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12 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attack Victim, Duane VanLanHam, Awarded Carnegie Medal for Heroism

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  1. It's nice that he's getting recognition for what he did, but it's a shame that the monetary amount is only a small drop in the bucket compared to his medical bills and the utter loss of quality of life this man suffered in doing the right thing. I'm completely in awe of his bravery and the strength he has shown after the attack. There is more of value and worth in this gentleman than in all of the pit bulls and their advocates in the entire world.

  2. Trial postponed for a fourth time, set to begin May 6th. The pit bull owners had a homespun breeding operation going (What a shocker!):

    Dog-attack victim recounts events while preparing for reward ceremony in Saginaw Township

    It lasted at least five minutes, Hadley said, before emergency officials arrived and shot one of the pit bulls. VanLanHam said he thinks it was the most ferocious of the three, a mother that had recently given birth to puppies, that police shot and killed. Animal control employees captured the other two dogs, and they remain at the Saginaw Animal Care Center pending trial. One has a calm demeanor, Animal Care Center workers said. The other is too aggressive for workers to handle. It’s cage is fashioned with a divider. The dog is locked into one section of the cage whenever caretakers clean the other. Prosecutors charged Anthony D. Hunt and Shamorrow S. Amos on six counts of possessing dangerous animals causing serious injury. The trial was postponed multiple times since the pre-trial a year ago, Hadley said. The trial is currently scheduled to begin May 6.

  3. Have these breeders been reported to the IRS and state tax authorities?

    My heart breaks for this man. What a hero he is, and how this judge makes him continue to suffer.

    The less affluent suffer the most from pit bull attacks, and suffer the most from court misbehavior.

    I wish that a powerful lawyer with a heart could get involved in this pro bono to advocate for this wonderful hero.

    It is very possible that the dog fighting lobby is supporting the pit bull breeders financially, and stacking the deck against this innocent victim in a court gone mad.

  4. The Joplin Globe (who last year at least had a horribly pro-pit bull writer claiming to be a "journalist") has come out with a hero story:

    Empire crew honored for intervening during pit bull attack in Joplin

    Recognized on Thursday at Empire’s headquarters were linemen Kayle Scott, Jonathan Huffman, John Clyburn, Pete Peterson and Matt Warner, and line foreman Rick Sprenkle.

    Good job crew from Empire District Electric Company!

  5. trigger, I think many of us are living a life that is essentially wartime conditions. Where every time we take out our garbage, get our mail, go for a walk, let our children play in our yards, or even sit in our houses, we may be hit with a pit bull bomb or grenade.

  6. VanLanHam testified that he never lost consciousness throughout the attack and estimated that it was 15 to 20 minutes before Austin arrived.

    Many people mistakenly presume that victims of horrific pit bull maulings, even fatal attacks, must "pass out" as their face or legs are being shredded to the bone. Untrue. These victims are conscious during each second of the attack.

  7. There appears to be a "one slime ball" hold out:

    The jurors returned about 9 a.m. this morning and were in court about 3:40 this afternoon after writing Boes a note that incidicated they had decided on six counts but were at an 11-1 vote on the other six counts and are "at a standstill." The jurors did not indicate which counts against which defendant they were unable to agree on.

  8. Probably a pit bull owner/breeder was the hold out. When there are cases like this one, jurors should be asked what kind of dog they have. If it is a pit bull, then excuse them.

  9. 5-8 yrs in prison in exchange for a permanent physical disability?

    considering people's dogs kill and they get zilch, i must say this is good news.

  10. I am really pleased that the judge went above and beyond the recommended sentence and hope that prison is the place of incarceration. I'm sick and tired of pit owners whose dogs maul and kill getting off scott free or with slaps on the wrists. This sentence should have every pit nutter shaking in their boots. The more precedents that are built, the greater the chance that they're next.

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