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9 thoughts on “Pit Bull Dog Aggression: Pit Bull Charges Through Screen Door to Attack

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  1. We are not even safe in our own homes.

    Imagine if a young child had happened to be nearby.

    That child would now be dead too.



  2. I read the article and I don't understand why the pit bull owner isn't in jail. If this had happened to me, the pit bull owner would be begging to be put in jail – FOR HIS OWN DAMN SAFETY.

  3. What did they do with the pitbull? If it had been in my home, that dog wouldn't have made it back out the door.
    Is the owner facing charges?
    Are they going to pay for the boy's medical bills?
    Are they going to pay for carpet cleaning and or replacemnet? Probably not.
    And they definatley won't be able to replace a beloved family pet.
    Unbelievable what pitbull owners get away with.

    I bet if it were any other breed of dog (besides pits, rotts, & other fighting breeds) that attacked/mauled someone/somedog, the owner would go broke paying off what they rightfully should. More than likely they would also be truely remorseful for what happened. They would probably also go to jail. They would PAY.

    Pitbull owners get away with murder. And they almost always get to keep the murder weapon.

  4. If you read the entire article, the attack went on for a while, and there was "blood eveywhere". Can you just imagine the horror of this? Such a happy time, putting up Christmas decorations in your own home, when a neighbors pit bull bursts in and disembowels the family dog in front of you? Thank the good Lord there were no children present….even if they escaped being hurt themselves, can you imagine the trauma of witnessing that? I can tell you, my 10 year old is a sensitive, bright, compassionate animal lover, who cannot even watch a Disney movie if an animal dies in it. If she ever saw our family dog die that way, we would be in therapy for YEARS.

    Pit bull advocates are NOT animal lovers. Pit bull rescue organizations condone and advocate the placement of dog aggressive pit bulls in pet homes, universally. They don't care how many family dogs are mauled or killed by their beloved breed…it doesn't matter to them. I consider ANYONE who advocates the placement of dog aggresive pit bulls as pets to be an animal abuser…most pit bull rescuers are NO BETTER than the dog fighters they pretend to hate. They fight against laws intended to STOP the breeding of fighting dogs, and place dangerous pit bulls in neighborhoods where they kill other dogs. ALL breeding of fighting dogs needs to stop. The breeding of these dogs, withn these aggressive traits, is, in itself, a form of animal cruelty.

  5. Sue, sue, sue. Until these pitiots drown in lawsuits, this sort of behavior will continue unchecked. It's shameful the way animal control behaved in this, too, claiming to need more proof. How much more proof do you need with a dog torn to pieces and blood everywhere?

  6. A dog doing exactly what it was meticulously designed to do by english and irish gentlemen from a bygone era. Only to be refined in america, see american pit bull terrier. Still being selectively bred to be game enough to finish another apbt, ultimate canine gladiator.

    Should anybody be surprised.
    Man made problem.

  7. Never forget about the origins of the United Kennel Club. It was founded by a frustrated dog fighter who couldn't get the existing registries to touch his fighting dogs with a ten foot pole…. The original UKC registry requirement was 3 documented wins!

    Breeding matters….

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