11-Year Old Attacked at Father's Home; Mother Questions Subsequent Events

Victim before and after the pit bull attack. Click an injury photo to see larger view.Abbi's mother, Merryll Macek, Abbi in "work mode" and a few of Abbi's bracelets. Victim Creates Bracelets UPDATE 07/15/10: Pit bull attack victim Abbigael Sheehan has begun crafting and selling bracelets to help pay her medical bills. Her mother, Merryll Macek, said her daughter wanted to do something to help the financial burden the bite injury has caused. Macek also added, "She's sellin… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bulls Kill Man in Belize; Authorities Initially Suppress Information

From left: Edmund Spain, Bernard Moore, Leon Lopez and one of the two pit bulls. Couple Charged Belize City, BZ - After initially suppressing information about a brutal pit bull attack that killed 65-year old Edmund Spain, authorities are now charging the dogs' owners, Leon Lopez and Shelda Patnett, with Manslaughter by Negligence, Causing Death by Careless Conduct and Keeping an Unmuzzled Ferocious Dog. The charges come after Spain's Belizean-American family members… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Lorain County Man Killed by 'Rescued' Dangerous Breeds

The property where Michael Winters lived with his father. Breed Info Released UPDATE 06/16/10: A report issued later in the day presented even more disturbing information. The nine dogs involved in the attack included: 5 bullmastiffs,1 1 rottweiler and 3 pit bull-mixes. It is important to point out that Kywa (who said "my dogs" in the 911 call) was not "rescuing stray dogs." He was only rescuing dog breeds known to be dangerous. As was put to us in a recent email, "The victim cou… [Read full blog post]

Oceanside Letter Carrier Dies After 'Non Bite' Injury from Rottweiler

Letter carrier dies after being ambushed by a rottweiler in Oceanside, California. Fatal Brain Injury Oceanside, CA - A 33-year old letter carrier died earlier this month after a rottweiler lunged at him along his Oceanside route, causing him to fall and suffer a fatal head injury. Letter carrier Hao Yun "Eddie" Lin encountered the dog while delivering mail on May 25 in the 500 block of Stanley Street, according to postal inspector Slivia Torres. Oceanside police were alert… [Read full blog post]

Leashed Pit Bull Bites Through Chest Pack to Attack Baby on Sidewalk

How Safe Are You?Lynn, MA - In one of the most chilling pit bull attacks DogsBite.org has read to date, it was reported last week that a leashed 2-year old, male neutered pit bull broke free from its young owner on a city sidewalk and attacked a child who was being carried by its father in a papoose chest pack. The dog nearly ripped the child's leg off. This unprovoked attack in a public setting shows just how vulnerable each of us is when in proximity to a pit bull -- leashed or otherwis… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 9-Year Old Kokomo Girl Mauled by Family Pit Bull Dies

Savannah Gragg, 9-years old, was killed by her family pit bull in Kokomo. Girl Dies of Severe Injuries UPDATE 06/03/10: It was reported today that Savannah Gragg died this afternoon due to the severe injuries inflicted by the family pit bull last Saturday. Marion County Deputy Coroner Carrie England ruled her death was caused by lacerations to the trachea that created a lack of oxygen to the brain.1 Savannah had been opening the door to let the pit bull outside when the dog sudd… [Read full blog post]