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14 thoughts on “Pit Bull Scalp Attack Victim, Brianna Watkins, Recuperating

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  1. First, when are these breeding operations going to get cracked down on? The operators don't pay taxes, and end up costing these cities and towns a vast amount.

    A tax investigation needs to be part of this and other attacks.

    Second, the laws need to be changed so that vicious dogs are euthanized IMMEDIATELY. They aren't inanimate objects, they are a danger to shelter personell, and even if someone wins a case they have no right to get a vicious dog back to kill or attack again. These cases also need to be moved up in the court calendar and addressed immediately, due to the immediate danger to other people from these dogs.

    The owner of the property where these dogs were allowed to be housed needs to be sued.

    I also hope that if the city failed to respond to complaints about this owner's dogs, this young girl's family will sue the city.

    If these cities and towns have decided they are in the pit bull protection business, they need to be held accountable.

    They are now, in many cases.

  2. One of the saddest parts of this to me was how the child thought the animal was trying to play with her. This illustrates a very important point about pit bull attacks. These dogs rarely telegraph intent. They also even sometimes lie, engaging in play language to get their prey to drop his/her guard and leave an opening, just as this child did. Defective breeding. Defective product. Time for a mass "recall".

  3. A normal dog will use exactly enough aggression when threatened to open up a flight route. Anything else is abnormal behavior in a dog.

    Any dog — pit bull or otherwise — that executes a sustained, maiming or killing attack on another dog or a human should be euthanized immediately. A dog that does this once will do it again. 'Rehabilitation' is a fantasy held by those who don't understand the laws of behavior. And by those who deny genetics.

    I am all for banning ALL the breeds that have been specifically bred to do this. Also all mixes that include genes of one of these breeds. But aside from breed — once a dog has done this, it has done and failed the only really crucial behavior test: it has shown what it will do in the real world. Further 'testing' in a shelter is unnecessary.

    If we were to adopt a policy of immediately euthanizing any and every dog that does something like this, that'd go a long way in making people take care their pit bulls really don't escape.

  4. Katie Weeks also suffers from facial nerve damage:

    The 27-year-old single mother of four said she paced nonstop during the more than six hours it took surgeons to repair Saleena Wickward's face following an April 19 attack by a neighbor's pit bull terrier. "We don't know if she'll have feeling in the right side of her face," she said. "It's a nightmare." Weeks said the attack left Saleena with deep psychological scars along with the physical ones. They're evident in the heartbreaking dreams she's had, illustrating the little girl's resentment toward what has happened to her appearance. "She'll wake up screaming 'You're ugly!'"

  5. We are still in the dark ages about laws regarding dog attacks. At one time, dogs did a service to attack horse thieves or cattle rustlers that came onto your property. Therefore dogs were allowed to do whatever on their own property as far as attacks because it was assumed that if you were on someone's property, you were there for no good.

    Another law still on the books is the one bite allowed. That should not apply to an all out maulings. We live in such a world now that these outdated laws need to be changed.

    I do a presentation at Neighborhood Watch groups. Since it has to relate to safety, I go from the point of view that altering is in that vein. How many times have I heard that we want our dog to guard the house. Only problem with that is the dog is in the back yard and I ask what the hell is the dog guarding back there? Do you keep your valuables in a hole in the backyard? And while your wife and daughter are being raped in the house, what is your guard dog doing? The world has changed and our laws need to change with it.

  6. OMG OMG OMG. That poor dear child. As a mother, I imagine I would kill a pit with my bare hands if something like this ever happened to my child…I mean, that's the rage and anger I would feel. My stomach is just in knots from reading some of the pit nutter comments. I've got to stop doing that…It's like trying to convince a flat-earther that the world in round…

  7. Trigger, thanks for sharing that. Here is a bill that will hold owner's accountable — yet I have no doubt that the pit nutters will rally together to fight this bill tooth and nail. They are such hypocrites!

  8. MAY 12, 2010 — It's a DNA match:

    Detectives say they are a match to the pit bull the victim has already identified as the one that attacked her. Thirteen-year-old Brianna Watkins lost both of her ears and most of her scalp when she was mauled at her Columbus home six months ago. Afraid she might pass away from her injuries, police found a specialized lab in Texas to help identify the dog that left her mutilated. As she started recovering, Brianna pointed to a neighbor's pit bull named Debo as the one that mauled her and he's been held captivity. Investigators confirm the DNA results are a positive match to Debo.

  9. Nov 12, 2010 – COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A Columbus man admits his pet was behind an attack that has left a little girl mutilated. Demetrius Miles pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor reckless conduct charge in state court Friday.
    Demetrius Miles was sentenced to 12 months probation, 240 hours of community service and 10 weekends in jail.

  10. I am the little girl who was attacked by that pitbull debo.. I am doing fine healthy (still no hair in the back and no ears) but I am now engaged and doing well I am 20 now

  11. Wow! It is so good to hear from you. You are indeed all grown up! I am so glad that you are healthy and are engaged! Congratulations! You writing in reminds us how long we have been at this; it will be 10 years this October. Many of the victims we wrote about in the early years are now adults, like yourself. Thank you so much for writing in. You are a courageous survivor of a vicious dog attack.

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