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13 thoughts on “Dog Aggression Equals Human Injury, Bullets and Dead Family Dogs

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  1. I’ll never understand so called Dog Lovers selecting a breed expertly bred for killing other dogs. Bringing one into the community is a big FU to the neighbors.

    Who can forget famous Aurora BSl Plaintiff interview Florence Vianzons in Bachelorette Magazine?:

    “She recently brought home a pitbull dog from the pet store and is looking forward to watching her tear apart the neighborhood poodles and beagles”

  2. It would have been a national news story had those dogs made it to the playground with the children. We owe a debt of gratitude to those dogs who lost their lives because if they had not been there, it would have been children to lose their lives. When will we stop being in denial about these dogs? Who has to be killed to bring this nation to realize they are truly dangerous?

  3. My belief is in these cases where there are many pit bulls at the home, these are breeding operations that make nice, tax-free incomes for the criminals that run them

    These are some of the many households around the country supplying pit bull stock for either dog fighting or the thug market.

    Some only have a male and female, but many have these dogs as profit centers.

  4. The blood is flowing everywhere.

    It is strange to think that this is happening in this country, and our legislators seem to be more interested, in too many cases, in talking to dog fighters and breeders of these dogs.

    Remember that we had a US Senator in this country, Sensenbrenner, trying to protect dog fighters from any laws. A Senator in league with criminals and human garbage!

    It’s going to take digging incessantly at these legislators for laws, and a lot of lawsuits against towns and cities.

  5. The Oregon pit bulls had killed a cat previously to this woman’s 2 dogs…Good going on your animal laws Oregon!

  6. “The Oregon pit bulls had killed a cat previously to this woman’s 2 dogs”

    In such a high percentage of child attacks by pit bulls, the pit bulls have a history of attacking or menacing other animals

    This is a pattern.

    Which is why pit bulls need to be declared dangerous and euthanized earlier than they are.

  7. from that article

    “Often, the media gets it wrong,” says Michelle Besmehn, the dog care manager at Best Friends, who acknowledges that part of the Vick project is to restore the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier”

    Best Friends is ADMITTING that it is doing the dirty work for pit bull breeders and dog fighters.

  8. If you want a quick education in who, exactly, is buying and selling pit bulls, try Craigslist. Its pretty clear that these dogs appeal to the lowest common denominator. Most of the ads for “rehoming” pits are pretty revealing; uneducated young people, who can barely spell, looking to dump the pit bull because they just now realize they have NO way to take care of it, their landlord won’t allow it, etc. Often a relative goes to prison, and someone else ends up with the dog….they turn to Craiglist to try to make some money off of it by asking for a “rehoming” fee.

    It is really a shame that society is being held hostage by the thugs, creeps, and criminals who own and breed these dogs. I was horrified to hear that one of my daughters classmates father has a pit bull that is having puppies; this family has been in trouble for allowing their previous pit bull top roam and attack neighbors. Now these low-lifes will pawn these puppies off to families in my neighborhod…I can guess immediately which families will take them. The worst, most ignorant, and least responsible dog owners. And the cycle will continue.

  9. The CRaiglist and website breeders are one part of the pit bull world.

    But there are also middle class business people, or professional people, breeding aggressive pit bull dogs, selling them, fighting them.

    AKC breeders doing the same.

    And generational dog fighting families breeding away.

    The pit bull community is NOT just thugs. It is an industry.

  10. Remember the expert pit bull trainer from Best Friends? He started his therapy by sleeping with those Vick fighting dogs. I guess that doesn’t work. LOL

  11. Man Attacked By His Pit Bull Airlifted to Hospital
    May 30, 2009: "NORTH PORT – A 62-year-old North Port man was flown by helicopter to a hospital early Friday morning after he was attacked by his own dog. According to North Port Fire Rescue, the man was attempting to break up a fight between his pit bull and another neighborhood dog around 3 a.m. at his Ashland Lane home when the pit bull attacked him. The man suffered a puncture wound to the left tricep and a compound fracture of both bones in his left forearm, officials said. He was treated by Fire Rescue, then flown by Bayflight to the hospital."

  12. Another "pit bull dog aggression" incident that leaves owner with possibly two fewer arms:

    September 18, 2009 — "Patricia Thiel, the 39-year-old nurse who was badly mauled by one of her boyfriend's four dogs Thursday before a neighbor fatally shot the animal, is in critical condition at Tampa General Hospital, her boyfriend said this morning. The boyfriend, Robert Jacks, 43, said both of Thiel's arms were gnawed to the bone as she tried to shield herself against an attack by Jake, a 100-pound pit bull, at their home on Coquina Way South. She had to be flown to Tampa General Hospital due to the need for emergency vascular surgery, he said. Jacks said Thiel told him she had just arrived home when she decided to let their four dogs out into the backyard. Jake and one of the other dogs got into a fight, and when Thiel tried to break it up, Jake turned on her and began mauling her, he said."

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