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9 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Visiting Child Killed by Family Pit Bulls in Miami-Dade County

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  1. This is awful but, I was just thinking about how many deaths there have been this month and thought we were due for another one when I saw this blog at the top of Craven's page. I hate when my negative fears are confirmed.

  2. That poor little boy. The 7th dog attack victim in the last month. All were killed by pit bulls except for Craig Sytsma, killed by Cane Corsos.

    This is getting really scary.

  3. This incident was first reported as a missing child. From the aerial views the yard is not that big and the grass was mowed short. I think I could have walked that yard completely in 2 minutes flat to find that child. I'm sure there are stories behind the story in this one. It's so disgusting!

  4. This misleading propaganda bull crap must be exposed to the highest levels of local and state government in the State of Florida. I suggest people forward this story to Chief's of Police, Directors of Public Health, city councilmembers offices, Governor, Attorney General, etc. Also, the other major newspapers in the State of Florida should be made aware of this. Totally unacceptable to lie about the breeds' identity.

  5. Notice the two dogs exhibiting the "pit bull smile" that owners love so much.
    That's right, they will continue to "smile" even after killing a child. Is it worth it?

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