Fabian's Law Passes in Arizona; Increases Penalties for Owners of Aggressive Dogs

Inspires State Law Phoenix, AZ - In September, we published a post (Craven Desires: Weekly Frankenmauler Round Up Collection) about the many beloved pets who are savaged by pit bulls. The post also wrote of a dog named Fabian, who was killed by a pit bull in 2009, and how its owners, Richard and Sally Andrade, were working to change state law. Today, Fabian's Law became a reality. One can see in the video that this was no minor undertaking by the Andrades. The new law (HB 2137) incre… [Read full blog post]

Craven Desires: Weekly Frankenmauler Round Up Collection

Innocent pet dogs victimized by frankenmaulers depicted on Craven Desires.Victims of Frankenmaulers DogsBite.org - Since March, blogger Craven Desires has run a weekly series titled, "Weekly Frankenmauler Round Up." The series highlights the many pet dogs that are maimed and killed by pit bulls. If you are a dog owner, you will surely see your breed included in the victims. Pit bulls were selectively bred to unleash unbridled attacks upon other dogs, to clamp down with th… [Read full blog post]