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4 thoughts on “Tyler's Law: Fresno Mail Carrier Attack Could Have Been Avoided

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  1. "Deputies said the SPCA was ready to seize the dogs until the owner locked himself in the house."

    Huh? And then it was over? Just lock the door and they'll go away? The deputy too?

    Note to criminals: It's —>Fresno<— California. So long as you can get inside your door and can lock it, you're good to go! Why bother with some place like Sacramento or Stockton, where if you try that crap you'll be surrounded and gassed out?

    F R E S N O .. Use

  2. Animal Control is an absolute zero accountability profession in most places. These folks were probably training Pit Bulls as therapy dogs instead of getting this mauler out of the community.

    Time for Lawsuits to make them reform!

  3. Unfortunately, It is not just Fresno it’s all of California. Owners with dogs that are not docile are now prevented from chaining their dogs for the safety of others and to keep the dogs from leaving their property. California passed a law that prohibits the restraint of a dog for more than 3 hours in any 24 hour period. If your dog is chained up for more than 3 hours you are fined and your dog may be taken from you in a cruelty to animals case. How are dog owners supposed to keep an animal in their yard that is known for digging under a fence or jumping over a fence to escape. It is also more common for a more aggressive dog to try to escape their yard. Also a dog that is not raised in a loving and affectionate home is more prone to violence. It is not the breed that is the problem, it is usually the owners. And now California has made it easier for these dogs to escape and harm other, no chain no restraint. These dogs should never have been allowed to attack again after their first attacks, but they may never have had the chance to attack if the Law allowed them to be restrained in the first place. And if the dogs broke the law then the police or in this case the sheriff’s department should have enough probable cause to bust open the door. What a bunch of crap that the owners can lock out the police when a crime was committed. That Mail carrier is my friend and I hope she sues the pants off of the county for allowing her attack to take place in the first place, by not being responsible for the dogs that already were allowed to kill and attack others the county/sheriffs allowed her to be their next victim. She should have a case against the State for making it against the law to restrain your dogs, thus allowing more of these incidents to take place every day.

  4. Looks like they are seizing dangerous dogs more readily now. Then the owners just go out and buy new ones:

    October 30, 2009 — "The Central Valley S.P.C.A. animal control claims it is seizing more and more dangerous dogs as of late. One Fresno family keeps popping up on radar as repeat offenders. One animal control officer says he has responded to six dangerous animal seizures in the last two months. Of those one family can no longer own pit bulls. Three weeks ago animal control, armed with a warrant, removed the pit bull that lived at the Gaitan house. To date, this is their third pit bull to be seized and euthanized."

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