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4 thoughts on “Blogger Targets New Fact Cooker, Mark Robison of the Reno Gazette-Journal

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  1. This is so blatantly pit bull propaganda. Fact Cooker, what an apt term.

    Thank you for the background on these bills and explaining why the propagandists are so intent on finding a baby to spoon feed their propaganda to in this area.

    SRUV did an excellent job smacking Mark Robinson down.

  2. A comment left at the article:

    10:22 AM on July 19, 2011
    It appears this fact checker starts with a proposition he has an opinion on, and then goes out and collects those statistics that he will then use to prove what he thinks. Comparing the amount of bites by breeds or species does not compare to the damage done by those bites. Certain breeds are clearly more dangerious than others…..I have never heard of any body being killed by a house cat or a chihahau. I have heard of many attacks resulting in death to other animals and even people from pti bulls. Really this news paper should drop this fact checker business…..editorials can be written but quit pretending this is all above board factually checked out information. Or at least we as readers must know these fact checkers often have an agenda to promote and are not non biased in their points of view.

  3. All I got out of this article is that we have another county where Pits are the leading biter:

    » Pit bull type dogs such as Staffordshire terriers and American pit bull terriers accounted for 13.4 percent of bite reports

    He also threw the "Retriever" group together, to make the Pit Numbers look better. This is a first.

    Retrievers are getting a Bad Rap…Gotta wonder how long the rest of the dog lobby will keep defending the Pit Community while they throw other breed communities under the bus?!?

  4. Robison was also behind a recent gag-inducing (and dangerous) pit bull piece that urged local residents to adopt a pit bull from the Nevada Humane Society (a No Kill group), "Pit bull contest aims to change dogs' image." Robison uses the email address "[email protected]" because he's the paper's pet writer and runs the Mostly Dogs blog (which is actually just a crappy forum). Such an email address would not have gone over too well in his so-called "fact" piece, which is why he used "[email protected]" instead. This guy isn't a journalist at all, he's a pet writer advancing the No Kill (aka No Kill pit bull) cause. Check it out: He even blogs a Sue Manning article!

    We really need a name for these types.

    Howard Frank

    Linda Wilson Fuoco

    Sue Manning

    And the list goes on and on…

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