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21 thoughts on “2009 Dog Bite Fatality: 19-Month Old Boy Killed by Pit Bull-Mix at Babysitter's Home

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  2. I think the term "Freak Accident" is NOT GOING TO WORK this time around! Negligence, negligence, negligence!


  3. Here is another good link, especially for those "it's probably not a pit bull" naysayers.

    "I spoke to the babysitter's fiancé. He says the pit-bull actually belongs to his parents who just recently moved into this home with the young couple. He says he had never noticed it acting aggressively in the past."

    And of course the obligatory, "Not my dog" and "never showed aggression before" line of B.S.

  4. Of course they did not know the dog was dangerous. This is why they have a WARNING SECURITY DOG! sign on their fence!

  5. Tomorrow is apparently "pit bull awareness day" where all the nutters gather to praise pit bulls. I kinda doubt pit bulls will be getting "good media" tomorrow.

  6. Disgusting!! When is this going to end? When is this going to get NATIONAL attention? Why aren't we seeing more new stories on the Today show and other morning national news shoes? The Nightly News???!!

  7. I wonder what the Pit Bull Community DBRF total would be if the breed wasn't regulated in 500 US Cities and Towns?!?

  8. I want to know why it is that the pit bull apologists are often these young, caucasian, women, idiots who say through their bug eyed ignorance that the dogs can't be blamed? Of course they are to be blamed they are a breed that was created to fight and kill other dogs. They have unique traits that can kill on an impulse. I wish someone would take that little broad who is speaking to the camera in this film clip and turn her loose in the backyard with this same dog.

  9. Add Barbeque Fork to list of devices used to stop Pit attack…Also, in the recent Level 5 attack on the A/C Officer, he doused the dog with gasoline to make it release.

  10. A podunk county that FAILS to grasp the larger picture of the State of California which has prosecuted LANDMARK dog mauling cases (the deaths of Diane Whipple and Nicholas Faibish). 6 months from now and every year forward, the parents of this child will WISH prosecutors locked this babysitter in a cell and threw away the key. A "Security" pit bull dog that lives outside with a WARNING sign posted on the fence is NOT AN "UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT."

  11. "The dog belongs to Gustavo Garcia and Martha Carrera, the future in-laws of the sitter, Deputy Tom MacKenzie said in a news release. The owners were in the process of moving from their home in Stanislaus County and left the dog at the sitter's house for a little more than a week before the attack occurred, MacKenzie said."

  12. Letter: Pit bull attack

    "Editor: I was astounded to hear about the toddler who was killed Friday morning by the pit bull near Shanks Road. I don't know why it is so difficult to reason that vicious dogs and tiny bodies don't mix. Are these dog owners so insecure that they can't rely on their own strength to protect themselves? I was working outside in the Shanks Road area on a night shift last year. I was saved only by a canal. I'm sure I would have lost my life if the pit bulls had been able to catch me.

    These attacks have been going on for years now. These dogs are not necessary if people have a little self-confidence."

  13. Loosing Colten was far more than unfortunate! It is devasting and horrific. It has rocked our family to the core. The only unfortunate thing in that news report was that pitbulls and that woman were given time to try and make people love and understand pit bulls. It is the dog's fault. They are a breed that can kill and will kill. Not every one will, but why take the chance?? Is it ever really worth the life that just one can take? They need to do something about these dogs. RIP Colten James we love you and miss you!

  14. peedro 123, we are so VERY sorry for your loss. Please be aware that your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

  15. Amazingly ( or maybe not) it just happened again today in Prescott, Arkansas…2 yr old toddler Matthew Hurt killed by a pit bull.

  16. Peedro113, I am so so very sorry for your loss of little Colton. Please know that so many of us are praying for your family, and are in 100% agreement with you on your position. God be with you in your healing.

  17. I am a family friend of Breann (Colten's mother) and I used to own a pit bull. After this horrific event I have been educating people of the dangers of owning such a dangerous animal. How dare anybody suggest that we should risk any child/adult's life because "it isn't the breed it's the owner" shame on any one who believes that Colten's life was unimportant and that owning this type of dog holds more importance than the safety of your loved ones and strangers (as in this case) for that matter!!!

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