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35 thoughts on “The Pit Bull Bite: Meet 13-Year Old Vincent Marchese, Attacked Walking to Bus Stop

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  1. A tiger should not be where a person can tease it, and it should not be able to escape and half kill a 13 year old, not even if he was teasing it! If I'm setting on my porch and some kids are teasing me, I don't get to half kill one and say "they had it coming, they were teasing me." That is almost the stupidest thing I ever heard. The stupidest is the very idea that these assholes are allowed to own animals like this in the first place.

  2. The victim (or a person acting as him) is commenting at the news story web link:

    "this is compltely false i put my binder on te fire hydrent and walked to got talk t my best friend ryan not to mess wit thedog everyone at the bus stop is scared of that dog trust me trust me try to make the dog mad is the last thing ill do an also on the report on the news it shows a bewere of dog sign well thatwasnt there untell 15 mins after the police arived they are breeding thos dogs to fight and it needs to stop in in pain wih almost 2/3 of my calf missing do yu really think that would be my fault do you think i wanted that to happen and if they said they witness the dog atack then where were they when i was screm as loud as i could ryan call 911 hurry Yell the dog needs to b put down they got 4 kids of there own that dogs not for protetoin is for fighting and we all know it and untill it ends up eat one of there lil 4 year old kid all i can say is i told you to put it down and it all your fault"

  3. The "Guest" poster might be the dog owner. Listen to what he has to say:

    "not some of the people but most of the people said the boy was taught a valuable lesson unless they are friends or family with the boy and even some of the people that know the boy said he still was taught a lesson. SO….. thats just something that the boys family and friends need to think about."

    UNREAL "degenerate indifference!"

  4. The attack victim seems to believe the guest poster is the dog owner. It certainly looks like it's possible. I think the article was horribly written, too. The so-called reporter states that there were supposedly several witnesses who saw the teen provoking the dog but can't come forth with a single one of them. Also, if all these people saw this boy supposedly taunting the dog, why did NO ONE call 911 and why did any of them allow him to walk home on that badly injured leg? Criminal charges, please! Or I call a bogus report.

  5. Possibly this is the same Brian Ransom? Do scroll to see the various convictions:

    PS. The article was not just horribly written, it was written by a New Hanover County journalist, an area historically steeped in dogfighting and a state with dog laws described as having "a dog bite statute that protects dog owners from dangerous and irresponsible behavior that would have resulted in liability as long ago as the 17th and 18th centuries."

  6. It is the stupidest thing you may have ever heard, but it is also law in may U.S. states. The majority of U.S. state dog laws have remained static prior to the introduction of pit bulls in the late 1970s and rottweilers in 1990s. Owners of these dogs have been getting away with horrible maimings and murder ever since!

  7. Pit Bull Attack Checklist:

    1. Breaking Containment…..Check!

    2. Level 5/6 Mauling…Check!

    3. Sociopathic owner without assets…Check!

    4. Classic blame the victim by owner to rationalize why his "special power" over the beast failed…Check!

    5. Ineffective, Pit-maul enabling response from Animal Control..Check!

  8. My best wishes and prayers go out to the victim. People should be able to walk in their own neighborhoods without having to look over their shoulders for pit bulls.

    I wonder if it would be possible to organize a campaign to regulate pit bulls or something in that vein (I'm sure you'd get plenty of signatures from police officers, dog attack victims, livestock owners, etc), and if so, would the goverment finally take notice AND action concerning pit bulls?

  9. It is time for victims to hold pit bull owners accountable in civil court for false information about these attacks, concealing evidence, and blaming the victim.

    It is also time to hold the reporters accountable if they collude with the pit bull owner to lie about the attack, and alter or conceal evidence about the attack.

  10. For instance, intentionally blurring the pit bull footage. Did everyone catch this in the video?

  11. surfer is lying through her teeth. I've noticed that pit nutters love to post bs comments to further their agenda. C'mon, really! If a kid was actually shooting bb's at dogs, and was warned several times, and the kid's parents were told, and the kid kept doing it, the police would have been called. Plus, Vincent's mother called her on her bs. Surfer is just like this beast's owner and the invisible "witnesses" — Willing to do and say anything to get the blame off their precious little wigglebutts! Excuse, please, I must go take a shower….

