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2 thoughts on “Fabian's Law Passes in Arizona; Increases Penalties for Owners of Aggressive Dogs

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  1. All dogs can "get into it". The reality, though, for way too many dog owners is the sudden, unprovoked, violent and very serious attack from a pit bull. These folks have to pay the immediate vet bill. Yes, sometimes, the Court is able to intervene and order restitution, but what about the dead dog. What about the pschological damage to those who had to witness the attack. I have seen pit bulls attack and injure other dogs. It is something that you will never forget. A very purposeful bite, indeed. Pit bulls are pros and the rest of the dog world are amateurs. Man made them this way. Good Job, lawmakers…Now, let's talk about BSL.


    Luna McDaniel Act – Louisiana (2009)
    Named after 83-year old Luna McDaniel who was brutally attacked by 3 loose pit bulls and later died from the injuries she suffered.

    Lillian's Law – Texas (2007)
    Named after 78-year old Lillian Stiles who was killed by loose pit bull-mixes while gardening in her yard.

    Anna's Law – Illinois (2005)
    Named after 48-year old Anna Cieslewicz who was killed by several pit bulls while jogging in Dan Ryan Park.

    Tylers Law – California (2005)
    Named after a 6-year Tyler Babcock that was violently struck down and killed by a pit bull named "vicious."

    Cody’s Law- California 1999
    Cody's Law was passed in August 1999, which provided for felony charges with imprisonment of up to one year and fines of up to $10,000 if a dog that was trained to fight, attack, or kill causes substantial injury

    The Pit Lobby glosses over this when discussing the grotesque history of the breed.

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