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3 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attack Victim Airlifted to Regional Burn Center in Tampa

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  1. Would one refer to this owner as a “typical” pit owner? I would. Young and into drugs, the owner was probably stoned and that’s why he didn’t know how the dogs got out. He got these dogs to protect his “business” and his “home”. I do hope this poor victim recovers from the physical. He’ll never recover from the mental.

  2. The hypocrisy of this country.

    In NJ, they were considering outlawing Brazilian bikini waxes because a few people got infections.

    Meanwhile pit bulls are tearing off people’s limbs and ripping the skin from their bodies and killing on a nearly daily basis, and authorities stand around with their thumbs in their mouths

  3. Wrong orifice with the thumbs.

    Yes, there is a great deal of hypocrisy in how pit bulls are tolerated. Wild animals doing the same would be exterminated. Faulty products on the market would be recalled. Pit bulls are pushed on unsuspecting bleeding hearts like drugs, and when they inevitably attack, it’s the bleeding heart that takes the fall, regardless of circumstance.

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