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31 thoughts on “Shaylee Crosson, 3, Loses Scalp in Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Just another week in Texas…I wonder if these owners ever spewed Nanny dog talking points?

    Sounds like these two pits left their property to do this…meaning Lillian's charges should apply. For some reason local DAs like to pretend the law doesn't exist.

  2. What an absolute horror for a 3 year old child to have to endure. I haven't read the comments on any articles for this one yet — I'm afraid to, because my heart is already pounding so fast from watching the video. I am just so angry right now, and I'm about to cry. This is just so bloody unfair that such a small minority is able to place the rest of us in such fear, and with the blessings of so many AC personnel, so many "authorities" on dog behavior, so many vets that claim pits are just like all other dogs, so many law makers that are unethically influenced by the pro-pit lobby and apologists.

    The carnage mounts. It is reaching critical mass, in our favor, I hope. It is just so sad that there are so many dangerous animal laws that allow something like this to happen — laws that don't prevent anything, and do to little to prevent future occurences.

    Like Lillian's law.

    Lord, I pray, heal this child and give her family healing, as well.

  3. There could be a website strictly dedicated to the scalped victims of pit bulls all by itself! This happens way too much!

  4. Don, I don't even want to know how the pit nutters are blame this one on that poor little angel of a child. I know looks aren't everything, but she was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, before this tragedy. So many battles to fight these days…

    These are true devil dogs…those that protect them — some are in line with the devil (the dogfighters/breeders), some are duped into believing they are angels for spreading pit propaganda.

  5. This needs to be mandatory viewing for every legislator in the State of Texas….How long are they going to allow this to go on?!

    It sounds like these Canine IEDs left their property to do this, it will be interesting to see if Lillian's law is triggered…Somethin' tells me they will sweep it under the rug.

  6. Ths wasnt a neighbors dog it was her Grandmothers dog and she was left outside alone at night with a dog that her grandmother new was mean and evil !!!!!!Lillians law better be enforced here , if not somethings very very wrong !!!!!!!

  7. I read it was her grandmother's boyfriend's dog. How often do we see that scenario?

  8. Are you saying this was the grandmother's pet? Why is that part not in the stories? God, help this little girl heal. Thank you for giving her and her family a chance at life. Seeing what happened to the poor ten year old boy it puts even her horrific injuries into perspective. If it was a family pet it will make the pain for the whole family even worse. Because these dogs can be so unpredictable, they ofetn seem like sedate family pets until they are inexplicably triggered. Only the select group of people who have experienced an attack really understand this. We need to do a better job of helping people understand that even their sweet pit bull presents a danger because of this unpredictablity. People are duped into fearing only "mean" dogs or consistently vicious animals. Pit bulls often are neither but it only makes them more dangerous to the people who come to trust them. As an advocacy group we also need to do a better job of enlisting the support of families that have trusted pits but then suffered the consequences. Rather than cast blame, we need to try to get their help putting the word out that not only abused pits attack; some were even docile for many years before maiming someone. We need their help in putting the real pictures of the injuries out there so people will understand the truth. Right now, pit advocacy groups do a much better job of putting their message out there. They have even coopted most animal control and animal "experts". We can't expect people to understand the danger if no one is telling them the truth. There is a truth out there and we need the victims' help (many of whom trusted a pit at some point) to make it known to the general public.

  9. I dunno…Seems to me that one has to be living under a rock not to know the risk, especially in Texas.

    Drunk Drivers get little sympathy…even though they can be good people who thought they could make it. Pedophiles get stigmatized also.

    The Pit Bull community has no problem throwing the customers of their dangerous dogs under the bus after an attack. I'm in favor of stigmatizing these foolish people if it prevents attacks like this.

  10. Anyone on a site like this has sought out information on pit bulls. Most people are bombarded with the message that if you treat the dog right it will behave like a normal dog–no matter the breed. When they see a story about a pit attack they assume it was a abused animal or a protection dog. They don't realize that many pits are seemingly normal family pets for years until they are set off in the right circumstance. If you don't encourage families to tell their actual stories of having a pet and then seeing it behave in a sudden vicious manner then you will never break through the myth that only abused pits attack.

  11. has a variety of examples of pit bull owners whose dog suddenly attacks the owner or a family member. The problem is, these are typically the "last" kinds of people to share their story. Pit bull owners usually do NOT want to admit before or after an attack that their dog is capable of this violence.

    Dog Aggression Equals Human Injury, Bullets and Dead Family Dogs:

    Animal Agency, PSPCA, Distorts History of 25-Year Old Pit Bull Problem:

    Nick Foley Approaches High School; Mother Denounces "Rehabilitating" Fighting Dogs:

    One has to wonder what still goes through the mind of Scott Sword. His pit bull named Petey — that led the mauling of the 21st Century upon Nick Foley, Jourdan Lamarre and four other victims — had just prior to the attack been ejected from an obedience class due to aggression and had been neutered.

    Our point is, one cannot expect current or former pit bull owners to share the stories you suggest, specifically if the attack resulted in severe injury. The legal ramifications of doing so may be massive. It's possible these stories do exist on pit bull forums and when you run across them please send them to us.

