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8 thoughts on “Animal People Editor Summarizes Need for Breed-Specific Legislation in 600 Words

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  1. Between the fatal Pit Bull and Rottweiler sites there are 433 documented American DBRFs.

    Clifton nailed it with this piece, but I feel that he missed one burgeoning business enterprise that benefits from unregulated Pit Breeding….

    That would be the troubled young, rescue angels who seem to have shifted from writing marriage proposals to convicted serial killers and found a home in the the lucrative tax free field of Pit Bull Rescue/advocacy.

    Some of these people are making a killing!….

  2. @vintage, you make an excellent point about the troubled young rescue angels who have found a new hobby. And, unfortunately, they seem to be finding some unlikely allies. Take, for example, the University of Arizona here in Tucson:

    Key points from the above link:

    This is a university news service promoting a pit bull rescue started by law students. Who want to keep this "save the innocent wigglebutts" thing going after they're admitted to the practice of law.

    Beware. This is coming to your community. Please do what you have to do to remain safe.

  3. Greedy lawyers aren't the only ones who profit from pit bull attacks. Veterinarians, most of whom oppose BSL, probably profit more than lawyers, or anyone else, when it comes to pit bull attacks because when a pit bull attacks and injures someone's pet or livestock, if the animal lives, it means hundreds (often thousands) in some vet's pocket.

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