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4 thoughts on “Pit Bull Dog Aggression: Pit Bull Knocks Down 6-Foot Fence to Attack Dog

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  1. the pit nutters' acceptance of explosive dog aggression is an outrage and insulting to any REAL animal lover. their crazy rationale is the reason why i focus on animal attacks.

    it is shame that the oakland press didn't name the apologetic pit nutter. i have tried to contact the victims for that information but failed to connect with them. Steve and Gloria Chrisman, if you see this, please email me that info. thanks. [email protected]

    (i don't know how i missed this attack for my frankenmauler roundup)

  2. I'm shocked she did not suffer a heart attack too:

    I am a caregiver for a 91 yr old lady who had a cat which was her companion and never left her side, a wonderful and perfect and meek tempered Calico. She was the most beautiful Calico we have ever seen. Wednesday night 7-7-10 about 5:00 pm she had her back sliding door open a bit for the cat to come in and out, and they were both resting in her house, and a pitbull came in through the back sliding door and seen the cat and ran after her through out the house and caught her in the other side of the house and literally tore the cat up shaking her and biting her and the lady was so scared and alone she thought she had to do something to save her loyal companion, so got her cane and tried hitting the pitbull and screaming and no one came. How this lady did not have a heart attack is beyond me. She thought her cat was dead so after resting 30 minutes and getting up the strength to walk down to these peoples house , she told them what had happened but by then they had washed their dog off and called me the caregiver and this was by then 6:30 that the owner called me to come and take the cat to the Vet. which was just down the street. Well she didn't make it as both Vets told me that her injuries were to extensive for save her and it would cost several thousand dollars and she may not still make it. This lady has been devastated and grieving so bad over what she witnessed and to see the mess of the house after the attack was terribly upsetting, as I am so mad that nothing has been done, other then Animal Control came out and gave her a report to make. This is such a shame she has no protection in her own home. The man asked her, if she left her door open, what a slap in the face that he would ask her that, instead she should have asked him why the dog was loose and not contained, but she was to in shock to come back at him. He is a Bully asking her that.

  3. This all happened in this man's home after a pit bull ran inside to attack his dog. HIS OWN HOME!

    Another man came to Wasielewski’s aid, briefly pulling the pit bull away and straining to control the large animal. During the melee, the pit bull was stabbed with a kitchen knife in an attempt to stop the attack. A deputy arrived with a dog control pole, ran into the house and, with the help of the neighbor who had a grip on the dog’s collar, slipped the rope loop over the pit bull’s neck. The pit bull’s thrashing bent the pole and a second deputy feared the dog would break free and attack other people, so he shot the dog twice in the head.

    A "bloody disaster" is hardly an understatement about what the inside of this home looked like afterward. As Wasielewski lost use of his hands in the attack, he won't even be able to clean the mess.

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