  12. One other sad outcome of family pit attacks is that it often results in family divided against each other. Shaylee's mother allowed her daughter to go to her grandmother's house where the grandmother's boyfriend had a pitbull. It is difficult to fathom why any mother or father would allow their child to be around a pit bull; however, often they are given multiple assurances that the dog is not aggresive and the dog has played with children many times before without incident. Unfortunately, there is the ever-present rationalization that "it could never happen to me." Now, the unthinkable has happened to Shaylee, and I imagine her mother must be feeling tremendous guilt for believing that the offending pit was no danger. While I think it would be beneficial for them to speak out against pits, pit nutters will still refuse to believe that pits are inherently dangerous. They will still chant their standard talking points:
    The dog was provoked.
    The dog was abused.
    The dog was chained.
    Warning signs were ignored.
    All dogs bite.
    The media is biased against pits.
    Punish the deed, not the breed.

    It just seems impossible to reach those people. Attacks are coming more and more frequently as more and more pit nutters infiltrate AC and shelters, push no kill, and lobby against BSL.

    I find it so hypocritical that they fight so hard against BSL, yet spend no time fighting for harsher laws against owners whose dogs do attack and kill or maim, and often fight against such laws. And the problem with harsher laws like that, is that they are after the fact — the owner is punished after someone has already been killed or maimed. Or, the owner is not punished at all, because authorities determine the dog was provoked, or was on their own property.

    I love Texas; I was born there. I would love to move back there one day. But not until the carnage stops.

    Frankly, I would like to see this breed exterminated.

  13. "the pit bull had a known history of aggression including killing two dogs"


    In most of these child attacks by a pit bull, the pit bull had a previous history of attacking other pets/acting aggressively with other pets.

    The high prey drive bred intentionally into a pit bull reads kids as other animals.

    If those dogs had only been SEIZED AND EUTHANIZED AFTER KILLING THE OTHER DOGS, this would have been entirely avoided.

    Dog-aggressive dogs are NOT ok. Dog-aggression in a pit bull equals human aggression, because of that high prey drive.

    All dangerous dog laws need to carry penalties and requirements for dogs that are aggressive toward other pets.

    We all need to report acts of aggression toward our pets from pit bulls, and spread a warning through the media. Take this very seriously!

    And these lunatic shelters MUST NOT place dog-aggressive dogs, no matter what the breeder lobbyists tell them! Some of these lunatic shelters are rationalizing placing dog-aggressive dogs. Ledy VanKavage of Best Friends does so. HOLD THEM LIABLE for this insanity.

  14. You're right, the pit nutters do claim that any pit that attacks has been either trained to do so or abused. So with that argument, publically owned shelters should not adopt out stray pits, pits without a history. That would suit me just fine.

  15. "I find it so hypocritical that they fight so hard against BSL, yet spend no time fighting for harsher laws against owners"

    Some of these breeders, particularly AKC breeders, are PRETENDING to push for dangerous dog laws.

    They latch onto a gullible legislator, and then write up a dangerous dog law for them to push that LETS DANGEROUS DOGS OFF, wipes their records clean after short periods of time, gets their record clean if they take "training classes," and allows multiple attacks.

    This is a sort of preliminary jump to try to get breeder-approved laws in place that PROTECT dangerous dogs while pretending to do otherwise, like they did in states when they got "bsl is illegal" laws placed because they knew regulations were coming.

    An example of this tactic is Holly Stump, pit bull breeder in Ipswich Mass who got Rep Brad Hill to issue forth a breeder "dangerous dog" law to protect dangerous dogs. It was shot down, because people knew that pit bull breeders were behind it and what they intended.

  16. Animal aggression in pit bulls needs to be taken much more seriously from a legal stand point than it usually is. There are a handful of communities that have included domestic animal and livestock attacks in their vicious dog statutes. More should follow suit. Time and again we see dogs that have a history of killing animals going on to attack human beings.

    Unfortunately, because this attack occurred on the grandmother's property, Lillian's Law doesn't apply. She needs to be charged with child endangerment. Until family members who are supposed to be responsible for the victims of these attacks are jailed for their culpability, people will continue to think allowing young children around dogs like this is just fine. Put a few high profile prosecutions in the public memory and at least some will think twice. This is positively shameful and yet another reason for me to hate Texas.

  17. I am not sure of the official charges, but Shaylee's grandmother was arrested today in Bonham, TX.

  18. In response to Fool Me Once, Shaylee's mother asked and was told that the dog was no longer on the property and would not be around. This is a case of complete neglect on the grandmother's part. What person would leave a 3-year-old ALONE outside? Especially with a violent dog around???????

  19. If the mother was told that the dog was gone, that demonstrates intent to deceive by the grandmother, not neglect. Even intent to do harm as she knew the dog was violent and dangerous, and lied about its presence.

    The point here is, WHERE WAS ANIMAL CONTROL? Why was this dog not seized and euthanized after the earlier incidents?

