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8 thoughts on “Zupf: Pit Bull Attack Victim, Brenda Hill, Shares Her Attack Story

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  1. I think I have this scene figured out.

    Legislator (s) propose regulations because the public is suffering from pit bulls.

    They get deluged with crap from selfish, middle class breeders like the AKC, and their more “cleaned up” dog fighter breeder pals with the law licenses or master’s degrees (many from out of state)

    The poor, who suffer the most from pit bull attacks and the pit bull problem, have no voice.

    Legislator(s) cater to the loudmouth, bullying middle class breeders, and the poor get stiffed.

    Pit bulls attacks increase among the poor.

    These legislators need to get their feet held to the fire for giving in to a bunch of selfish, tax cheating, AKCoids and their related ilk.

  2. We need to stop asking the question of how to stop killing the pits and ask the the question how do we stop the pits from killing our children and elderly.

    Continuing to focus on saving the pits distracts from saving people from them. Since when do we place the life of an animal above the life of a child? Since the advent of the No Kill Equation.

  3. The ammonia didn’t work. She was already afraid of these dogs and knew that taking out the trash might mean having to interact with them — The dogs must have FREQUENTLY gotten loose from their owner’s property. This man deserves hardcore jail time. Indiana, it’s TIME for a felony dog attack law.

  4. I wonder what the stud fee will be for the Lee Carroll Level 5 bloodline pups that were just placed.

    C’mon pit bull community, stop acting like children and police your own breed!

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