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10 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old Boy Fatally Attacked by Pit Bull-Mix in West Virginia

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  1. A few days ago at an outdoor event I saw a woman walking with a pit bull puppy, an adult toy breed dog, and a little girl.

    The woman was wearing a brand-new-looking T-shirt with a silhouette of a pit bull along phrases like "Family Dog" and "Good with Kids." The front of the t-shirt exclaimed, "The Truth is Back!"

    I don't really have to comment much on this that hasn't been said 1,000 times before–but she struck me as the worst type of pit owner, the type who refuses to acknowledge what her dog is.

  2. Re: the quarantine of the killer pit bull with the owner who allowed it to kill a child.

    The practical problem is that there is such a strong predisposition to respect and protect property rights in American law, and a dog is property. When in doubt, law enforcement seems to defer to property rights over public safety rights. Bit of a cultural issue, and one that means we really do need very different, much stronger and more specific dog-control laws replacing those that were written in a world where dogs were pets, not weapons.

  3. Reminds me of Watergate. As in, it isn't the crime that gets you, it's the cover-up.

  4. On another thread — these Nutters cannot help themselves — Brandon Michael coughs up the dog breed:
    Brandon Michael I know the breed of the dog as well as owners very well but it shouldn't matter what the breed … Any animal whether man's best friend or not can be hostile at any time. Judging a breed of dog because of an attack is over rated!!
    Like · Reply · 95 · Yesterday at 12:12pm

    Brandon Michael I know all the info but it's not for me to disclose… Both parties I know very well over 10yrs … It's tragic and the investigation will show that random acts of devastation happen without warning or bias… Please don't judge either side because knowing them personally they are BOTH in a fragile state. Thanks in advance !!
    Like · Reply · 55 · Yesterday at 12:08pm

    Brandon Michael Just because it was a pit it means nothing… A dog has ALL dog instincts regardless of breed and i personally know the owners dogs and they ARE FRIENDLY AND OVERLY EXCITED… As I said before it's a tragic devistating loss for BOTH PARTIES!!
    Like · Reply · 14 · Yesterday at 12:22pm

    And others too:

    Hope Donivan I know the family and it was a pit bull dog
    Like · Reply · 5 · Yesterday at 12:19pm

    Jessica Corbin Someone that was at the hospital in the ER when this happened said a nurse said it was a Pit. My question is how did the 2 yr old wonder off?? so sad and tragic.
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  5. Oh another "boxer mix"? Just like the "boxer mix" that attacked a teenage girl a few weeks ago. Seriously, one week they're "lab mixes", then they're "terrier mixes" and now recently it's nothing but "boxer mixes". It's like these mutants get a different mix cover up after every month.

    Aside from all of that, this is so sad. These bully breeds need to be wiped out immediately. Prayers for this boy's family.

  6. The media push deemin Pit Bulls as nanny dogs and bad rap dogs has encouraged negligent uneducated people to purchase these dogs. Get on and see how many pitbulls are up for adoption with no regard to education. All the dogs are friendly. Really? Have we regressed back a century or more that we need to be afraid to walk down our streets in fear of a pack of wolves or dogs attacking us? Should not be. There is a pitbull propaganda that is being pushed on the American families. This has to stop.

  7. I just posted a news article from Wheeling WV where a girl, 8, was attacked in the face by a Cane Corso. They gave the street name and block # and even published a map of the area…and named the breed of dog. What a contrast! Can I ask if anything more has been learned about the May 2 mauling death in Canyon Lake Tx – Gaege Anthony Ramirez – evidently a breeding business in a rural area…lots of dogs "they said", but not one mention of the breed. The breed matters people…it really does matter! Colleen, thanks to you and others for a closer look at this child's death by pit bull mauling. We are able to see that this child was loved and cared for by his mother and extended family. Just as we have speed limits in neighborhoods and signs to alert us to children playing….there should never be this kind of danger to a child in any neighborhood whether it be in Chicago, West Va, or Decatur Al.

  8. Pit bull advocacy has accomplished one thing in addition to getting vastly increased numbers of pets, farm animals, wildlife, and people mauled.

    Pit bull advocacy has also marketed and promoted an explosion in the number of pit bull breeders, dealers, and dog fighters.

    It is interesting that so many pit bull "advocates" help the number one persecutors of these dogs to make things worse.

    When will they realize they are being used?

  9. This killer dog was in any case not part boxer. More likely a mix with an already mixed pit bull-mastiff cross. The ears, coloring and mass of the father and the puppies suggest that somewhere in a previous generation either Fila Brasileiro (a pit bull – mastiff mix) or Boerboel (a pit bull – mastiff mix) was added in on father's side.

    This infusion of pit bull-war dog mix 'breeds' into supposedly pure pit bull blood lines is common even in breeders who offer pedigrees. A generation or two down the line, it's hard to guess exactly which pit bull – mastiff mix was injected. In the end, you have bigger and smaller pit bull – war dog mixes, some of which are more pit bull and others more war dog — but all of them pit bull mixes.

    Thing is, this discussion is just a red herring. What sane person cares exactly which pit bull mix was mixed into yet another pit bull mix that was mixed into yet another pit bull mix that was mixed into a 'purer' pit bull to yield yet another pit bull mix?! In the end, they are all pit bull type dogs.

    And everyone knows that, from breeders to fans to police and sheriff's departments. One of the most disturbing parts of this is how often law enforcement rushes to hide the fact that yet another pit bull type has killed yet another human being. It's also disturbing how often prosecutors rush to call these predictable killings 'accidents'. We expect that from ditzy journalists and from 'humane' societies, but this corruption of officials who paid by taxpayers to protect public safety is a troubling phenomenon.

  10. The chained beagle/shep wants to guard his territory, he barks and lunges, hoping the approaching human will stay away. Essentially no one approaches a snarling, snapping chained dog.

    The "good" game-insane pit stands quietly, hoping the child will come within range, so it can suddenly reach the victim and begin mauling.

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