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5 thoughts on “3rd Documented Bite by Pit Bull in Washington County

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  1. So the question is, are the breeders/No Kill fanatics running Animal Control in this county? Are they enabling the dog fighters and dog breeders to harbor aggressive dogs?

    Does anyone know who runs Animal Control in this county and what their background/alliances are?

    Because something stinks in Washington County!

  2. A comment left at the Oregon site:
    Let’s hear it from the Pit Bulls get a bad rap crowd. It is just a coincidence that they are often in the news biting and mauling other animals and kids. Pit Bulls are really gentle and basically poodles in a really ugly dog suit. They only look and act like they have fetal alcohol syndrome.

  3. The comments from the first link are worth a read since the owner of this thrice biting mauler has left comments as “Itsnotmyfault”…A couple of things jumped up and bit me.

    1. The owner laments how she is suffering due to the decision to finally euthanize her misunderstood wigglebutt. She fails to mention how she will pay the victim’s medical bills.

    2. A nutter from a local rescue group offered to help save the thrice biting pit and traffic it to another community.

    3. The owner is free to go out and get another pit bull tomorrow.

  4. Mentions 2007 Hillsboro Attack:

    Update: Woman released after pit bull attack in Aloha
    A 72-year-old woman was badly bitten while protecting her small dog from a pit bull Friday afternoon in Aloha, the Washington County Sheriff's Office reported…The dog's owner, Leo Hammer, 41, of Aloha, was cited for having a "vicious dog at large," Thompson said. The violation can carry a $500 fine. Deputies took the pit bull to the Bonnie L. Hays Animal Shelter in Hillsboro for observation.

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