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15 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old San Bernardino Boy Killed by Family Pit Bull

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  1. San Bernardino is full of pits, they are everywhere, running the streets. Unless you have been there, you can't imagine how bad it is. Keep in mind that San Bernardino is the largest county in the country, 22,000 sq. miles, mostly isolated. The scumbags and criminals gather there. Fontana is home to Hell's Angels. That may soon change however will all the maulings and deaths they have had from pits.

  2. Police say Nathan Aguirre was riding his tricycle and playing with his father in the backyard Thursday night when the father went inside and the boy was mauled one of the family's two pit bulls. The toddler died Friday at a hospital. Sgt. Gary Robertson says the boy's mother walked into the backyard and saw him in the dog's mouth and screamed. Robertson says the dog dropped the boy, the mom grabbed him and ran in the house to call for help.

  3. It seems a disproportionately large number of serious pit attack reports have been coming out of San Bernardino.

  4. OMG, a pit from Muscoy? Go into Muscoy at night, no streetlights at all, and you will hear the pit fights everywhere. Cockfighting too. Muscoy is known for pit bulls, mean pit bulls. Even the ACO's are scared to go into Muscoy.

    Dark, San Bernardino does have a high number of pit attacks. The largest portion of SB is criminals trying to get away from society. If you ride down the street, you will see more pits than you can shake a stick at. At one time the pit population at the Devore shelter was over 65%. San Bernardino has worked hard to get the pits altered at least and now the population at the shelter on pits has dropped. Something may be in the works there.

  5. I know the magazine; it focuses on the "American Bully" breed, which is a modified pit bull and still unrecognized by the AKC and UKC. The only club that does recognize it is the American Bully Kennel Club (Mission Hills, CA). The bully trend seems to have spawned from Southern California.

    I wonder if the offending dog had Razors Edge or Gotti blood? These hefty, squat pit bulls are not cheap. Such bloodlines run $2,500-3,500. The pit bull in the video clip, however, looked more like a fat pit bull than a "bully" whose head size is larger. For instance, the "Bra’tac" dog's head on looks like it belongs on a mastiff.

  6. Eukanuba and Animal Planet have sponsored "dog shows" by these dog breeders, despite the fact that their breeders advertise them as aggressive.

    If you look at the information on craven desire's comments blog entry, some of these ABKC breeders appear to work for Eukanuba, and are getting money directed to their personal interests.

    Tia Torres of Villalobos pit bull rescue is also taking money from these breeders and ABKC (as stated by ABKC on their website) and is pictured posing with these breeders.

  7. trigger, I found some of these American Bullies at a breeder who claims they ARE UKC registered?


  8. fancier defined by colby and jessup

    p39 Colby's Book of the American Pit bull Terrier by Louis B Colby and Diane Jessup

    Into the era trotted the Pit Bull at his master's heels. He definitely had a following with fighters, but he was also a darling of soldiers, firemen, loggers, and others who enjoyed his rough-and-tumble good looks and bravado. Dog shows were just becoming popular, and the new concept of breeding to a physical standard of appearance rather than for useful purposes was just beginning to have a negative effect on the intelligence and soundness of the working and sporting breeds. The white Bull Terrier, strictly a show breed, was also gaining popularity. It was considered very fashionable indeed for a young gentleman to be seen about town with either a fighting cock under his arm or a pit bull at his heels. The more genteel of the men kept the fashionable show Bull Terrier while, as usual, the Pit Bull found more favor with the true fancier and the working man.

    translation: the pit bull was the preferred dog of the lower class and dog fighter riff raff.

  9. I found out that this is in the City of San Bernardino, not the county. The police are the ones calling this an accident, not the sheriff's department. Probably half the police department there owns pits.

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