  12. Commenter "ncsurf4sol1" is also a convicted felon (surprise, surprise!)

    Doris King Clemons

    The teenager who antagonizing this dog used to tease our dog also. He would tease our dog to the point that the hair stood up on her back, growling and showing her teeth and try to attack him through the fence. Our dog is a golden ret/lab mix. He also would shoot BB's at our dog and other dogs that are in the yards next to where he lived. I hate to see any child get attacked by a dog but this child has a history of antagonizing dogs. Any dog will bite if teased enough. My daughter has two pitbulls who are the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. I fully believe that a dog that is treated good will be a good dog. Same as children. Hopefully this will teach this young man that teasing dogs can have a very bad outcome. I still have my dog and very thankful we moved away. She has never bitten anyone and this young man is the only one she ever showed any type of agressive behavior towards.

  13. After 55-year old Gladys Roberts had her scalp ripped off by loose pit bulls in Jones County, NC, WITN refused to call the animals anything but "wild dogs," despite the fact that police authorities said the dogs were pit bulls. Both WECT and WWAY, covering the New Hanover County attack, are showing a similar bias by failing to mention Ransom's criminal history and allowing this person to post shameful comments about the young victim. These two news groups have now successfully made Marchese a victim twice.

  14. Colleen, was it something we said? The article no longer allows comments, and not only that — the comments are all gone! I am certain those so-called journalist received a lot of flack for not sussing out those so-called "witnesses." And for reporting what the dog owner claims happened — blaming Vincent — but NOT reporting what Vincent himself said happened. Disgusting all the way around. I mean, horrifying! And now Toledo, with it's new pro-pit AC boss, has had 4 wigglebutt attacks in the last week! I am not crazy — it really is getting worse, isn't it? and Pro-pit Lyles, of Toledo, is only going to insure that it keeps getting worse with her new adopt-a-pit policy. At least they are on track to require new "pibble" owners have insurance, if that even makes it through committee….insurance? gee, wonder why?

  15. Stories about pit bull attacks seem to generate huge volumes of comments. I'm on a parenting blog, and no other post before or since has generated as many comments as an entry about pit bulls. Unfortunately, most of the comments are from rabid pit nutters.

  16. According to some infomation, this Brian Ransom is a pit bull breeder. Since a breeding or fighting animal represents financial gain to the breeder, this could be the reason for the excessive blaming the innocent victim.

    Is the state aware that he is unlicensed and has no sales tax id number?

  17. "no other post before or since has generated as many comments as an entry about pit bulls."

    Lisa, this is how the dog breeder lobby operates. Since so many of these people don't work or function, other than their "businesses" which are run on a base of tax fraud, they spend literally all day long on the computer emailing, commenting, bullying legislators, doing everything they can in a frenzy of opposing regulation and shouting down criticism and problems that can lead to regulation.

    Also some of them receive stipends from larger lobbyists like the Center for Consumer Freedom who is also a lobbyist for breeders, puppy mills, dog fighters, and various other animal profiteers and abusers.

    The dog breeding world is business.

    Since their profits are based on a lack of regulation, they organize to oppose anything even remotely connected to regulation.

    They will send links for stories and blogs entries to each other, and post them on their breeder forums and message boards, and exhort each other to post comments.

    When they comment, they usually neglect to mention they are dog breeders or in the business, but instead just pretend they love dogs.

    It's all a facade, this organized lobbying by people who don't even follow basic rules of their community nor pay taxes, and who even commit abuse against animals.

    It really is a shady, corrupt underworld that very few people know about.

  18. And these same people Tragedy push Nathan Winograd heavily. Breeders have actually had legislation introduced to force shelters to follow this evil and vile program. Since Winograd has the reputation of being an "expert", it does pull weight with the legislators. He stood beside Bill Hemby in CA to fight MSN and once that was defeated, Hemby was indicted for fraud by the Attorney General. Winograd needs to pick his comrades better but then again he likes to hang with the likes of Patty Strand and Rick Berman, must make him feel like a big man.

