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9 thoughts on “Delta Air Lines Updates Service and Support Animal Policy Following DOT Guidance and Continues Pit Bull Ban

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  1. I would pay extra to be on a pet-free flight. Because that’s what these so-called service and support animals really are, pets.

  2. I pray to God in Heaven that the service and support dog insanity that has been allowed to maliciously force itself on normal society will be extinguished soon. Thank God that Delta has not shut itself off from receiving Gods’ own Truth. Now, if only all other human beings who dictate policy for governments and corporations can allow their hearts to be opened to what is just and correct and good and safe for society.

  3. The simplest solution would be that the service dog has to pass an obedience test and flight simulation before it’s allowed on an airplane and the owner has to pay for the testing.

    Guide dogs would pass and so would properly trained dogs for epilepsy, deafness, etc.

    Nervous or poorly trained dogs, would not. Also, breed ban. Period. No fighting breeds.

    The other option would be proper animal cargo by the airlines or specific, improved cargo, flights.

    Too many dogs have died in the cargo holds.

  4. We need service dogs to be regulated like they are in Canada. The honor system worked back when service dog meant Seeing Eye Dog. Now that any ailment can allegedly be assisted or predicted with a dog it is just too tempting for the fakers. I suspect part of why the honor system no longer works is that there is less honor nowadays.

    ESAs are BS and should be ended. You want a pet at home? Live somewhere that allows pets and pay the damage deposit like everyone else. It seems insane to me that the government can order airlines to allow untrained pets ,that is what ESAs are, in the cabins of airplanes for free.

    To make it worse idiots get dogs like pits and claim they are ESAs. Pit bulls are dangerous to ship as air cargo. They are the only dog I know of that has chewed through a bulkhead and damaged wiring. The plane could have crashed if the pit had eaten a few more wires. Somehow an untrained pit is supposed to be safe in the cabin. Even if they weren’t dangerous they are way too big to be in the cabin. I can’t figure out were the pit that attacked the guy on Delta was supposed to sit. Did they give it a whole seat for free?

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