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14 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills 65-Year Old Woman in Lee County

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  1. Simon said the woman's husband, who also lives in the home, was taken to hospital in Hartsville with non-life-threatening injuries. Officials say the man would have to have surgery to treat his injuries. Investigators say the couple kept several dogs in a back yard pen of the home. Officials say the dog in question belonged to the victim's nephew and it is unclear if he will face any charges. Authorities say the dog involved in the attack has been quarantined and will be euthanized before a rabies test.

  2. "Legalized Murder on 4 Legs" has just killed the 89th American since December 14th 2004.

    Way to go Pit Breeders!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3rd fatality involving a Pit snappin' it's chain in the past few months…

  4. "the dog involved in the attack has been quarantined and will be euthanized"

    I hope this is true. Every dead pit bull is one less pit bull on this planet.

  5. My god, America. Wake up. Is this #7 in 2010? Are you kidding me? What, every 9 days, an American will be killed by a pit bull?

    Amazing stuff folks, amazing. Why did the United Kingdom ban pit bulls in 1991? HMMMMM…..Let me think about it.

  6. Any attempt to dismiss Ethel Horton’s death as being caused by something other than the pit bull attack is irrational equivocation. It’s like saying an emphysema patient died from lung disease, not drowning, while they were being held under water. The precipitating trauma is the cause regardless of underlying health conditions.

    This is true for the purposes of the law and statistical accounting. It does not matter if an emphysema patient dies in a fire where others MIGHT have survived – it is a “fire death.” And an arsonist shall not rest easy if a death results from a heart attack while trying to escape a fire. In every case, the arsonist is going to trial to face charges of First Degree Murder. (CA PC 187)

    Ethel Horton’s death is not some mere coincidence. Ethel Horton's death is a death by pit bull, and any attempt to consider this something else is absurd.

    (See ‘Criminal Logic’ in the archives)

  7. People like Richard Polsky need to be sued.

    They are outright lying and deceiving the public.

    They are falsifying and hiding evidence of a crime.

  8. A tako tsubo heart attack (also known as broken heart syndrome, caused by physical or emotional stress)is still a heart attack and still kills. The cause is the stress, and this attack caused the stress. The death is a direct result of the attack on the husband and the physical exertion of her defense.

  9. isn't dr. polsky the putz who has already been sued when the aggressive ambull or pit that he was trying to rehabilitate seriously bit a passerby?

  10. I love Polsky's term of "exhaustive searches" on the Internet. Richard Polsky uses "Google Alerts" just like everyone else in this business. Google Alerts are sent to your inbox! NO SECRET "HARD WORKING" OR HIGHLY PAID RESEARCH TEAM NEEDED!

  11. Part of Polksy's business is defending vicious dog owners in court…DBO keeping statistics on maulings makes the "owner had no idea the dog was dangerous" defense harder to sell to a jury…nuff said.

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