  19. "must make him feel like a big man"

    These breeder lobbying groups provide funding and stipends to their workers.

    This is the world of professional lobbying.

    Lobbying "consultants" are on the payroll of these professional lobbying groups.

  20. Here is a perfect example of local authorities neglecting to recognize the danger of dog on dog attacks.

    When pit bulls attack other dogs, PEOPLE GET HURT TOO!

    This woman could have been killed as authorities decided on their own that they just won't bother with dog on dog calls, and she is left in peril.

    Lawsuits have to happen!

    "Doris Knapp, a 70-year-old ROP instructor at Gavilan College, broke her hand and arm Feb. 17 after two pit bulls attacked her 12-year-old chow mix, causing her to get caught in the leash and fall, she said. Her dog, Genghis, suffered non-life-threatening bite wounds.

    A dispatcher told a witness who called 911 that police "don't respond to dog-on-dog calls," Knapp said after the incident."

  21. It's a tragedy, your name says it all. There is a whole other group that is very vocal, too, and that group consists of pit owners that believe all the bs put forth by the groups you mentioned. I've seen a new group pop up, "Mother's against tethering." They posted several comments on the latest pit bull attack, the one on Salena Weeks, where, naturally, the owner is claiming the child was throwing rocks at his dog. I haven't had a chance to check out "Mother's against tethering" yet.

  22. The tethering group ( was formerly run by a mother whose child was badly injured by a chained dog. The group is now run by Tamira Thayne whose primary mission is to get dogs off chains, not to protect children.

    "Mission Statement: To bring dogs into the home and family from a chained or penned existence."

    She occasionally chains herself to a dog house for promotional reasons. As you can tell by the comments left at the Salena Weeks page, Thayne's group is yet another pro-pit bull group. They claim pit bulls are only violent and evil "when chained."

  23. Trigger, I have found that Thayne's group originally was not promoting pit bulls. This seems to be a recent development.

    One concern is a volunteer who works in the same county that Jere Alexander was exposed in who seems to be pit bull obsessive.

    I wonder if some individuals like this are not pulling her in a more pit bull direction.

    Thayne's group does, however, push for fencing solutions as opposed to chains (in other words, they don't advocate loose dogs)

    I have found that people who have a vicious or dangerous dog often try to solve their problem by throwing the dog on a chain. The dog gets worse, gets off the chain (or a child wanders into the unfenced yard) and a neighbor pays the price.

    There is no worse combination for a dangerous dog than to match it with a chain.

    There is a reason the dog fighters do it beyond saving money.

  24. Dog owner is picking up the dog today.

    Animal control officers took the dog, named Patron, and put him in quarantine for ten days. The family plans to pick up their pet sometime Monday, and will have to pay $15 for every day Patron was in custody. The family will also have to pay a $500 fine to the county for having a loose dog.

  25. Vincent's Mother,, a final update and comment. A NewHanover Superior Court Judge found Vincent was not at fault in any way and awarded a six figure plus monetary settlement to him,,oh plus eight percent interest, owners of dog are responsible for al medical cost. I believe this more than vindicates my son… But let me explain to all of you pro pit bull people and all the witnesses that craweled out of your holes. 1. To the " witnesses" that said they watched this attack and wrote statements and signed them…you confessed to criminal offense, its a felony in NC to watch a child being harmed/injured and not intervene, I have 60 months from April 16th 2010, to file crimal charges against you both, I also have a fantastic chance at winning a civil case against both of you, that means Vincents atty would sue for everything you own and probably own in the future. 2. Since the owners of the monster that attacked Vincent lived in a home that had been "willed" to them and 5 other family members after a grandmother's death, that meams Mrs.Ransome, her husband and the 5 other heirs to the grandmother's estate are responsible to pay Vincent the full amount awarded to him. So until everything is paid including Vincent and Medical cost none of those 7 people can buy anything on credit, because they all have an enormous judgement against them, anything they sell,, Vincent is entitled to all proceeds..And if we decide to pursue the same course against these two witnesses then there families could be effected similarly. So now countless people some that are certainly at fault and some just because they're unlucky enough to be related to fools… And some trying to be the good neighbor, but they didnt know the guy next door that breed and pit fight was also a five time felon,, now explain to me how this was Vincents fault and he deserved it..

