposed to them.

  7. Gee, pull the break stops out!

    Family claims daughter was attacked by 2 pit bulls

    ORANGE COUNTY – An Orange County family tells 12News their 9-year-old daughter and her mother were attacked by the same dogs that police said killed Tanner Smith. Garrett Bean tells us his daughter was bitten by the two pit bulls as the girl and her mother walked home from Dollar General in February.

    Sort of have to wonder now if the two pit bulls were put down by the owner. A little too convenient…

  8. All I can say is thank you for continuing to document these predictable tragedies with such persistence. You have become the main source of real public health information on this issue since the CDC abdicated to the special interest lobby.

  9. I was already upset seeing that another innocent child was murdered by 2 of these beasts, but right before his birthday. And his classmates made him a card after their teacher had to tell them that. This is heartbreaking!

    Tanner and his friends and family should be celebrating his birthday now, but instead a funeral is in their future. This should be reason enough for these maulers to be outlawed EVERYWHERE. The fact that people will still spout lies about their pits and bring them around children saying they're perfectly safe after hearing stories like this is disgusting, plain and simple. The only thing about this article that somewhat made me feel anything other than disgust is seeing that the grippers were killed. Thank goodness. Now we just need to have all bully breeds eradicated.

    I pray for this boy's family and friends.

  10. I just found this site & I'm glad people are taking this subject more seriously. I've had my own experiences with pit bulls (one just last year) & it helps to know that there are supporters of the truth about these dogs. I see the faces of these fatalities & injuries & it breaks my heart to know that there are so many negligent people out there. Hopefully sites like this will open more eyes to the truth.

  11. Tanner had only been in Texas for 9 months…
    Tanner J. Smith, 5, of Vidor died Sunday, October 18th, 2015 at Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont. Tanner was a native of Little Rock, Arkansas and was raised in Lincoln, Arkansas before moving to Vidor, Texas 9 months ago. Tanner attended Vidor Elementary School and loved basketball, monster trucks and Buffalo Wild Wings. Family and his baby sister Tynlea was very important to Tanner, God was his hero…

  12. The homeowner’s two pit bulls had mauled the vivacious kindergartener, who was thought to be playing outside under the supervision of the homeowner. But the man was not there during the attack…

    “His whole left side of his head had a hole in it. His ear was gone. There was a lot of what looked like road rash on his face. Did they drag him?” Greathouse tearfully wondered aloud…

  13. I read the Inside Edition article as well. After finding out these dogs had a history of violence, it infuriates me they are not being charged. I am confused on whether the family friend Tanner and his mom were visiting were the dog owners. If they were, then that means their friends have not contacted Tanner's family since their beasts killed him?

  14. Thank you for the clarification. I hope their names are spread all over. Public shaming seems to be the only recourse in most of these cases. These owners & their dogs are THE reason this child is dead. If pit advocates practiced what they spew they would be demanding these "bad owners" be prosecuted.

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