Criminal Trial: Arkansas Mother and Daughter on Trial for Fatal Dog Mauling of Joan Kappen

One of Two Victims Killed by Littermate Dogs in a 5-Month PeriodThe victim's grieving husband and best friend, Norbert "Hans" Kappen, attends criminal trial. Both Found Guilty archived UPDATE 10/09/14: Some of our readers followed the live Twitter feed last night as the jury deliberated and reached a verdict. Though both were found guilty, Brande Coy was only found guilty of "misdemeanor" negligent homicide. Brande had been charged with felony manslaughter and deserve… [Read full blog post]

2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Teenager Killed by Bullmastiff, Second Teenager Hospitalized

Lawyered Up in Paterson UPDATE 03/07/14: All sides are lawyered up following a dog mauling that injured one teenager and left another dead. It is believed the bullmastiff owned by Paul Clarke jumped out of its fenced yard and attacked the boys at about 4 pm last Friday. At some point after, shortly or hours later, the same dog attacked its owner. Animal control officers arrived at Clarke's home at about 10 pm and found the large dog nearly stabbed to death. Clarke has thus far refu… [Read full blog post]

2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Bullmastiff Kills Child, Seriously Injures Another in Killeen, Texas

Raymane and Angela Robinson, parents of fatal dog mauling victim. No Criminal Charges UPDATE 04/06/14: The parents of a 2-year old boy killed by a loose bullmastiff hope their son's death encourages officials to change state law regarding vicious dog attacks. Currently, if the animal does not have a history of previous attacks or documented previous aggression, criminal charges cannot be filed. On March 1, 2014 a bullmastiff charged out of its owner's garage and attacked… [Read full blog post]

2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Temporarily Staying with Aunt Killed by Neighbor's Dog

Ayden Evans, 5-years old, was killed by a bullmastiff while visiting a neighbor's home. Victim Identified UPDATE 06/13/13: The parents of a 5-year old boy mauled to death by a bullmastiff spoke out late Wednesday. Mica Evans, the boy's mother, said that her son Ayden Evans liked spaghetti and playing with Ninja Turtles. His mother said Ayden was staying with her sister for the summer, when he was allowed to go to a neighbor's home. That neighbor had a bullmastiff that attacked… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Lorain County Man Killed by 'Rescued' Dangerous Breeds

The property where Michael Winters lived with his father. Breed Info Released UPDATE 06/16/10: A report issued later in the day presented even more disturbing information. The nine dogs involved in the attack included: 5 bullmastiffs,1 1 rottweiler and 3 pit bull-mixes. It is important to point out that Kywa (who said "my dogs" in the 911 call) was not "rescuing stray dogs." He was only rescuing dog breeds known to be dangerous. As was put to us in a recent email, "The victim cou… [Read full blog post]

Bullmastiffs Kill Owner After Owner Saves Them from Death Row

Scene of the 2006 attack that left Stanislav Meglic with permanent injury. The Irony and Outcry Ljubljana, Slovenia - It was reported on Wednesday that the owner of three bullmastiffs, who saved his dogs from being euthanized in a lengthily court battle, was mauled to death by them. Dr. Saso Baricevic, 52-years old, was killed by his three bullmastiffs in his garden. What prompted the court battle was a violent attack by the same dogs March 15, 2006. The incident prompted wide… [Read full blog post]