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10 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: 23-Year Old 'Dog Rescuer' Mauled to Death by Own Dogs

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  1. Very bizarre that she was killed so close to the anniversary of Darla Napora's killing and so soon after Dekalb county decided to just drop the pit bull ban rather than fix it.

    As long as these people keep defining "not dangerous" as "hasn't tried to kill me yet" they're going to keep getting themselves and us killed.

  2. I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in rescuing any animal that may try to kill me. Does that make me a non-rescuing meanie rather than an angel?

    Besides, I think the word "rescue" is not called for in this case. It implies an act of heroism.

    Like carrying a child out of a burning building. Saving a downed pilot behind enemy lines. Or pulling people off their rooftops in flooded New Orleans like the Coast Guard did after Katrina.

    Taking in a potentially lethal dog does not rise to this level of heroism.

  3. OMG – total lie that this was the county's first fatal dog bite by like a thousand miles

  4. These attacks are so horrendous that guy has already been told by others he's dead wrong. This woman who was killed had very little sense and although tragic I'm glad it wasn't an innocent person, like a child, who happened upon the scene. You've got to figure these people involved weren't very smart.
    The story made the Drudge Report so many people will have seen this story. Woof

  5. Jackie Cira isn't even photographed with her beloved presa canario that she claimed was a "therapy dog," perhaps Danai wasn't working out too well in Cira's own home "filled with animals"? Talk about a mess with these young women and their misguided rescuing efforts of dangerous dogs. Attorney Ken Phillips said it well recently:

    People like Rebecca Carey — I call them "humaniacs" — do not recognize the dangers inherent in such dogs. For that reason, I am urging the enactment of laws that regulate adoption organizations, to the extent necessary to make all of them accountable and to prevent the humaniacs from recycling known dangerous dogs into communities.

  6. @truthbird, thanks for mentioning dog bite lawyer Kenneth Phillips.

    He makes another excellent point in the same article that you referenced. Here it is:

    "Remember, a rescue dog is an abandoned dog. One must wonder why the dog was abandoned. Was there a reason why it was sent to the animal shelter? It is folly to assume that only bad people abandon their dogs. When a dog is violent toward people, good parents, good animal control officers, and good cops send the dog to the shelter. Not all abandoned dogs are good dogs."

  7. I guess this is how people discover that their beloved canines are in fact insane, uncontrollable killing machines.

    I'm all for putting down any dog, anywhere, which is aggressive towards humans.

  8. 172.November 2001, DeKalb County, GA
    David Raeford, 40
    Fatal heart attack after altercation with a pit bull

    You know it's pretty bad state of affairs in the Animal Control profession when an A/C rep is unaware that this is their County's 5th DBRF involving Pit Bulls….

    The only other possible explanation is they are engaging in Pit Bull Advocacy on the Taxpayer's dime.

  9. "When a dog is violent toward people, good parents, good animal control officers, and good cops send the dog to the shelter. Not all abandoned dogs are good dogs."

    No, only BAD people send the dog to the shelter in this case. GOOD people have the dog humanely euthanized while they hug and hold it in it's last minutes so it passes peacefully.. they don't send it to a (stressful, scary) shelter where it's violent tendencies will be eventually discovered (unfortunately sometimes only after they've killed or maimed someone), only to have it put to sleep by impersonal shelter staff while it's feeling anxious, alone and scared and wondering where it's family are.

    GOOD people take responsibility and don't pawn off their (potentially deadly) responsibility onto someone else.

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