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7 thoughts on “Unnamed Pit Bull Scalp Attack Victim - Needs Your Help

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  1. Seeing this poor child's devastating injuries just breaks my heart. Someone has routinely posted the comment here that pits are a defective product and should be recalled. Over 1,000,000 strollers have just been recalled because of 12 reports of children losing the tips of their fingers, over a 10 year period. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

  2. Defective products not only get recalled, but the manufacturers get their *sses sued off, often in a class action suit. There are stiff penalties and loads of litigation to be sure when an American corporation creates a defective product. Lawyers are often the biggest winners in these cases. No such luck with breeders of dangerous dogs. Not only can these breeders — backyard, kennels and otherwise — breed indiscriminately without registration, licensing or any regulation whatsoever, they also have zero liability for their defective product.

  3. Trigger, it is so hard to keep my brain from exploding when I contemplate the many layers of the pit bull problem. I get through by hanging my hat on Denver's successful BAN — and that photo of the mere few dozen in a city of one million plus that came out to protest the ban. That bans can stand despite the pitnutters' pathetic nonsense.

  4. Of the pitiful dozen or so who turned out for that ban protest, how many do you bet actually LIVED in Denver? I'd wager only a handful. Nutters love to travel for protests and do it whenever they can.

  5. The nutters don't realize that the more attacks there are, the more people are affected. Those affected people/family are spreading the word better than we can. There's a saying in real estate that for every satisfied customer, it means 5 more referrals. I think word of mouth will defeat the pits. Too many people are being affected and they are spreading the word. It's not just the person who was attacked, it is their family, their neighborhood, their church, etc. It's like a ripple on the water.

  6. I think some of the people at that "Denver protest" were interviewed by the media and even ADMITTED they didn't live in the state!

    They were trucked in.

    The dog fighters and breeders probably paid their expenses.

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