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6 thoughts on “More U.S. Cities Proposing Pit Bull Regulations

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  1. Certainly a rundown of our nation’s more progressive cities — others will no doubt be following their lead.

  2. With regard to Lowell Massachusetts, there is an organization of dog breeders in that state called Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Owners (another breeder front group hiding under the “responsible owner” moniker) who opposes any breed specific legislation or any breeder legislation at all.

    Most of them are harmless, elderly dog breeders but the organization is getting controlled by a Charlotte McGowan and Holly Stump (pit bull breeder) who belong to and lobby for an organization called NAIA started by McGowan’s good friend (she helps run the puppy mill arm of AKC and is on the AKC board)

    This is an anti-humane, anti-public safety, anti everything but making money from dogs front group that has connections to

    Puppy mill breeder sites and dog fighter sites post links to NAIA and plainly state that NAIA represents their interests and lobbies for them.

    You will see links to the CCF consumer Freedom site on those kinds of sites and forums as well.

    There are NAIA members in many states that coax the AKC breed club people into lobbying for the pit bull breeders and dog fighters, or have co opted these “federations” or similar groups to run their own show and hide their lobbying.

    In Massachusetts, MSPCA has also followed the direction of ASPCA to support pit bull breeders and dog fighters and oppose BSL.

  3. I’m excited to see so many jurisdictions moving forward! And a special shout out to Castalia, IA for the good sense to understand that 500 thousand is the lowest reasonable limit of liability for a pit bull. (Recent medical costs and awards for damages have run in the millions… Sonoma Co, CA; KC, MO, for example)

    It takes more than a thoughtful official to bring about change; it requires thoughtful officials with hutspa and fortitude to overcome the pit lobby and move forward.

  4. I am from Massachusetts, and I agree with the above poster. Many shelters and animal welfare organizations actively promote pit bull ownership here, and even go so far as to give prospective owners false information, (breed doesn’t matter; its all how you raise them). In my town, I have heard multiple stories of naive and non-dog savvy people being tricked into adopting pit bulls and pit mixes because shelter workers lied to them about the breed of the dog they were adopting, (calling it a lab mix, for example). In one case, the pit bull’s increasingly aggressive behavior forced the family to return the dog to the rescue organization; it turned out it was the dogs third unsuccessful placement.

    Most incidents with pit bulls go unreported, but when you talk to dog walkers, or dog owners who are active in the community, you inevitably find a pattern of pit bulls causing problems. The more urban an area, the more pit bulls you will find, the more problems will exist.

    To the above poster, thank you for your comments…it explains why such a progressive state would have such weak public safety/anti-cruely laws.

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