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9 thoughts on “Letter: Colorado Springs Senior Citizen Asks 'Why No Pit Bull Ban' After Vicious Attack

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  1. Note the involvement of the local humane society in the promotion of pit bulls. Same thing's happening here in Tucson, Arizona. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is as big a pit pusher as our tax-supported Pima Animal Care Center.

  2. This story makes me so angry, but it wraps the whole sordid pit-uation in one neat little package.

    "We", meaning our elected officials and government employees (AC), WILL NOT do their JOBS to protect even the most vulnerable of us because they're either in bed with, or afraid of the pit-lobby.

  3. Does that "service pit" have testicles?

    Actual service dogs are with their owners at all times in case the owner needs help. A pit bull wandering the halls off leash and without an owner is obviously a fraud.

    Mr. Castle has more than made his point here. Lawmakers are far too easily influenced by special interests and pit bull advocacy is a small but very vocal, well funded and well organized special interest group.

  4. Nice stunt pit – with balls of course. I wish there was a law regulating service animals. These fakes are out of control.

  5. This gentleman's story is heart wrenching. My 77 yr old mother was recently attacked by a friends bogus therapy pit bull. She is still suffering PTSD and has pain from injuries. The owners show no compassion and have not offered any help. Even trying to blame my mom because she was afraid of the dog. These attack stories need to be out there in mainstream media daily.

  6. I hope he reads these comments;
    You do not have to suffer just because the pit is a so called service animal. Most landlords and managers HATE the abuse of this ADA loophole too, as it sets them up for a major liability that they cannot protect themselves from. Most will be thrilled to get rid of this problem. They just need to do it legally. How?

    ALL dogs, even service dogs, must STILL follow the rules the apartments/housing has for pets. They are not exempt from these. In my apartments, if there is one event where a rule is broken, you can get 24 hours to get rid of the dog. Fail to comply, you get another 24 hours to vacate before the sheriffs come.

    The rules will be written, and should be part of the lease for pets. Here, being off leash at all is a serious no-no (for all dogs, and they are serious about this one). The instant this mauler is off leash, he will be removed. Same for nuisance baring, leaving poop all over, aggressive activity, etc. GET A COPY of the rules for your place in writing. Ask what will happen if the rules are broken, and get that in writing, or record it. Then keep your camera handy.

    I would bet that these pics would be enough to get this faker removed, if they have a rule about being on leash. You can push the situation by having a lawyer send a letter on your behalf. Make sure you have as much hard evidence as you can, I hear natters like to fight about this even when they are obvious liars.

    How do I know?
    I am currently dealing with this same exact problem. These guys 3 doors down (and 10' off the playground!) moved in, and a few months later brought home a pit bull puppy claiming it is a service dog. This is in apartments where both dogs over #35 AND under 1 yr old are strictly banned. (It is a FAKER- they go to work all day, leaving it home, they claimed its a service dog at 5 mo old, and it cannot even walk well on a leash! I know these guys, and bother are perfectly fit and healthy. They make a mockery of the ADA and the rules).

    Hope this helps. Do not be a prisoner in your own home. Fight back.

  7. I am pretty sure that a legitimate service dog is always spayed or neutered. The last thing anyone needs with their service dog is for it to be hormonal.

    Even if we were to believe that a pit bull was a service animal (and thats a crock) the fact that it has testicles is a sure sign its a fake.

    I have known several puppy raisers of guide dogs and those dogs have been spayed or neutered with the exception of one female who the guide dog group kept as a breeder instead of putting her into service.
    (her littermates had trained so well with a high percentage going on to service that they wanted her genetics to continue with their program).

    They use Labradors by the way, not a single pit bull in their program….

  8. My heart goes out to you, Mr. Castle. I commend you for taking on the pit bull issue in Colorado Springs. Hopefully, you can move or have the pit bull in the housing complex evicted.
    We live 2 blocks from where you were mauled. Twice in 2011 our family was attacked by pit bulls in nearby Shooks Run Park. We wrote a letter to Mayor Bach and our city Council woman. Channel 5 did two news stories about us that can still be read online.
    We no longer go to Shooks Run Park. Our Pomeranians ride in a dog stroller in public and we carry defense weapons. But we did not have the courage to take on the pro-pit bull folks of Colorado Springs.
    We will never be the same after these two vicious, sudden, unprovoked and without warning attacks in a public park. Sincerely, Cheryl Perkins

  9. My wife and I want a Pit Bull ban in Colorado Springs, our dog has been attacked on 3 separate occasions by pit bulls. We will address the city counsel

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