  26. Mrs. Marchese, thank you for giving us an update on Vincent's case. I am so happy that he was rightfully awarded a significant judgement. I wish you continued success in your suit against the so-called witnesses. Please let us know how Vincent is doing. God Bless You!

  27. Vincent is indeed a champion! The teenage years are difficult and cruel enough without suffering a terribly scarring and horrific dog mauling. Vincent is a young, brave hero who unfortunately had to endure the nature of nasty people at a young age. Vincent is all the wiser now, but this doesn't erase the pain and hardship of being blamed for the attack then subsequently teased by people he thought were his friends. There is good in this world! DogsBite is so happy that you were able to find some of this good here.

  28. I am VERY sorry that Vincent and his family had to go through this, and are still going through it. The second attack, the one that comes from shameless breed specific advocates is just as painful as the actual mauling.

  29. Vincent is doing great considering. He is terribly scarred physically which creates emotional scars as well, for a teenager this can be devastating. But he remains a Champion!! The bravest strongest person I have ever known..He never shed one tear..the attack, surgeries, and horrible treatment from people I believe made him see what a tough strong kid he always was. He is a HERO that didn't let the terrible reality of how cruel people can be, for all the people that declared " the kid learned his lesson" I certainly agree. He learned that his neighbors and parents of playmates and people he has known and grown up with in the only neighborhood he has ever lived can and will be as cruel and mean as the "stranger" that all good parents teach their kids to stay away from. I do not believe that anyone bothered to mention that when interviewed from his hospital bed he was asked what he thought should be done to Patron, his answer was to make sure the dog wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else, most would have said "kill it" !! Vincent still has not once wished the dog be put down or harmed..Because my son was raised to care, he is not capable of hate, God Bless and Care for the children influenced by the people that could make all the disgusting comments about my child. He was a Victim, he is a Wonderful, Caring, Amazing person, he is a Hero, and he walks with his head held high!!! As well he should… Thank You, to all of you that expressed concern and caring for a person that most of you had never met, you are the friends and neighbors that we would all love to live next door to. And I'm very thankful that for every vile comment posted Vincent could also read a positive supportive comment and he continues to know there is good in his world..And that's a great thing to know. Again, Thank You from Vincent and his family.

  30. I'm sorry Vincent that you will have to grow up faster than you would have normally because this sort of thing will do that to a person. But you are young and hopefully, you will use that youth wisely to develop into a voice for others like yourself. You will learn hard lessons, you will encounter the underbelly of human beings, but let this make you stronger. There are more good people out there than bad, but the bad are louder. Make your voice heard over theirs. Take care, young man.

  31. so very true april29…and let me say this to Vincent and his family, no victim is spared the pit advocate's blame, no one understands better how horrible and undermining that is than the victims who have read your story. We too have a a child that was attakced by a pit, and heard "that boy should have just left a sleeping dog lie" many times, just one of the statements used to pass blame on to my amazing son, or me. The second attack, from pit advocates is the hard, coarse salt in the wound, it's brutal and shows the true nature of pit advocacy. Continue to be strong Vincent, there are many who support and understand what you are going through. All our love, from Canada.

  32. so very true april 29, the attack from pit advocacy is the hard, coarse salt grated into the wounds of a pitbull victim. We too have a child that was attacked by a pit, and heard "that boy should have left a sleeping dog lie" many times as deflection of blame, whether directed at my amazing son, or me. You are among folks who understand what you are feeling, and all our compassion and caring is yours when you need it.

  33. Thank you for sharing your story with updates. I admire Vincent very much for his strength and the nobility with which he's carried himself.

    You've done an important thing in sharing just how devastating these attacks are and how long difficult and all encompassing the recover is. It is important that people know this.

    But, I am so very glad to hear the Vincent is healing well and has been vindicated in the courts, AND that has been awarded a judgment that seems will be paid out.

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