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14 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Pack of Pit Bulls Kill Man in Jefferson County, Arkansas

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  1. Well, after looking at Google Maps, this looks like a good place for an unsuspecting jogger to take a Sat. morning run: 2 or 3 businesses then houses as it gets more rural on a barely 2-lane aging cracked blacktop road and right off a major highway. And, as I was looking at the picture on Google maps…I zoomed in and there are 2 of the pits! This picture was taken about 1 year ago.

  2. Breeding, breeding, breeding.

    When will America realize that pit bull advocacy is a front for money making and greed?

    Not just from the pit bull breeders, not just from the dog fighters, but much of the whole breeding industry is behind this drive to turn America into a war zone littered with bodies.

    The victim's family member that said "I don't blame the breed" does not understand that propaganda like that comes from the people who killed their family member, the pit bull breeders who trick so many with their sob stories and tall tales that they get teenagers and the unwitting to repeat.

    This coupled with the criminal negligence of local authorities who lie and say they can't do anything when people are getting violently attacked. Of course they can! There are any number of laws that have nothing to do with animal control laws when it comes to violent attacks and danger, plus they can pass laws easily.

    I hope that the victim's family has a lawyer ready to deal not only with the pit bull breeder thst killed their loved one, but a criminally and willfully negligent local authority that stood next to that breeder and helped him to do it.

  3. "He warned the authorities repeatedly that if not handled these dogs WOULD kill someone!"

    I hope that people are making these complaints in writing to every local authority, but also to the county and state.

    The goal is to create a paper trail. It is even better if a lawyer sends the letters, and pretty cheap.

    It is also good to contact the media, and video evidence and security video is good to have too..

    That way the local negligent authorities can't later claim ignorance, or sidestep the issue.

  4. Pine Bluff is the county seat of Jefferson County (just under 50k population), so everything is located there, including the central office of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

    Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
    101 East Barraque St.
    Pine Bluff, AR

    CJ's Garage is "just outside" of city limits and about 7 miles away from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office building. Frazier's video is chilling in so many ways. That county officials "did nothing" after his attack, which was extremely dangerous and involved a large pack of pit bulls escaping under the front gate of CJ's Garage — never bothered to see if he fixed the problem either — is extremely scary. The man was up in a tree and the dogs had torn his pants off of him in a pack attack, the most dangerous kind of attack there is. What about AC? It seems the county is using the city's resources (Pine Bluff AC). AC had to climb up on the roof of his vehicle; he was scared to death. It seems logical that he also voiced concerns to the sheriff's office. It was a situation in waiting that county law enforcement basically left in waiting. What was going to happen with the 8 pit bulls next? Problems like that never go away on their own.

    And this is interesting too. There is a white residential home between CJ's Garage and the Fencing company. According to the press release by the sheriff's office, the Garage owner lived there, "Investigators learned through a preliminary that Johnson arrived at the garage to meet the owner, John Chester Smith (63), who lived in neighboring structure." Well, who else would live there?

    OH GOD — the press release also says this! Apparently, this is "Major Lafayette Woods, Jr." being quoted:

    “This incident furthers the stigma of pit bull terriers as aggressive and dangerous animals. However, each dog, regardless of breed, could potentially cause serious injury or death. Pit bull terriers in general, I have found in personal experiences, are just very loyal. They're very intelligent but can prove to be lethal weapons if they land in the hand of irresponsible owners, who either promote dog fighting or ignore obvious signs of aggression.”

  5. Mary Calvert Margrave This is my brother Tommy Calvert in the video. My family has lived on Thomas street for 70 years plus. I moved from there about eight years ago. Before I moved we had so many problems with dangerous dogs. There were 22 Rottweilers that ran loose all the time. We had so many close calls. We tried and tried talking to neighbor, but he wouldn't do anything. And we called the sheriff dept many times, but they did nothing. So we got our guns and started killing them no matter where we saw them. I did not want them killing our kids or family! They had already killed our rat terroir. They were so aggressive to everyone and everything. We were afraid to walk across our property. By the way, four months ago they attacked Roger that owns Quality Fence co. They ripped his pants off, he had to climb a tree to get away from them!
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  6. These dogs have been attacking over and over again.

    Those authorities have literally been standing next to this dog owner and providing a clear path for this for a long time.

    I hope the victim's family holds those authorities accountable. They helped get this man killed while citizens were literally pleading for help and predicting this death.

    "According to Smith, Johnson put up a good fight.

    “He did jump on the car and the dogs actually jumped on the car with him because the mud is still on the car when we brought it home,” Smith said. “You can see the scratches where the dogs… they had to have had a hold on him. Then it looked like he had took off running.”

    According to Smith, Johnson's death was not the first time the dogs attacked people.

    “I'm not just speaking because its De'trich. I am speaking on the behalf of the other victims because he wasn't the first . He wasn't the second or the third there was about four to five people that had been attacked by these same dogs,” Smith said.

    Smith told Channel 7 that the dog s bit another person just days before Johnson's death"

  7. Once again, people matter more than dogs. And the public safety must always come first.

  8. I keep thinking I'm reading a science fiction novel.

    A man is violently and horribly brutalized and murdered, after multiple attacks and incidents that the sheriff's department knew about because in one of them, a sheriff had to shoot one of the dogs that was attacking.

    But sheriff's department spokesman Maj Lafayette Woods seems to only want to talk about one thing- pit bull promotion.

    He just seems to issue out one propaganda statement after another to try to protect the image of FIGHTING BREEDS.

    Which of his statements hasn't already been repeated ad infinitum by people who have backgrounds in dog fighting, by people who breed and sell pit bulls, to try to shield themselves and market and promote fighting breeds? Why would he want to dip even a toe into that?

    Now a law enforcement officer is doing fighting breed public relations work instead of investigating a crime?

    But it's another good example of what people need to understand and do when faced with these kinds of problems in their communities

    While some law enforcement departments know their job is public safety and they are responsible to their citizens, there are some government authorities who seem to think their job is protecting the financial interests of special business interests.

    No victims can assume anymore that their voices are being heard and documented, so it is absolutely necessary to be filing complaints not only with animal control and the police, but also all legislators in the area. In this case, people needed to escalate to the state, because the sheriff's department was putting them all in danger.

    There need to be registered letters, there need to be copies of reports collected and scrutinized for accuracy, and there really need to be lawyers involved much sooner than after the inevitable fatality or disabling mauling.

    Because victims are being told too often that their complaints never happened. If authorities can get away with that, they will never feel a need to address the problem. Make sure complaints are documented in every way possible so no one can say they never happened.

  9. I think its great for people to work to change laws, and hold these so called AC/ Sheriffs/ etc accountable.

    However, all the letters in the world can't do what guns can. I applaud that woman above, whose family had the courage to do the right thing and shoot deadly dogs. We must quit expecting law enforcement to protect us, as it's clear that they will not. They are too busy pushing pits, protecting them, and trying to save their reputation. It's ridiculous.

    I know killing even known dangerous dogs is distasteful, socially unacceptable, and likely more illegal than letting them kill you, but sat what point do normal people say ENOUGH? It's way beyond that time, IMO

  10. This exemplifies why dogs need to be put down after the FIRST attack and why pit bulls are not good pets or guard dogs. I hope the family sues and enjoins animal control in the lawsuit for not doing their job.

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