  20. If my mother were ever responsible for such a thing happening to my daughter, I would NEVER speak to her again. She would be dead to me. I hope they throw the book at this woman and give her the maximum sentence. Lie, deny, and justify, the way of the pit nutter, even when it comes to their OWN FAMILIES.

  21. The most recent video on this attack breaks my heart. Prayers for this child. I hope lawmakers in Texas are watching.

  22. They aren't and are becoming almost complicit in the Texas Pit Bull mauling epidemic.

  23. I can't make it through the video as Shaylee looks like my daughter. The Texas Legislature and AG have blood on their hands!

    How many times does this have to happen? I don't see how "injury to a child" charges are going to stick in this case either. To me it looks like the town officials are just trying to do anything to cover their political careers.

  24. The lawmakers in Texas are getting jerked around by dog breeders, dog fighters, hog dog hunters, and other assorted riffraff and criminals who don't even pay taxes.

    Not ot mention the out-of-state pro-maulers like Best Friends Animal SAnctuary in Utah, who has hooked up with breeder lobbies now.

    But these groups do lobby legislators heavily for what they the breeders want, and that is no regulation!

    Parents have to speak up and put children before dogs!

  25. If legislators see these pictures, they may well listen to PARENTS instead of dog breeder thugs.

    Please show these photos to your legislators and demand they tell the pit bull people NO!

  26. It is my understanding that the grandmothers trial has started this month…does anyone know if it has, or how it is going if started.
    This child deserves better than what she has gotten.

  27. Owners of dogs who viciously attack ought to be charged with something as serious as attempted murder. They deserve to spend the rest of their lives in jail.

  28. I am the grandmother of the Shaylee Bug, the 3 year old little girl that was attacked by someone elses pit bulldog, on the property where I was living. The dog belonged to my "at that time" boyfriend. It was not supposed to be at my house. He kept bringing the dog there with him, against my wishes, and was going to take him back to his house that evening. The dog was put on a run, outside of my fenced yard, behind a trailer house. Shaylee and I had gone to the $ store to get her a swimpool and a babydoll, and when we got home, there were some people there that had pulled into my driveway because of car trouble. We hadn't been home for more than 30 minutes when Shaylee wanted to go outside on the back porch to push her new baby in the doll stroller. As we stepped out the door, I told her to hold on, so that I could go to the restroom. The woman and her pregnant daughter that were in the vehicle, and 3 men that were working on the car were outside, and the woman indicated that since they were out there that it would be ok to let her stay with her baby. I ran to the restroom, peed, and went right back out. The first thing I noticed was, no Shaylee. I immediately asked where she was and the woman said, "she was just here". As we later learned, that woman had told her that she could go outside of the fenced yard to get her big wheel. She had gotten on it and rode it over to pet the dog. NO ONE heard a yell or scream, and I wasn't inside for more than a minute or so. This was the most gruesome thing that I have ever seen, and that night will haunt me for the rest of my life.

  29. I picked my Bug up, ran to the house, and got a towel to wrap around her head, while someone called 911. Since we were aprox 12 miles outside of town, and the 911 operator was asking too many questions, we jumped in my car and made it to the hospital within in 5 minutes. An ambulance would have taken at least 15 to 20 minutes to arrive, and the same to return. From the local hospital, Shaylee was careflighted to Children's Medical in Dallas. Two weeks later, I was arrested on a 2nd degree felony charge of endangerment of a child by negligent supervision. How many parents out there have left their children unattended to go relieve themselves? Shaylee was outside with 5 adults, 1 of which remarked, "well, we're out here" when I urged Shaylee to come back inside while I went to pee. I love this little girl more than words can describe, and would have never dreamed that something like this would happen. This dog, in spite of what the law enforcement told the news people, had NEVER been agressive toward anyone, and there was no reason to think that he was capable of such a thing, but was put where he was until he was taken home, to make sure that Shaylee was safe. I knew in my heart that what happened was not my doing. I gave it to God, for he was there, and he knew it too. The DA offered me 10 years deffered probation for the offense, but I declined and requested a trial by jury. What all of the newspapers and television news failed to report, is that I was found NOT GUILTY, by a jury of 12 people that heard all of the evidence, and apparently agreed that this horrible ACCIDENT, was not my fault. My reputation was smeared, my beautiful Shaylee Bug is scarred for life, my nightmares continue, and to make things even worse, my son-in-law refuses to let me be in my daughters life any longer. Since the accident, I have a new grandson that I have not been allowed to see. Shaylee doesn't blame me. In fact, she calls me every now and then, and tells me that she wishes she could come see me, but her daddy won't let her.

    Folks, before you choose to own one of these dogs, PLEASE consider what could happen if they turn on you, a loved one, a stranger, or even a pet of yours or someone elses. These dogs can be compared to a loaded gun that is kept put up somewhere in your home. It may never be found by someone. Say, your child or a friend of theirs, but if it is, and someone is injured or even killed, it cannot be undone, and it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

  30. All big dogs should be muzzled when off their property. That should be the law. I was nearly taken out by a pitbullmix of some sort. The thing weighed about 150 pounds. It's a good thing the child I am sometimes a guardian to was not over that time. These dogs and their ignorant owners deserve no sympathy and slack whatever!

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